For Pete

Thanks Pete,

After being under anesthesia, cut open and then propped back up, taking shots with my cell phone was, I suppose, an act of defiance or an announcement to myself that I survived.  When I looked at them later, I was not terribly excited about what I had done.  However, they did give me a couple of different types of photos to play with using (abusing) the “content aware fill.”  As I said to FR, I found it a hoot.  I can see some potential for it along with some of the filters for making some off the wall images.  As far as I can tell it is designed for filling in on panoramas that are stitched together or after straightening an image.

I took these two shots on Feb 2nd that I intended to turn into a vertical panorama:20170202_135542 email.jpg20170202_135543 email.jpg

Here is the Photoshop stitching:stage 1_Panorama1 email.jpg

Then I had the white border “content aware filled” to obtain:stage 2_Panorama1 email.jpg

Finally, I lightened the photo a bit so the content can actually be examined:stage 3_Panorama1 email.jpg

It was in doing something similar that I stumbled on the off the wall effect I called ephemeral (the one I think is a hoot and may have what I call artistic potential.  We’ll see).

Warmest regards, Theo


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3 Responses to For Pete

  1. beetleypete says:

    That last shot does indeed justify the ‘app’, Theo. It worked very well indeed.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Well I read it too even though it was for Pete, that last rendition turned out really well!

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