A Short Letter and Two Longer Attachments (#17 in the Agent Amanda Story & Write to Your Member of Congress)

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

We finally had a sky that showed some potential for images yesterday.  So, I got Nancy to stop on the way into lunch and got one shot of the clouds over Silverlake.DSCN0024 cropped ns email.jpg Then I returned after lunch, just before dinner and picked a sundown shot.  Both with a Nikon P900!DSCN0079 c ns email.jpgSo, things were looking up yesterday.  The second shot gave me an opportunity (OK, excuse) to dive the Ridgeline for the first time in about 8 days.  It is actually easier to get in and out of then the Santa Fe.    I also got out to the shed and put away some small stuff that did not exceed my lift weight.  Nancy is feeling a bit better about my progress; and, she is planning a trip to Cincinnati at the end of March to attend a wedding—her former daughter-in-law is remarrying.

I finally took the time to write up the need for a letter writing campaign to one’s Representatives in Congress, House and Senate.  I’ll sit on it for a day and then work it over again.  Then I will send it to everyone I know who is actively upset about what is happening in the White House.  I have attached it after today’s segment of the Agent Amanda story.  If you have any suggestions, by all means let me know. In the meantime, I continue my weekly letter to my Representative in the House (both my Senators are Democrats, so they don’t get as much of my “wisdom” as my Representative does).

As you know I have a much smaller seller’s footprint on eBay.  I have four offers up.  Two of them are for facsimiles of stamps with rather dear prices.c08 03 02  Worlds Rarest Stamp British Guiana Facsimile front a.jpgc08 03 02  Worlds Rarest Stamp British Guiana Facsimile front b.jpg  It surprised me every time some buys one.  Yesterday I sold 2 to one buyer.  That really surprised me.

I trust this finds you happy, healthy and still warm.

Warmest regards, Ed

017 Hot on Alice’s Trail

Fiction in 1051 words by T. Edward Westen, 2017


Amanda and Brice had backtracked Alice up to day 5 and the morning of day 6 after her release when they entered the public sleep cubical she and used that day and night.  Entering the cubical, Amanda announced her self to the computer, “Computer, I am Agent Amanda Clarkton,” holding up her ATI credentials, “and, I would like you to recall all the requests, answers you gave or data you supplied and conversations you had with Amanda Beaverton the day and night she was here.”


“That information was private.  Alice Beaverton requested I forget what she asked, my responses and all data from her visit before she left.  Since this is private space, I will need a warrant before I can supply you with any information about Alice Beaverton,” the computer replied.


Amanda said, “Computer, please provide the terminal identification for this location.”


The computer replied, “The identification for this terminal is 9J105T45P.”


Brice nodded to his wife, put his hand to his ear lobe and spoke “This is Agent Brice Clarkton.  I need a warrant to seek private information so marked by Alice Beaverton at computer terminal 9J105T45P for the past seven days.”


“Thank you.  I will repeat that back for terminal 9J105T45P, Computer the warrant is this date, Number hh64,” Brice said.


“The warrant is valid.  Do you want an audio or screen display or both?” asked the computer.


Amanda said, “Computer provide a screen display one page at a time, and wait for us to toggle a page change.  With that, she and her husband sat down and started taking screen shots of the information the computer provided.


After two hours of taking screen shots and notes, Amanda said, “Looks like early 21st Century from the birth certificates and obituaries she focused on.  Your old stomping grounds Dear.”


Brice smiled, “As I recall you were pretty good a stomping in that era too.  It is looking like we will have to pay a visit back there.”


“Although we used to live in that era, we don’t have any contacts that would remember us.  I say we talk to Special Agent Fleishman about what approach to take,” said Amanda.  “I’ll pivot this time.”


Arriving outside Special Agent Fleishman’s transporter base, Amanda and Brice observed that Special Agent Fleishman would be back in 8 hours.  Brice, said, “I’ll do the honors.” They disappeared and then reappeared exactly in the same spot eight hours later.


Amanda said, “Good aim.”


Brice said, “My aim is to please my lady.”


Special Agent Flieshman’s portal was open and he heard them talking.  Picking up on their banter, he called out, “Who is there, Friend or foe?”  He stuck his head out of the portal and said, “Advance and be recognized.”  Smiling broadly, he asked. “You have good news?”


Amanda laughed, “Not exactly.  It seems Alice Beaverton has fled to the early 21st Century with her young daughter in tow.  She seems to have focused on 2009 given the birth and death certificates she researched.  While Brice and I lived in that time; we don’t know how to approach the temporal authorities there for assistance. Since you did exactly that once, we have come to you, O’ Master of Detection, to get pointed in the right direction.”


Special Agent Fleishman snorted, shook his head and said, “I wandered for 30 years around that time and got lucky when the fellow I was after died a violent death and the newspapers published his picture.”


Amanda said, “Yes it was Judge Belemany, the fellow who put me in and orphanage and Mrs. White in jail.  You worked with a couple of policemen, a Child Protective Services case worker and a young student, as I recall.  So, how do we connect with people for help in that era like you did.”


