Dear Ted and Jody:


Outside the temperature fluctuates between slightly above freezing (sometimes up to 50) during the day and slightly below freezing (sometimes into the low 20s) at night.  Yet, the dwarf orange tree in my living room window, a south facing window, is blooming like the dickens.  I got that tree, along with dwarf coffee, dwarf lime and dwarf lemon trees in early 2007. When the seed company shipped them the plains were, like now in the grips of cold and snow.  The initial coffee tree did not make it.  It did not make the second trip either.  It seems it froze in the truck on the way here, probably between Utah and Oregon on I-84, or in the Snoqualmie Pass on I-94 depending upon which route the truck took.  The third time was a charm for the coffee tree (but then it warmed up by May).  Both the coffee and lemon tress produce some fruit. The first year, I got a full-sized lemon from the lemon tree and lime tree. Unfortunately, the lime tree gave up the ghost after that.  The lemon tree, continues to produce, this year six small lemons.  The coffee tree produces a couple of beans every year. the orange tree, after sitting quietly for 8 months burst into blossom.  It produces three or four dozen orange every year.  They are smaller than a golf ball and bitter, but they would qualify for either a crop or a hoard from a tree that sits in a pot of dirt 10 inches in diameter.  The dwarf orange tree continues to amaze me.  The next time I move, I would like to get a place with at least 100 feet of south facing windows so I can get more dwarf trees—say, an orchard of olives would be nice.


I have attached a view of the outside from last evening 20170208_141009 email.jpgand some inside orange shots for contrast.20170208_204556 email.jpg20170208_204627 email.jpg


I have also attached the next segment in the Agent Amanda story.


I trust this finds you happy, healthy, warm and as well rested as I finally am this moring.


Warmest regards, Ed


004 Unhappy Alice

Fiction in 1178 words by T, Edward Westen, 2017


Alice Beaverton left the attorney’s office.  She though “That bastard psychologist cost me a bundle telling me I’d need to see an attorney to get my Baby Jessica Ann back; he knew the system would keep me on my knees until the damned 9 months are up.  Come back then, the shyster says, come back and pay me more money to tell you dick again.’  As she approached the public transport door, she rummaged around in her purse for her identity tab.  Pulling it out, she started to move it toward the panel on the door to the public transport entrance.  ‘Wait,’ she thought. ‘This is supposed to give me access to everyplace.”  She turned the identity tab over in her hand, looking at it with a new realization.  Then she moved it closer to the door to the public transport entrance and thought, “yes let’s see how much access I have.”


Disembarking at the center of the city,

Alice Beaverton stopped at the bank of public screens and held the identity device close to one and said,” Computer please display the agent training schedule for The Agency for Timeline Integrity.”


The computer replied, “Please specify what leveled of The Agency for Timeline Integrity, ATI. Courses you wish listed: New Trainees, Specialties, Recertification’s, and Counsel Clearance.”


“Computer, list new trainee courses, Replied Alice.


Alice Beaverton looks at the list of course that the computer provided.  ‘My goodness, what a variety,’ she thought.  ‘Surely agents can’t take all of those.’  She looked at the list and decided.  “Computer show me the schedule for preimplant training.”


The computer put up a list of four course available on demand.  Each course required attention periods of 25 minutes and a six-hour sleep module.


“Computer, what are the requirements for receiving an ATI implant?” Alice Beaverton asked?


“Prior to receiving an ATI implant one must pay attention to each course presentation, determined by retinal confirmation of the four attention periods, and then successfully complete the sleep modules after each course presentation.  If one has not successfully completed the sleep presentation of any given module, aspirants will not be able to initiate the next sleep module until the previous one has been successfully completed,” replied the computer. “After completing the four courses, aspirants will be able to schedule an implant session at ATI offices.”


Alice Beaverton thought, ‘I have the time now.’  “Computer initiate the first ATI course presentation.”


The computer replied, “I am unable to comply.  You need to make your request at a screen fitted with retinal scanning devices.  Do you wish a list of screens fitted with a retinal scanning device?”


“Yes, computer, please list the nearest 25 screens fitted with retinal scanning devices,” replied Alice Beaverton.


Reviewing the list of nearby screens fitted with retinal scanning devices, Alice Beaverton said, “computer, are any of the screens listed located in public sleeping cubicles?”

The computer replied, “Yes, seven of the screens listed are located in public sleeping cubicles.  I have highlighted them, for you.”


‘Yes, there may be a way to be with my Baby Jessica Ann all the time,’ Alice Beaverton thought.  ‘I see you in six days, Baby, then I will know.’  She then went back to the center city transport entranced and embarked to the nearest screen with a retinal scanner in a public sleeping cubical.


Alice Beaverton awoke with a start. 

At first, she panicked as she did not know where she was. Then feeling the fabric on the coverlet, she remembered ‘I’m free, sort of. But I’s not with my Baby Jessica Ann.’  Then she panicked again.  ‘What time is it? Did I sleep long enough to complete the sleep module for the first course?’  She shearched her memory and could only find references to watching the first course presentation.  “Computer, did I successfully compete the first sleep module for the first course required prior to receiving an ATI implant?” she asked.


“Yes, Alice Beaverton, you successfully completed the first sleep module in preparation for a time travel implant by ATI,” the computer replied.


“Computer, why do I not have any awake knowledge from my sleep module session?” she asked.


The computer replied, “You have successfully encoded and stored the required information in your brain.  You do not have the required implant to access it.  Access will take place once you have received the implant.”


