Yesterday was Napday” & 11th in the Agent Amanda Story:Jessica Ann Pivots with Mommy

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

It was good to her your voice yesterday.  You called just as I was awaking from a nap.  Sorry I was less responsive.  Naps seemed to have been the order of the day yesterday.  I took three and still managed a full night’s sleep last night.

I did write another letter to my Representative in the US House of Representatives.:

The Honorable Jaime Herrera Beutler

Unites State House of Representatives

1107 Longworth HOB

Washington, DC 20515


Dear Ms. Herrera Beutler:


In 1968, I was an American Political Science Association, Congressional Fellow working in the House Office of Barber B. Conable (R-NY) before, during and after the inauguration of Richard Nixon.  I have watched with considerable interest subsequent inaugurations and the weeks and months after. When Watergate broke I was on the faculty at the University of South Carolina, I followed that with great interest as well.

I do not need to go over the information that is flowing out now about the Trump Campaign and contacts with Russian Intelligence, or about his briefing while this was going on and his subsequent denials.  You probably have much better information than do I.   The only thing I can give you is the perspective of a long, long time political watcher.  This is more serious than Watergate.  Couple that with the “alternative” facts that the President seems to prefer to reality and we, all Americans, are in danger from our own executive branch.  Again, you and the rest of the Republican Caucus in the House are our only hope.

Respectfully,  T. Edward Westen, your constituent

I am, as you can tell taking a moderate approach in these letters.  After all, she is a Republican. 

Other than that and a few words on the Agent Amanda story, (I am attaching the next episode) all I can really say about yesterday is we got 1.25 inches of rain.

I Trust this finds you happy, warm and healthy.

Warmest regards, Ed

011 Jessica Ann Pivots with Mommy

Fiction in 1000 words by T. Edward Westen, 2017


Alice Beaverton smiled at Mr. Thompson.  “There is enough for three in here” said Alice holing up the picnic basket.


“Oh, no thank you Mam, I would not dream of imposing,” replied Mr. Thompson.


“What if you carried it?  Would it be imposing then?” asked Alice.  “Since we are going to walk that would also be helpful; you would, er, earn your share.”


Mr. Thompson reached out to take the basket from Alice, chuckling he replied, “No, Mam if I carry it for you it would only be fair to indulge with you.” And he actually began to whistle a happy tune.


The walk to the pare, using both fixed and moving sidewalks took ten minutes.  Just before they got there, Jessica Ann pointed to the restroom they were passing and said, “Mommy, I need to go there.”


Alive turned to Mr. Thompson and asked, “Do you want to take her, or do you want me to take her?”


“It is probably best if you do, Mam,” he replied.


“OK, but call me Alice.”


When Jessica Ann was washing her hands in the women’s room after, Alice said, “Shut your eyes for a moment Baby.”


When Jessica Ann shut her eyes, Alice pivoted them both back a day.  So, when Jessica Ann opened her eyes she was still it the same place.  However, she was no longer in the same time.  Exiting the rest room, Alice took Jessica Ann to the swings and pushed her daughter for 20 minutes before suggesting they move to the slide.    Alice kept Jessica Ann, amused and active for the rest of the afternoon. The child never noticed that Mr. Thompson and the picnic basket were not anywhere to be seen.


As dinnertime approached, Alice and Jessica Ann stopped at an outdoor ice cream vendor and had ice cream sandwiches for an appetizer and a hot dog for the entrée. Milk was Jessica Ann’s beverage of choice.  When they had finished their improvised meal, Alice suggested they sit on a park bench and read a story.  Jessica Ann told her mother “I like stories. Read Mommy.”  With that the child settled in next to her mother.   After a full day on the playground and a full stomach, Alice had barely read the title of the book Gooseberry Pie in the Sky, pointed to the stylized moon made to resemble a purple pie when Jessica Ann fell fast to sleep leaning against her mother.


Alice pulled a lightweight blanket out of her purse. She put hung the purse over her shoulder and gently wrapped the blanket around her daughter.  She ever so gently and carefully so as not to awaken the child, picked Jessica Ann up, cradled her in her arms and pivoted again. 


