Just Politics & 13th Installment in The Agent Amanda Story: Five Cases of Plagiarism

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

Back during the campaign, I wondered “If the idiot who is president were president, how would he be able to stand the lack of attention that presidents typically get on a daily basis?”  While it is still early, I think I have an answer to that question, “He can’t and he will stir things up to stay in the news.”  I was going to start this missive with the words, “It was a quiet day yesterday.”  Then I realized that the pestilence was stirring up crap again (still).

I wrote my Congresswoman again:  “I still want to see his taxes.  I am an American and I have not forgotten he was to release his taxes.”  The letter today will be “I am an American.  The media is not my enemy.  I trust the media.”  I have decided to write more often.  Most of the letters to her will be very short and only cover one subject.  If I want to cover more than one subject about the pestilence, I will write more than one letter.

I see a lot of activity on Facebook.  Unfortunately, the Members of Congress, as far as I know, are insulated from that.  One must contact them directly rather than sharing.  So, somehow, we need to get lots of people to put as much time in keeping their Senators and Representatives informed by mail, email, text and telephone calls as they do on Facebook and complaining to each other, especially their Republican representatives in either House.  Perhaps at some point our elected Representatives will realize that if they impeach and convict the pestilence that they will still have a Republican in the White House.

It was still a quiet day here, for I had the TV off most of the day.  I did mess with one image and rather liked the accidental outcome.20160719_184645 7 whimsey crop crop email.jpg

I am attaching the next episode of the Agent Amanda Story.

I trust this finds you well, happy and warm,

Warmest regards, Ed

013 Five Cases of Plagiarism

Fiction in 688 words by T. Edward Westen, 2017


Walter Janson had four responses to his notice on the Professional Children’s Authors and Illustrators Association Site to check for inconsistent originality scores on the Accumulated Writings Data Base. His computer search had retuned the same four.  Each author responding noted that the copywrite was held by Melissa Hickson in 2010. “Now that cannot be a coincidence,” he said out loud.  “Computer connect me with the Director of the Accumulated Writing Data Base.”


“There are gates for accessing the director of the Accumulated Writings Data Base, I will list the gates on the screen so you can choose which gate keeper to work through,” replied the computer.


Walter Johnson started at the top and read: ‘Acquisitions, Business and Accounting, Sales & Membership, Technical,’ “Computer contact the person in charge of the Technical Division of the Accumulated Writings Data Base.”


“There is another gate in the Technical Division.  You have a choice of data base management, member support, programming,” replied the computer.”


“Computer connect me with the programming branch of the Technical Division,” said Walter.


Walter Johnson’s computer screen showed a head and shoulder video of a thirtyish, blond woman with a bit too much make up.  she spoke before Walter had a chance.  “Good afternoon, Walter Johnson, I am Sheena Carwood, head programmer for AWDB, how may I assist you?”


“It is a bit complicated, Ms. Carwood, but I have five instances of the data base querry returing an originality score of well over 90 percent one day and a few days later the same manuscript returns a score for plagiarizing a 2010 copyright by a Melissa Beaverton.” 


“You submitted these five manuscripts?”  Ms. Carwood asked.


“No, I submitted one, the other four were submitted by four other children’s book authors.  I have collected their documentation and can forward it to you.  I don’t know what is wrong, but I am guessing it is a programming issue,” replied Walter Johnson.


“Yes.  Please forward the information to me,” said Ms. Carwood.


“Computer please share the score difference folder to Ms. Carwood,” Walter said.  “It should be on your screen now.”


Walter could see her eyes moving as she read the data in the file he sent.  Then Ms. Carwook said, “Let me check this out.  Can I get back to you say, in an hour or so?” 


“You will have an answer by then?” asked Walter Johnson.


“I will know more than I know now,  give me an hour to see what I can find.  OK,” said Ms. Carwood,


Walter said, “OK” as Ms. Carwood disappeared from the screen.

Walter’s computer interrupted his thoughts. 

“Ms. Carwood, would like to talk with you.  Shall I connect?”


“Yes, computer, connect.”  When she appeared on his screen Walter said, “That was a lot less than an hour.  What did you find?”


“Your files are correct,” Ms. Carwood said. “For some reason the submitted manuscripts were not matched with the 2010 copywritten books when first submitted.  The only way that could have happened is if the copywritten material was added after the first submission.  To control for this type of error, we will be changing the structure of the data base by requiring a date for when material is added to the data base by our Acquisitions Division.  Since there seems to be a pattern with Melissa Beaverton and a 2010 copywrite date, I have put in place a subroutine to alert me to any new material entered for her in the data base in 2010 and ten years around that date.”


“So, that is all?” asked Walter Johnson.


“No, that is just a start,” replied M. Carwood.  “I have also initiated a spider to watch for cases similar to these that you report so we will have a closer time proximity to when they happen.  Finally, I have asked my staff to begin a series of reliability checks on our programs to see if we can stimulate the inconsistency ourselves.  I will keep you posted and thank you for bring this issue to our attention.”  With that, Ms. Carwood disappeared from Walter’s screen.


Walter thought, ‘I knew it was a programming snafu.’


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4 Responses to Just Politics & 13th Installment in The Agent Amanda Story: Five Cases of Plagiarism

  1. beetleypete says:

    But we know it’s not the programme, don’t we?

    Trump’s activities are actually proving to be more entertaining than most regular TV shows. His desire to be heard is overwhelming indeed. The press conference reminded me of a mafia boss. Nodding to himself, and making veiled threats. I expected him to tell the media that he was going to ‘make them an offer that they couldn’t refuse’…

    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you.
    I rather suspect it isn’t the program. But, how to tell?

    We seem to have a circus and not a government.

    Warmest regards, Theo


  3. Eddy Winko says:

    The computer never lies, or is that the camera or is that the press or is that Trump? I don’t know anymore! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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