Snow Cover Persists & 38th in the Amanda Saga: Special Agent Fleishman Attempts to Visits Level 4 Number 7

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

The cold spell continues.  However, it has a “bright” side; riding in the car is like driving though a white cathedral—the snow-covered trees, especially the evergreens. The cedars are draped with snow.  It, however, is difficult to capture on a camera sensor.  It requires getting out of the car in places where the car should not stop. I had Nancy take this while we were driving down the middle of the road (no traffic).20170113_080436 email.jpg   We had neither wind nor significant sunlight since Tuesday morning.  So, what fell Tuesday night and most of Wednesday is still close to pristine on and in the trees.  Then too, a shot of one scene is not representative of being surround all the time by the white blanket.  However, the following will give you some idea of what it all looks like.20170113_075655 email.jpg

20170113_075716 email.jpg

20170113_113937 ns email.jpg

20170113_133318 ns email.jpg20170112_095031 email.jpg

This will come to an end by Tuesday at the latest with both warming temperatures and significant rainfall.  Then the forecasters are worried about flooding.  It seems the snow levels will rise to 6,000 feet.  The rains will cause melting of snow pack between here and 6,000 feet.  That could amount to a lot of water running downhill all at once.

I am now scheduled for both a colonoscopy and back surgery in February—a week apart starting on the 7th.  Now that Nancy is able to drive there is no reason to postpone either any longer.

Back to normal today with another installment in the Amanda Saga.

I trust this finds you warm and healthy.

Warmest regards, Ed

038 Special Agent Fleishman Attempts to Visits Level 4 Number 7

Fiction in 511 words by T. Edward Westen, 2017

Special Agent Fleishman was standing by the swing set the small park in the 1200 block of Mission Boulevard on December 23rd.  Looking around he noted there was only one bush near the swings that one could stand behind and still be within a reasonable distance from the swing set. ‘If the theorists are right about the repeat intersection of time lines it should be rather short or people would come though all the time.’  He continued to walk around the swings. ‘From Mrs. White’s experience, the swing will start stationary and then leap to the point where Mandy jumps off and then back to strike her in the head.’  “Hmmm” ‘I’ll bet if she weren’t here I could sit in the swing and end up back where Mandy came from.  But with her here, she would not get hit and I would be changing history.’  He walked over and sat in the swing. And then began to swing. ‘Just like when I was a kid.’  He twirled and laughed out loud.  Then got off the swing and walked to the street.

His thoughts continued to work out the puzzle of how to gain access to the time and place where the Amandas originated. ‘Perhaps if I flickered in just at the last moment, say from today, then that might not cause Mrs. White to move and then I wouldn’t be changing history.’  He stood stock still and reached a conclusion “Why the hell not?” He asked out loud and then walked back to the swing.   Sitting down in the swing, he crossed his fingers and vanished.

Mrs. White thought a man appeared

in the swing that she was standing behind, but he was gone almost before her consciousness registered him.  Had she not been distracted she might not have been hit by the swing coming at her after Mandy jumped out.

“Who are you and where is Mandy” a woman’s voice demanded.

Special Agent Fleishman turned in the swing seat to see the spitting image of the Amanda White he has just left in small park. The woman was dressed differently, but she was Amanda White’s doppelganger.  The park has changed.  It was under a bubble, no snow to make mud, no dirt to make into mud.  The park was largely intact minus the bushes, dirt and open air.  Special Agent Fleishman saw the woman was getting more and more anxious;  she finally sprinted to a pull chord on a canopy like structure nearby.

The woman pulled the cord. While Special Agent Fleishman could hear the panic in her voice, the young woman very clearly and loudly said: “Breach. A man in the park. Breach.  A child missing. Amanda is missing. A Man in the Park.”

Special Agent Fleishman calmly stepped off the swing and disappeared.

Reappearing on Christmas Eve

just as Patrolman Francis Milson put Mandy in the passenger side of his patrol car, Special Agent Fleishman noted that Mrs. While was lying in the mud. ‘Well, I got lucky on that one, I think.”  And he disappeared.


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9 Responses to Snow Cover Persists & 38th in the Amanda Saga: Special Agent Fleishman Attempts to Visits Level 4 Number 7

  1. beetleypete says:

    I really love the way you dealt with this particular incident in the space-time continuum, Theo.
    A tricky thought process, admirably conceived and beautifully delivered.

    Your snow is indeed ‘real’ snow, unlike our vanishing variety. Good to see how clear the roads are though. I doubt we would manage that over here.

    Sounds as if you will be busy in February. Good luck in advance for that.

    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. I got lucky when I decided to use centered, bold sentences or parts of sentences to mark what would be in a film a scene change. In this case scene and time change. I am relieved it worked.
      The forecasters are still saying it will be Tuesday before the rain begins to takes it all away. We cross our fingers that it doesn’t all go away in the form of a flood.
      I’m not looking forward to the first couple of Tuesdays in February. But, that too will pass.
      Warmest regards, Theo


  2. Well I think I’m following it, but who knows!? Lovely snowy pictures, hope it doesn’t flood on you. Back surgery doesn’t sound great though 😕

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. I do hope you followed all that time jumping.
      The surgery will be a three-inch incision and then moving aside some muscle to ream out the space for the nerves to take the pressure off them coming out of the spinal column. This is outpatient stuff and I will be home within hours of having the surgery (with luck).
      Warmest regards, Ed

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ah you have a spinal stenosis I think then, but good that it can be done as a day case.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, junk has formed in three of the opening where the nerves exit in my Lumbar region causing the nerves to be pinched. So, they are going to go in and clean the junk out. The doctor who is in charge claims there is no recovery time. I suspect he is exaggerating, for I don’t think one goes into a body without some healing required after.
        Warmest regards, Ed.


  3. Eddy Winko says:

    I had to read it a few times to get it and even then I may have to go back again!
    Love the picture of the forest lined road, how I dream of clear roads.

    Liked by 1 person

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