“To tell you the truth, I blundered into it like a bull in a china shop,” replied Special Agent Fleishman.  He looked sheepishly for a moment and added, “And, I got incredibly lucky.  People like Alice Beverton are very difficult to find.  Jonathan, Outreach Agent Simons, did an inventory and several implant and implant removal syringes are missing.  I’d guess she has removed the implant, she realizes she has to come back every 18 hours or she will simply pop back.  Then too the implant she got expires in about 24 days.  That alone will bring her back.”


Brice interjected a question. “OK so you behaved, as you put it, like a bull in a china shop.  However, you did get assistance.  What made them accept your legitimacy as a cop?  After all, time cops are not real for them. At that time, it was purely science fiction.”


“I did have credentials and an arrest warrant,” said, Special Agent Fleishman.  “But what clinched my bone fides was pivoting with them.  That convinced them.”


Amanda’s eyebrows raised in disbelief, “You kidnapped them to prove you were a cop.”


Special Agent Fleishman sort of scuffed his feet and shrugged his shoulders, then said, “The first one I moved about 20 feet from one observation room to an open space.  The three others saw it.  The first fellow was a bit leery of me after that, I can tell you.  Eventually they all saw the advantage of being able to move in space and time so, er, they, ah, sort of got used to it.  I never move one of them without asking first.  Er, um, except when I took Ms. Gunderson for hot chocolate with marshmallows.  Say, would you like a cup?”


“Basically, you were a bull in a china shop,” said Amanda.  “But, it worked.  Does ‘it worked’ make it a legitimate tool of investigation?”


“This may sound strange coming from me,” said Special Agent Fleishman,  “But I would use a great deal of discretion and attempt to convince those from whom you seek help first that you are a legitimate, shall we say, peace officer.”


Brice turned to his wife and said, “I guess we have authorization from a senior officer.  Shall I do the honors?”


“Yes,” said Amanda; and the two of them disappeared from Special Agent Fleishman’s presence.


“All this time and I never knew what it was like to have someone vanish like that without forewarning?’  said Special Agent Fleishman to no one. “Brrr.”


Draft of Suggestion to Write to One’s Members of Congress

You can complain, rile, protest even yell.  But to be effective you also need to take your protest to Congress every week—write to your representatives, Member of the House of Representatives and your two Senators.


Democracy is not a spectator sport.  It takes sustained effort to make democracy work.  Make writing to your representatives in Congress part of your weekly routine—make a sustained effort to insure you are represented and governed properly.


Years ago, I worked in a Congressional office.  The Representative, and consequently his staff, paid attention to communications from constituents—mail and phone.  Today, if I worked in Congressional office I would bet the Representative would still pay attention to communications from constituents—snail mail, email, text messages, and phone calls.  There are three types of communications from constituents: clip and mail, copy and mail, and personally written and mailed.  The personally written communications carried more weight than the copied communications which carries more weight than the bulk produced (clip the coupon or mail the card) variety.  None-the-less, the more letters that are on one side of any issue do have an impact on the Representative’s behavior—floor votes, demands in negotiations for wording of proposals and even blocking or bringing things to the floor.


Now the thing about written communications, snail mail or email, is that one must be persistent.  That is, write a letter a week to your Representatives in Congress.  Write about different issues.  Get all your friends to write a letter a week.  Have letter writing parties.  But do it every week.  Politics is a long-term game; one letter won’t do it.  You would think that you took the time and trouble to write to your Representative that would be that.  However, in the House of Representatives your Representative represents, on average, over 700,000 people.   75% are of voting age.  Approximately 55% of those citizens vote and then the district is won by about 5% of those voting—14,000 people.  If you were a representative would you not be impressed with say, 10,000 new letters a week from 10,000 different people.


What political scientists know and by extension, politicians, is the people who contact their elected officials once tend to vote more than those who do not.  So, a weekly deluge of letters to your representative from as many people as you can convince to send them will make a difference.  Each letter represents a person who is certain to vote in 2018 from the representative’s point of view.

If the Representative is not able to accommodate your concerns, the Representative knows you will vote against him or her in the next election.  Be sure that you do, especially if that representative is a Republican.  They are the majority that must confront Trump.


What you should say in a letter to you Representatives in Congress.  Take one issue at a time.  If you are to the left of the member try to hold your rhetoric down and be as reasonable as you can in making your point.  If you are to the right of the member try to hold your rhetoric down and be as reasonable as you can in making your point.  Under no circumstances call them or anyone else names—even if you feel completely justified.  Do not demand; rather, express your fears, concerns about the topic and why you think they should or should not support what the issue is, a bill, a resolution, impeachment.  When you can give evidence or examples to support your position.  Sound like a reasonable person, even if you do not feel reasonable.


