Chit Chat & 051st in the Amanda Saga: Jeremy Eastman Asks about Publishing

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

We have been having Western Washington winter temperatures without the rain.  That means, the cloud covers are not sufficient to keep it from freezing at night, but anywhere from 40 to 60 during the days (sunlight has a warming effect, moonlight just the opposite.  Now if science could figure out how light can create both freezing and thawing they would be on to something.  But best those scientists not be in the Department of Environmental Protection for they are under a gag order and cannot talk about anything.  I suppose any number of them have mothers who miss their regular calls home.  Pity).  I told my acupuncturist about the humming birds we had visit in December during the hard freeze.  She, lives close to the Columbia River and has some all year. She puts out feeders in the morning and takes them at night so they don’t freeze.  I have hesitated to do that for fear of keeping them around and dooming them by the handy food.  I am not sure but there are more things growing along the river than there are in the foothills.  I could use some counsel on that.

Yesterday started foggy, cleared up, and then clouded up.  So, there was a range of images for me to take.  Here are four.20170127_1701 4 v ashot_Panorama ns email.jpg20170127_105950 ns email.jpg20170127_110001 ns email.jpg20170127_153930 ns email.jpg

Here is what I would twitter today (If I had an account there, soon, I hope): #Dumb_Idea_Donald  Silence Scientists! Really Dumb! What if they find a cure for what you think is a hoax?

Attached is another episode in the Amanda Saga

I trust this finds you healthy, happy, warm and enjoying the few extra minutes of day light we are now getting.

Warmest regards, Ed

051  Jeremy Eastman Asks about Publishing

Fiction in 1292 words by T. Edward Westen, 2017

The headlines in the morning paper read: “St. Lucy’s Patient Disappeared.”   Detective Batan said to his partner, “the Captain isn’t going to like this.”

Detective Philipson looked at the headlines and then at his partner.  “Why not, you filed a report on the incident.”

“First the Captain never likes anything.  And if he read the report it doesn’t say anything about a time traveler ‘probably’ leaving the imaging room to seek his own medical attention.”  Replied Detective Batan. “But you know how often the Captain actually reads the reports.”

Detective Philipson make a “humph” sound and said.  “Yes, I heard he did read one once and vowed never to do it again.  So, that means the newspaper article will come as a surprise to him”

Both detectives smiled.   

Detective Batan, added, “And that is the nub of it; he hates surprises.”

Detective Philipson, “I think he just hates.”  

Jeremy Eastman had entered the squad room and was making his way to the two detectives when he was intercepted by the Duty Captain.  “Hey, I have seen you here before.  Who the hell are you?”

Jeremy Eastman fished around in his wallet and pulled out his student ID card from the university and handed it to the Captain. 

Detective Batan nudged his partner and pointed to the meeting of Jeremy Eastman and their Duty Captain across the room. “Come on, we have got to break that up” He said, grabbing the newspaper. 

As the two Detectives reached Jeremy Eastman and the Duty Captain, the Duty Captain was talking “ . . . no earthly reason why I see a college student around here so often.   Are you a cop groupie, a wannabe, what? Tell me what you are young man?”

“Captain”, Detective Batan said, preempting anything Jeremy Eastman could say.  “Mr. Eastman here is a material witness in the Judge Belemany death investigation you assigned me to run.  But this morning I asked him to come over and help us get the facts straight for the news conference you will have to hold in response to this article.” He said putting he morning paper down on the table with its headlines facing the Duty Captain and pointing to the Headlines. “They make us look like idiots, Sir.”

“News conference. I ain’t holding a news conference.  Damned if I will.  This is your case.  I assigned it to you. You handle it.”  The Duty Captain used hand gestures to push the story and the entire affair away from him.  He then stormed off to his office and slammed the door.

Detective Philipson chuckled and said “Someday he is going to slam the glass panel right out of that door.”

Jeremy Eastman looked at Detective Batan with wide eyes that betrayed a sense of eagerness “You’re going to have a news conference.”

“Now calm down, it got you out of a very long and confusing discussion with the Duty Captain.” Said Detective Batan.  “Have you read this story” He asked pointing to the headlines with which he used to bluff the Duty Captain, ”in the morning paper?”

Jeremy Eastman said “No, not yet. I usually read the paper at the coffee shop when I get this” holding up his cup of coffee.  “However all the papers were taken so I thought I would come over here and help with the ‘task force’.”  He then set his coffee down on the desk, picked up the paper and began to read.  “Head trauma . . .ambulance from police parking lot . . .detective.”  At this point he looked up and pointed to the two detectives. Detective Batan pointed to himself and nodded his head in the affirmative.  Jeremay Eastman retuned to reading “during imagining the man went missing .  . .”  Looking at Detective Batan “This was Special Agent Fleishman wasn’t it.”

“Yes.”  Replied Detective Batan.

Jeremy Eastman shook his head in dismay, “Was he hurt bad?”

“Knocked cold twice.  But the doctor thought he was not hurt badly from the images; but, he did need sleep to recover.” Said Detective Batan

“Let me guess, he pirouetted out when no one was looking.” Said Jeremy Eastman.

