Make America a Nut House & 12th Episode in the Agent Amanda Story: The Agency for Temporal Integrity, ATI, Opens an Abduction Investigation

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

Another day, another inch of rain.  Literally!  It is not depressing, but it sure is wet.

I heard from the doctor that did my colonoscopy and all is well.  I don’t have to go back for 2-3 years.

After the pestilence’s news conference, yesterday, the press seems to be embolden to tell it like it is.  Unfortunately, they still don’t get it—specifically after years of indoctrination by right wing talk radio, there is a huge minority in this country that are prone to believe any conspiracy theory they hear and the pestilence is doling out the conspiracy theory to the Ts: the courts, the press, the intelligence community, the EPA and apparently, Congress.  The conspiracy grows with every fear the pestilence utters.  FDR said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  The pestilence seems to say Fear Everything.  To quote the pestilence on fear “Very Sad.”

I hear the plan in the works is to build a fence instead of a wall.  Perhaps a fence or wall is a good idea.  Have the pestilence take all of his followers and move them to the interior and fence them in.  Sarcastically, that is a wall I would be happy to spend tax dollars on.  Then the pestilence and his followers would feel safe and the rest of us could get on with a more rational approach to life.

Day four and I am still improving.  I suspect it will take more than another week to get me behind the wheel again.

I am attaching the next episode in the Agent Amanda story.

I trust this finds you, healthy, happy, warm, dry and insulated from the crazies running this former country (now a nut house).

Warmest regards, Ed

012 The Agency for Temporal Integrity, ATI, Opens an Abduction Investigation

Fiction in 1244 words by T. Edward Westen, 2017


Special Agent Fleishman said, “Outreach Agent Simmons, meet the Field Team of Amanda and Brice Clarkton.”


Outreach Agent Simmons reached out his hand to Brice, “I know you.  Indeed, I played a small role in your becoming agents.”


Brice seemed a bit confused, “I don’t recall meeting you.”


“I may have phrased that wrong.  I saw you two; but, you two did not see me.  Us Outreach Agents, do not play a very public role in operations.  Hee, Hee, we are sort of undercover,” replied Outreach Agent Simmons.  “I suppose I should refer to each of you by your first names to avoid confusion.”


“Yes, that would be fine,” responded Field Agent Amanda. She stuck her hand out to Outreach Agent Simmons.  “I read the reports on your role in extracting us from a very, how shall I put it, non-future.  We, kind of like each other, this is better.  Thank you for thinking of the mice.”


“Actually it was one of the temporal locals who reminded me of the mice,’ replied Outreach Agent Simmons.  “Good sharp lad, I seem to recall his was Jeremy Eastman.”


Special Agent Fleishman nodded in agreement.  “Yes, his reminder make it all possible.  But, we would have insured your future in any event, ‘everyone deserves a future.’”


Agent Brice added, “Amen.”  He was standing next to his wife, nudged her hand. She turned her hand and the nudge turned into hand holding.


“Enough reminiscing, we are here to find out what we can so these two,”nodding to Agents Amanda and Brice, “can track down one Alice Beaverton and her daughter, Jessica Ann Beaverton, whom she abducted, a few minutes ago,” said Special Agent Fleishman.


“But she was just here, I, I, I” stammered Outreach Agent Simmons, “just implanted a temporary travel implant in the woman.”


“Tell us what happened, “said Special Agent Fleishman. 


“She was here when I got here,” replied Outreach Agent Simmons.


“In the room?” asked Special Agent Fleishman.


“No, outside the portal waiting,” replied Outreach Agent Fleishman.


Special Agent Fleishman said, “OK you let her in.  Then what happened.”


“We chatted about nothing in particular. She had questions about the different colors in the syringes and I told her.   It takes fifteen minutes for the nanobots to do their job.  Then she pivoted.  The only odd thing was when she came back she was putting something in her purse.  I thought that odd.  I asked her how it went. I got the ‘my goodness it is like crossing the street’ typical answer. I had recommended, before her first pivot that she go someplace she had been but where she wouldn’t be. When I asked her where she had been she replied something to the effect that she had gone back about 600 years and experienced the joys of waiting in a que, and the warm personalities of public servants.’  Then she left, by pivot.”


Agent Amanda asked, “Do you have any clues as to what she was putting in her purse?”


“I’m sorry, it was paper, I think.  It had writing or printing or both on it and some kind of red near the top.  But, I only got a glimpse as she folded it.  I got the impression she was a kid running to hide what she had taken from a merchandiser of some sort,” replied Outreach Agent Simmons.


Agent Brice snickered and said, “In my time it was like a kid running from the corner store with his pockets full of candy.”


Agent Amanda, “My dear husband, I am finally learning about your sordid childhood.  Stealing candy from the corner store.  My, my.”