You have heard your representatives in Congress say “the American People want/deserve/need . . .“ or “my constituents want/deserve/need . . .” Well, unless they are making it up, they get that information from the people they meet, talk to and hear from by snail mail and email.    Be part of their American People or their constituents.  Write to them expressing your preferences, concerns, fears and observations.  Representatives are supposed to be accountable to those who put them in office—ALL THOSE WHO VOTE, not just those who voted for them.  So, give them someone to whom they can be accountable—YOU through your weekly letters to them.  Put the fear of the voters in them—Make your voice heard by your representatives.  Write to them every week.  You pay their salaries.  Make them earn it by representing you.  They can’t know what you want unless you tell them. Write a weekly letter telling them.


Yes, I am asking you to write 100 letters to your Representatives in Congress: 2 Senators and 1 Member of the House of Representatives—they can all get the same letter, just change the salutation and address.  All three of them represent you.  If you are as angry with what is happening today as you say you are, 100 letters over two years is a small price to pay to guarantee that you are heard.   Get as many of your friends and relatives to do the same thing. Write the letters for them if you have to.  Yes, protest, yes, go to meetings, yes post on social media.  However, the action that is needed to make any difference is in the Republican Caucuses in the House and Senate. They hold majorities.  If you want Trump impeached, the Republicans must do it.  Remember to tell them that they will still have the Presidency if they Impeach Trump (if impeaching Trump is what you want).   I guarantee you that if you write and get others to write every week, you will mitigate the damage Trump can do by making your representatives very afraid of supporting his off the wall and made-up solutions to problems in his mind.


More tips for writing to your representative:



How to find your representative so you can write:




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11 Responses to A Short Letter and Two Longer Attachments (#17 in the Agent Amanda Story & Write to Your Member of Congress)

  1. beetleypete says:

    The hot chocolate is back! So, 2009. Makes life a little easier I suppose.
    You got the new camera then? Nice clouds as always. I will anticipate the heron and beaver on that huge zoom.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      Familiar territory, I suppose–hot chocolate.
      Yes got it a few days ago, no opportunities to use it until yesterday. The bird and aquatic mammal were not available for photos. Bummer.
      Warmest regards, Theo


  2. Eddy Winko says:

    I looking forward to the chase, it is most certainly on. I was wondering when HC&M would get in on the act. Did you get the P900 of approval or? It will be interesting to see what you do with that zoom, I expect you have quite a bit of wildlife in your neck of the woods?
    I have heard that there are a few Facebook groups that organise letter writing to the powers that be, but I was unable to find one to point you in that direction, but if I find one in future then I’ll let you know. I’m sure they would benefit from your turn of phrase.
    All the best, Eddy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Eddy.
      I suppose if this series (at two, projected to 3) ever gets published, the publisher could package the three books with a packet of a hot coco mix as a selling gimmick. 🙂
      Yes, we see a lot of deer, birds of prey, and an occasional elk. I will be ready at all times to take their portraits. I am looking forward to a bit later in the spring for osprey on the Columbia river. I know where they live. (That last sentence was meant to sound ominous.)
      Thanks for being on the lookout. I will track down potential letter writers one at a time. I know the idea sound ambitious. However, I know from being there back in the day that occasionally one letter will make a huge change in a Representative’s thought processes. One never knows whose letter that might be. In the meantime, quantity is the best approach. Make them think you are watching (again as stab at ominous).
      Warmest regards, Ed

      Liked by 1 person

    • Forgot to respond to the camera. I have 30 days, to decide, but most likely will keep it.
      Warmest regards, Ed


      • Eddy Winko says:

        I had just popped back to read your letter writing tips as I skipped over quickly this morning. I would love to be able to add your words of wisdom in a blog post, would you mind? I will link back to you as well, but I thought your message deserved a post on it’s own.

        Liked by 1 person

    • By all means repost. And add my name: T. Edward Westen.
      Thank you.
      Warmest regards, Ed


  3. AH the new camera! Lovely sunset too. Like Eddy I am liking the chase and hoping A & B meet up with some familiar faces eventually. What I do wonder is what has happened to the other Amanda’s and the 2 little Amandas. I sound impatient but not really, happy to follow wherever the story goes 🙂 I don’t suppose it’s worth me writing to America as I haven’t got a representative but would happily write a back-up letter to yours if you don’t get anywhere. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      The phrase, “the chase is on” would make one heck of a good movie title. I wonder why no one has used it. Indeed, it would make a challenging book to write. We’ll see.
      With so many Amanda’s floating about it may be possible to generate a story about each? Who knows. Or, they play bit parts in this story? Or Both? We’ll see.
      I am going to have to work with a tripod and I do have a Bluetooth shutter release for using the full length of the lens on the P900. I read a review in which the fellow lauded the benefits of the camera’s versatility and then confessed he felt like an amateur using it instead of what he called a real camera. I had to chuckle. I consider myself a pre-amateur and I have been using a cell phone to take photos. This is a step up for me (even though I own several SLR bodies and lenses and have for close to forever [1970]). I want the long optical lens in my kit.
      I do appreciate your offer and support on the anti-pestilence effort. I think it is better to keep this one in house. However, you do have an ambassador over here, Kim Darroch. What the hell, write to him.
      Warmest regards, Ed

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