“Computer can I start the second course now?” Alice asked.


“Accumulated data on successful completion of ATI sleep modules shows a 99.8% non-completion rate for attempts to assimilate a module when sleep is induced.  Since you finished one module 26 minutes ago, it is 98.8% unlikely that chemically, electronically or hypnotically induced sleep will result in your successful completion of the 2nd module,” replied the computer.


Alice Beaverton actually pouted at the computer’s response.   In prison, she lived a regimented, and structured set of daily activities: rise, brush teeth and clean up for the day, line up for breakfast, do assigned tasks in the workshop repairing gadgets, lining up for lunch, return to the work shop and repair more  gadgets, exercise in the gym, return to the workshop to repair even more gadgets, line up for dinner, attend group, quiet hour prior to bed, brush teeth and clean up prior to bed, lights out and sleep.  Sleep in prison was to the sound of, well, the sound of prison: doors opening and shutting, matrons patrolling, murmurs, women crying out in dreams, women weeping, women talking between cubicles, women praying and the constant sound of the fans running. 


Last night Alice had a difficult time getting to sleep. “Computer, can you provide background noise such as one would hear in a women’s prison while I sleep?” she asked.


The computer replied, “Yes background noise such as one would experience in prison for a requested period to time is possible.  Specifying a prison and block would be helpful to meet such a request.”


“computer, do you regularly monitor the prisons? she asked.  ‘The could be helpful tonight,’ she thought, ‘I’ll get to sleep a whole lot faster than way.’

“Everything is monitored,” the computer replied.


“Do I have access to things that are monitored?” Alice asked.


“Everyone has access to only public places, events, and the like.  You need a code for access to private space activities.” Replied the computer.


“How do I get access to private space activities?” asked Alice.


The computer replied, “One needs a warrant authorized by a judge or magistrate to invade someone’s private space.”


‘Rats!’ thought Alice Beaverton. ‘I can’t even watch my Baby Jessica Ann without the damned courts getting involved.’


Alice looked around the public sleeping cubical.  ‘I only have a purse and its contents.  I guess there is nothing left for me until it is time to go back to sleep.  I wonder how the city has changed since I got sent up for trying to prepare a better life for my Baby Jessica Ann?’ she mentally asked herself.  Putting her purse over her shoulder, she left the public sleeping cubical to re-explore the city.  


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9 Responses to

  1. I am quite concerned that any old body can just access the ATI course and get an implant to time travel! Are there not checks of peoples backgrounds and stuff?? I’m not much liking Alice. Most worrying! Love the photo’s of the orange plant, will you make them into juice?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      What is the purpose behind incarceration? Punishment (deterrence or retribution), rehabilitation or paying a debt to society? Years ago, I took a summer course in which a criminalist argued it was to take people off the streets who were prone to committing crimes simply to cut the crime rate. Once they have been released have they ended their punishment, been rehabilitated, or paid their debt to society? Background checks suggest that the punishment, rehabilitation or debt to society is not over. At the very least, if rehabilitation was the goal, background checks suggest it really did not work. Then too, if one continues to punish people who have completed their “period of punishment as determined by law” does that not actually encourage them to find ways to survive that are necessary because background checks prevent them from earning a legitimate living for they are not trustworthy. I, personally am not taking a position here. Rather, I am positing an imaginary place and time in which background checks are not routine. I have not posited which reason for incarceration that imaginary place and time use—although it probably isn’t rehabilitation.
      I have made the oranges into zest and a juice that substitutes for lemon juice in recipes, for the oranges are not sweet. I make small ice cubes out of the juice as they ripen at an uneven rate. Mostly, I just enjoy the grown in the three windows in my front, south facing room. That the trees live so long in small pots and do anything amazes me.
      Warmest regards, Ed

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Eddy Winko says:

    You are painting quite a vivid picture, the build up of tension and mystery is mounting. I can’t wait for the pivot.
    We have 20 feet of glass facing south, but only one lemon tree and I wish it looked as good as your orange.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      We have less than 12 feet of south facing window. Except for the demise of the lime tree after two seasons (I tried it in the green house and it did not like it out there), we have had good luck. I am convinced that luck is the most important factor in keeping indoor plants and playing bridge. Our lemon tree looks terrible, but it keeps producing a few lemons every year. Nancy says I need to prune the dwarf trees. I hate interfering with nature. But then what is keeping them in pots. if not interfering with nature? The truth is I don’t know if my luck would extend to cutting stuff off them.
      I decided to take a different approach to this story. In Amanda7, the villain was actually never presented until his arrest in the last episode. You didn’t even know it was him that went over the edge when he attempted to kill Edith Gunderson. I thought in this one to present the antagonist upfront and personal. It seems to be working (knock on wood).
      Warmest regards, Ed

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  3. beetleypete says:

    I like the idea of a public sleeping cubicle, but I reckon they would be full of tramps (hobos) over here! Surely they won’t go ahead with her implant without checking her status? Or maybe you have a twist in store there…

    I can’t seem to grow anything except hedges and grass, so you are doing much better that me. If the oranges are bitter, you could make marmalade with them.

    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you.
    I talked about background checks, in a back handed way, in my response to FR. There still may be some check or limitations, we will have to wait and see. As for hobos and bums, surely you don’t have any of those about on your beautiful islands. In the imaginary world, I am assuming they have adopted my proposal in democratizemoney and everyone has an income suitable to subsistence or even a few extravagances.
    I think you are overlooking your annual, bountiful acorn crop
    Warmest regards, Theo

    Liked by 1 person

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