Response Pete’s Comment so I could include photos.

Good Morning Pete:

Earlier you raised the issue of protecting copyright.  Here is a link that discusses that very issue.  As long as one puts one’s name on something, dates it and puts it in some form to be read by others the copyright is established.  So, I think we are OK on that front.


It is neat how you anticipate story line turns.  No, a new Amanda is not due for about 19+ years.  I have been vague about the timing of the narrative but I think less than a month has gone by since the last one jumped off the swing.  Historically, in the narrative they have appeared every 20 years.  My Sci-Fi explanation for that is not too complicated, but it could be a plot spoiler at this point (assuming there is a plot).  Here is the thing, given that Sci-Fi explanation a new Amanda could jump off the swing at any moment and where that takes the story is anyone’s guess.  However, I have had thoughts along that line of late that throw Edith Gunderson back into the thick of things, so to speak.   My biggest concern in the writing is the ending gets firmer and firmer in my mind.  Indeed, I have already penned the epilog for the story; but that is a plot spoiler so will keep it under wraps until after the end.   Knowing all of this makes it difficult to do the work to get there properly, for what happens next has been part of the fun of the writing.  Knowing the ending makes this more like writing an examination or term paper in school.  So, I will fight that exam/paper mentality and see what happened (past tense intended) between now and the ending.  Two things outside of the Amanda Saga have saved me.  That I write to Ted and Jody every day; and, that writing the story has become a part of my daily life.  I rather suspect real writers write because it is what they do every day.  Kind of late in life for me to learn that, for I have always wanted to be a writer and never knew it was a simple as doing it every day.  It has helped a lot that you, FR and Eddy have stuck with it so long.  Daily comments from the three of you gave me that boost that said, someone was reading what I wrote who didn’t have to read it.   For whatever reason the three of you read it.  I am honored and blessed with a bit of a stronger motivation to write and write it well because the three of you are there.


Yes, the photos are “messed with” (Read enhanced).  I wanted to bring out the whiteness in the tree lines.  To have snow still clinging that strongly to the trees after four days of no snow is quite remarkable.  Quite simply, what I did was bring out the detail, color and contrast (white in this case) within the dark tree raw and enchanced 01 2017 01 15.jpgline.  Then I darkened the overall photo which resulted in the color being amplified in the sky in both and in the raw and enchanced 02 2017 01 15.jpglimited open water in the shot into the sunset.  I suppose it is “my truth” that I see what the final image looks like, snap the photo then correct what the lens and settings missed in my after processing.  In any event you can see the shutter capture and my messed with results.  Thus, you can see what damage I did to the photographic arts by my meddling (messing or enhancing).  I suppose I think of myself as almost an artist with an artist’s license to interpret.  But, then, I have always been a little off.

The fellow at the car dealership was on salary—a guy who did the paper work for them.  The sales person has no control over him, yet her commission would have been lost had we walked out. The paper pusher would have suffered only bad relations with the sales person, at most.  Then there was the fact that this was Nancy’s purchase.  She would have been upset if I had walked out and refused any further part in transaction.  She decided we needed a second car to replace the Aztec back at the end of June.  We (yes, I picked it out as I am the primary driver in the family) decided upon this vehicle around the 4th Of July.  It took six months to get one.  Yes, she would have been upset.  Funny, but walking out and the consequences had indeed been on my mind at the time.  Fortunately for Nancy and the sales lady, I have learned to control myself to the point that I did not take the action that every instinct in me wanted to take. (Perhaps I have mellowed with old age, and really have old age of late).

Again, thank you, and FR and Eddy.

Warmest regards, Theo


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16 Responses to Response Pete’s Comment so I could include photos.

  1. beetleypete says:

    Thanks for that detailed reply, Theo. As I suspected, I got lost along the way, as I was constantly waiting for a ‘new’ Amanda to appear, to stir the pot! I should have paid much more attention to the 20-year gaps, but got excited, and ahead of myself. I am very pleased that outside input has given you the ‘push’ to keep writing. As you know, I always knew that you could do it. Maybe you just needed that interaction to maintain the will to continue.
    I will be sad when it ends, undoubtedly. But I will look forward to the next one.

    I have seen that copyright link before, on other blogs. Maybe I should think about doing the same? But it seems highly unlikely that anyone will ‘steal’ my work.
    Although they may well steal the ideas behind it, something I am unable to fully protect.

    I am left wondering if exposure compensation would have given you some similar photographic results. But as I have never attempted to ‘enhance’ a photo, I am clueless in that regard. As for artistry in photographs, I leave that to those much better qualified to experiment.

    I was not aware that the finance man was independent of the dealership, so understand why you kept your composure, alongside Nancy’s desire to buy that particular vehicle. I still think that it was the height of bad manners to behave in such a fashion though. And I value manners above a lot of things.

    My very best wishes to you both, as always, Pete.

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  2. Of course you did the right thing for Nancy to have the car, and well done on the self control. Interesting photo enhancing, I still love the one I loved originally but now I also prefer the I enhanced version of the blue one, I like the atmosphere of the original, that’s the good thing about art, it’s all subjective. I think it’s a good thing that you can envisage an ending to the story, but are working to it’s fruition in its own time, I think it would definitely be worth publishing as an ebook at least when the time comes, if it ever does, I suppose that’ll be down to Agent F as he’s the clockmeister 😊


  3. Eddy Winko says:

    I’m glad to hear that I’m on the right timeline, Petes comment about expecting a new Mandy sent me off a bit, I had only just got my head around the possibility that agent F’s appearance in the past at the swing was the distraction that caused the impact of the swing and resulting incarceration of Amanda (or was that Mandy) 🙂 Which of course raised the question of whether it is possible to change events if they have already happened even if you can travel in time?
    I’m a point and click camera guy so most of this fancy talk is lost on me, but I did take a lovely sunrise yesterday which had very similar colours, I just hope it turns out that way when I put in on the blog post that I will eventually post. At least I have a few post processing tips I can refer to now 🙂

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    • Thank you Eddy,
      I do think the experts rather think time travel is impossible. That in part makes it all so much fun to speculate about. It could very well be that Agent F did cause Mrs. White to fall down. For lack of a shoe . . . We will just have to see what can be changed and what can’t.
      Point and shoot works for me (but then I play with the image in Photoshop–a compulsive disorder, I think.
      Warmest regards, Ed

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