“Pivoted,” corrected Detective Batan, “but he was asleep at the time, or so we thought.  . .  Could he pivot in his sleep?”

The three men briefly pondered sleep pivoting.  Each man shook his head as if to dismiss the idea and  Jeremy Eastman picked up the paper and continued reading “no one confirms . . . billing at the hospital claims they have charges for a patient admitted but cannot give his name . . . no comment from police” Jeremy looks up at the two Detectives “this guy sounds like he is trying to get a police brutality angle.  You want me to write what really happened, that is after you tell me?”

Detective Batan smiled and laughed “Sure, tell the public in your story that there is a time traveler in the vicinity; and, we can give you a picture as one was taken by admissions in the hospital.  Be sure to assure the public that he is unarmed and not considered dangerous except for being a time traveler form the future looking a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows.  And that there might be six or seven more, all attractive women between the ages of 4 and 104. We think the women are all the same person, but we are not sure.  How does that sound to you?  Did I miss anything?”

“OK, so it is a bad idea.”  Said Jeremy Eastman. “So, what should we be doing?”

All three men could see Edith Gunderson marching across the squad room waving a copy of the morning paper over her head.  “Have you read the paper?” Asked Edith Gunderson..

The three men nodded and Edith Gunderson asked “So what should we do about it?”

Jeremy Eastman said, “that is what I just asked.”

Detective Batan said. “Special Agent Fleishman needs to know if the late Judge either did something that changed history or didn’t do something that caused history to change.  So, we have pretty much got the information on his finances from Mr. Murphy of the Attorney General’s Office. We have information on what he did to about half the people on the patent list for patents that he has already filed for under his name.  So, I think we finish getting the information on the rest of the people from the remaining patents that the late Judge already shunted off to orphanages and the applicants for adoptions to see if we can find out what happened in all the cases.”

Jeremy Eastman asked “What about Mandy and all the Amandas?”

Detective Batan frowned. “Since it appears they are time travelers of a sort too and they have the same DNA, I figure the Special Agent is the only one that can do the background checks on those females.”

Detective Philipson asked.  “How do we know if history was changed?”

Detective Batan smiled.  “That is the easy part. We leave figuring that out to Special Agent Fleishman when he shows up again.  After all, he knows more history that we collectively do,” He paused, “I hope.”

Edith Gunderson looked relieved.  “It sounds as if you are sure he is coming back.  I want to believe, but how can you be so sure?

Detective Batan’s face turned into a picture of puzzlement and then asked “And, you, the person who introduced him to hot chocolate with marshmallows from your favorite café  don’t have absolute faith he will return for another cup?”

They all laughed.

Jeremey Eastman then turned to Detective Batan, “OK, so what really happened in the hospital and how did he end up there? 


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11 Responses to Chit Chat & 051st in the Amanda Saga: Jeremy Eastman Asks about Publishing

  1. beetleypete says:

    That last photo with the ‘mackerel sky’ reflected in the water is stunning indeed, Theo.

    I don’t know about the Special Agent returning for more hot chocolate and marshmallows, but I am teetering on the brink of buying some to try. It will all be your fault, when I can’t fasten my trousers!

    best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Pete.
      I guess you are on to my investment strategy. I have heavily invested in firms which manufacture larger men’s trousers, shirts and belts along with firms which manufacture plus sizes for women and children. Be honest, Pete, wouldn’t you return to have a hot cup of chocolate with marshmallows with Edith?
      I came around the corner on WA504 to the lake yesterday and saw the mackerel sky and its reflection and got to a spot where I could stop and shoot it. While shooting, it I thought ‘this is going to be a wow.’ I was quite pleased with my luck.
      Warmest regards, Theo


  2. Love the dome of clouds in the first shot and the mackerel sky in the last one. I too am resisting the hot chocolate & marshmallows, am thinking you have shares in them!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you,
      The domed clouds image is made up of four overlapping, horizontal format shots that I used Photoshop to stack one on top of the other to make a vertical panorama. The mackerel sky was a single shot. I intended to include a fog shot, but alas, I didn’t like it. I am delighted you like them.
      There is more financial return potential in the larger clothes end once you all gain weight than there is in the chocolate and marshmallow end to get you to gain the weight in my insidious plot.
      Warmest regards, Ed


  3. Eddy Winko says:

    I love the creeping mist in the pictures, makrel is best smoked and served for breakfast!
    I’m starting to feel a little sad now that I know the story is coming to an end, although it does leave the possibility open of a second adventure in the future?
    The scene is set for HC&M, the sun is shining yet it is below freezing, ideal weather for sledging and when we return I’m going to surprise everyone.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      I can’t be sure, for the characters don’t confide in me until they make me sit down and write what they tell me, but I think they still have a surprise or two that they are plotting to spring on me (and by extension, you).
      Enjoy the sledding. I always did, even the climb back up the hill.
      I know they will enjoy the surprise. Raise a cup for me.
      Warmest regards, Theo


  4. Eddy Winko says:

    Liking todays tweet as well, summed up well.

    Liked by 1 person

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