Special Agent Fleishman asked, “Did anything else strike you as differnent or a clue to suggest where and when she was on her first solo?”


Outreach Agent Simmons scratched behind his ear and looked off to the left.  Then he said, “Yes, she called me ‘Dude’. That smacks of the late 20th Century.”


“Ah home territory for our field team. Anything either of you miss from those days?” asked Special Agent Fleishman.


Both Amanda and Brice smiled.  Brice spoke, “We were a few years after that, but it smacks of romancing this lovely lady and if we get to Philly, a soft pretzel or two.”


“Or the Big Apple and a slice,” chimed in Amanda.


“Careful or you will have me on your team I remember pizza.” Said Outreach Agent Simons with a big smile.  “But, alas, I can only consult when you need something from my branch.  Pity really.”


Brice said, “Buck up old man, we’ll bring you a sample if our investigations take us to Philly or the Big Apple.”


Special Agent Fleishman directed the groups attention back to the Alice Beaverton.  “Her record shows she was incarcerated at Mission Creek Corrections Center for over four years.  Her daughter was born there two months in to her stretch.  We can avoid all the junk food travel if you two pop into the woman’s facility and pick her up before all of this started.”


“OK,” said Brice.  Turning to his wife, “Do you want to pivot, or should I.”


Agents Amanda and Brice Clarkton materialized

just outside the entrance to the Mission Creek Corrections Center.  Fortunately the guard was not looking in their direction when they showed up. For people popping out of thin air was rare and often people seeing humans materialize reacted by needing smelling salts after.  Amanda knocked on the guardhouse door and said, “You-hoo, anybody home.”


The guard was watching the monitors of the inside approaches to the wall.  The outside approach, one monitor of the fourteen he monitored, showed only an empty road.  He was jerked back to reality with a woman’s voice calling out ‘You-hoo, anybody home.”  No one had walked up to the front gate before.  People always visited by arriving in a conveyance.  So, a pedestrian from the outside saying ‘You-hoo’ was a new on one him.  However, he quickly regained his composure and asked the nice-looking couple standing outside his guard house, “How can I help you?”


Amanda handed the guard her credentials and said, “We need to see the warden.”


“Ah, well, I don’t have you on my admitting schedule for today,” the guard managed to say.


“The warden might appreciate it if you gave him a heads-up that we are popping in to see him.  It would be less awkward that way,” said Amanda.


Agent Amanda handed the warden the arrest warrant

for Alice Beaverton, signed and dated two days before Alice Beaverton was scheduled for conditional release.  The warden read it and asked, “Don’t you people keep up with the news?”


“Alice Beaverton disappeared from here close to four years ago.  She had a baby in here and the day we transferred her baby to the father’s care, she vanished.  We tucked her in that night and in the morning her cell was empty.”  Amanda and Brice looked at each other. Each was puzzled.


“How did she get out?” Agent Brice asked?


“We spent a month trying to figure that out.  She was on camera one second; there was a blur; and, the next second she was simply not there,” replied the warden.  “It was the story of the year and on the news constantly.  Her photo and even a reward for information leading to her arrest.  Not even a crank call on the reward.  Beats the hell out of me how she got out of here.”


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13 Responses to Make America a Nut House & 12th Episode in the Agent Amanda Story: The Agency for Temporal Integrity, ATI, Opens an Abduction Investigation

  1. Ah so future Alice pivoted past Alice out? This one’s going to take some explaining. I think my brain might crack at some point during this book, it was well on the way in the last one! Good to see Amanda, Brice and (my favourite) Agent Fleishman back again. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. beetleypete says:

    Good to see it all coming together. Alice seems to have grasped the possibilities of time travel very well. They are going to have to have a re-think about how to catch her.

    Good to hear all is well in the ‘Colon Department’ too.

    Trumps’ press conference was very strange to watch. He is either a very good actor, or doesn’t have the first idea what he is actually doing. I am tempted to send him a personal letter telling him it is not a dream, and he is not waking up from it for at least four years.
    “Dear Donald, you are actually the President of The United States.
    Regards, Pete.”
    Something like that…

    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Eddy Winko says:

    I like this new twist, but then of course it would have been all too easy.
    Colan Department, isn’t that the new guy that Trump wants as his security chief? Good to know he passed!
    A friend commented on my post the other day which summed up Trump for me:
    “Of course the real question is why millions of people feel so disconnected from society and political process that they feel they have to elect a Donald as a leader. My children think the news is now an extension of the Simpsons, which is on before. After all the colour is nearly the same and the script is about the same level”

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What the Republicans in the House fail to realize is that if they impeach the pestilence, they will still have the White House!

    Liked by 1 person

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