Mr. Thompson waited 20 minutes. 

He was growing more and more uneasy as time passed.  Finally, he stopped a woman walking by and said, “Pardon me, but a woman took a little girl in there 30 minutes ago, and they haven’t come out.  Would you please go and cheek to make sure they are OK for me?”

The woman gave Mr. Thompson a strange look.  He added and held up the picnic basket, “We are on our way to have a picnic.  I can’t imagine what is taking them so long.”


“OK, you had better not be a pervert,” she said and went into the women’s room.  She was in there about 15 seconds and came out saying, “No one in there. The place is empty.”


With that news, Mr. Thompson bolted into the woman’s room.  He heard the woman say as he entered “I could tell from the looks; he is a pervert.”


There was no one by the sinks; there was no one in either of the stalls.  Mr. Thompson was in full panic mode.  He was charged to see that all went well.  A disappearing mother and child was not a sign that all was well.  ‘Calm down.  Look around, there is no other way out.  The vents are all fastened tight.  Look for a clue,’ He thought.  Focusing on what should be in the restroom and what might be out of place was not difficult.  On the back of the wash stand was a small flat device.  He picked it up. ‘An identity tab, surely, this is Alice Beaverton’s identity tab,’ he concluded.


Frank Thompson exited the women’s room to the consternation of a pair of women walking by and circled around it.  ‘Nothing obvious,’ he reflected.  ‘I better call it in.”


The responding policeman, Elmer Diggins,

took Frank Thompson’s statement and consulted with his control.  Frank could her his side of the conversation.  “no wants, no warrants. . . Released from the women’s rehabilitation facility in Summerton a week ago today.  . . . Received a time traveler implant this morning.  Is that permanent or temporary? . . . Ah good it will bring her back in 30 days if not sooner. . . Yes, alert The Agency for Timeline Integrity, ATI, perhaps they can call her back sooner.”  After finishing his conversation with his control, Officer Diggins turned to Frank, “How is it you missed that she had a time travel implant.”


Frank Thompson turned beet red.  “I checked her out not 15 minutes before she showed up for her visitation.”


Officer Diggins looked at his tablet, “Well, she got one an hour after she showed up for her outing with the kid.  Don’t worry she should be easy to find without that,” pointing to the identity tab. She has no way to activate anything, to pay or travel or even get a public sleep cubical for the night. Besides, the temporary time travel implants only last 30 days.  She’ll be back.”


’30-days.  Jessica Ann’s father is not going to like this one bit.  He didn’t want to abide by the court ordered visitations, but we made him,’ Frank thought.  “Maybe we can get the ruling judge to break the news to Mr. Beaverton.  Fat chance.’


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6 Responses to Yesterday was Napday” & 11th in the Agent Amanda Story:Jessica Ann Pivots with Mommy

  1. beetleypete says:

    Liking these developments a lot, Theo. I am waiting to see what valuable item she has taken along with her, to pay her way.
    Good luck with the letters. I hope that you get some response.
    We had a lot of rain here all day yesterday, but the sun came out this morning.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      Yes, what she took should be interesting. I can hardly wait to find ou.
      I just listened the pestilence’s news conference. He was close to babbling about how wonderful he is. My guess is my Rep is going to sit on the sidelines and go along with the Party.
      Warmest regards, Theo


  2. Naps and sleep are a very good way to let the body heal, so well done on that front.
    I feel most sorry for Jessica-Ann’s father, though maybe he’s a baddy so I shouldn’t, but having your kid stolen is every parents worst nightmare. Alice is very resourceful.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Eddy Winko says:

    The pace is picking up now, I couldn’t wait until tomorrow morning.
    I have read that there are many groups starting up to write letters to representatives, a good thing I think.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      The investigation is beginning.
      A whole lot of us have to write letters to make a difference. Indeed, to wake up the Republicans in Congress that if he were not president that another Republican would be–a real Republican.
      Warmest regards, Ed


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