More Political Stuff & 19th in the Agent Amanda Story: Persuading Edith Gunderson

Good Morning Ted and Jody:


I sent emails to a dozen people with my proposal that they read and respond.  I got responses from three.  One, Chris, a former student replied twice this is his second response when I in response to his first response wrote “Good write to your representatives.”


i am in constant contact with my reps and senators, all built from my time “in the busniess.”  i believe in being in their ears as much as possible.

what do you know of the “convention of states” idea floating around?  while i might favor some moves, i fear that – if opened to the “masses” and the “Trumpites” there could be significant repeals to the Bill of Rights. 

down south here there is a big push on this. 

let me know what you think of the Hear My Voice project.

be well my friend.


Here is my response this morning to him: 

Good Morning Chris:

It is good to hear back from you.

I know nothing of the convention of states idea “floating around.”  You are right to fear a 2/3rds call to a convention to Amend the Constitution if you want the basic structure and protections that exist under The Constitution to continue much less grow to fully cover everyone.  Any other attempts to call a convention which would by-pass Article V would also be a threat to basic freedoms and rights as we know them.

What you hear, down south, and in the “heartland” of America is indeed a push to make America what they thought it was in the good old days.  Those good old days are the post-Civil War era when we had, but did not enforce the 14th Amendment.  The south and the heartland have had close to 70 years of having to live in a country that is not staying white.  They live in a country where Horatio Alger is the dream of everyone and possible for very damned few.  They live in a country where the Rush Limbaughs have told them day after day that they are being treated badly by their government—when it fact it is true to the extent that their government makes them pay for big money’s exemptions, depletions and blatant tax reduction bribes.  In short, they feel short changed.  They, and let me be very specific here, whites in general, have been the target of “you should be afraid!” from their political “leadership.”

The Democrats have been satisfied to put together a coalition that largely dismisses the onslaught the whites face to make them afraid.  Rather the Democrats should have address this head on.  The did not.  The Republicans embraced the onslaught and reinforced the fears of the whites.  The result is the current balance of power, federally, in the states and in localities.  Gerrymandering has made things more difficult to address.  Campaign finance has made things worse. 

Whites are still in the majority.  They demonstrated that in the 2016 elections.  Am I say they are racists?  No.  They have, however, been singled out for special attention by Republicans without any need for saying they are by the choice of election issues: immigration, ISIS and its link to a NONCHRISTIAN religion, and still LGBT issues, not to mention abortion and a slew of other conservative (read white) issues.

So, yes, a Convection of the States would draft a governmental system that would make America white again.  Instead, what everyone needs to do, and, unfortunately, it can only come from Democrats at this point is to make sure they are totally inclusive in the programs and issues they address.   This may be next to impossible for we live in the Age of Belief.  Believing is easier than thinking.  Believing is easier than finding the evidence to support the belief at hand.  Thinking requires that one actually change when finds one’s beliefs are not true.  So, there is an uphill (OK, up a sheer cliff) battle to get back on the right track.  But we need to fight that battle and bring the majority (read whites) along this time—all of the majority.

Hear My Voice is inclusive and very broad.  It gives one the impression that one is participating.  I must be missing a link because, unless one is focused on policy makers and one has their attention, one is merely having a conversation with mostly likeminded people.  I think this of social media as well.  I see a lot of talk (mostly one sided and within one point of view) that reassures people that they are not alone. But, I don’t see where this is leaking into the policy making sphere: Congress, State Legislatures, City and County Councils or even political party structures.   By in large, we have developed a very myopic system of communication that has barriers between groups of people who see things differently than ever before.  Interesting that it took an open form of communication, digital devices and the internet, to close down lines of communities between different minded people.  None-the-less, I will continue to explore Hear My Voice and see if I can find that link to the decision makers.

In just the time I first sent you my proposal to get people to write to their representatives I have relearned something that I should have remembered.  Most people will ignore what I tell them and not even respond.  Everyone who responds wants to do things their way (even if it means they continue to do nothing) and they will find a way to say “I’m doing this instead.  But you have a good idea.”  I need to restate my point.  Members of Congress, House and Senate. Need to hear from new people.  People who are in their constituencies.  Voters who want this madness to end.

So, since you are in constant contact with your representatives, find 10 people who are not and get them to write, or write for them of aske me and I will send you letters to pass on to them.  Do not be dissuaded by a five week hold on mail getting in, or other claims. If one writes every week, the letters will start getting through and their dates will be a wakeup call to the Members of Congress.

Warmest regards, Ed 

This is going to take some time and effort.  However, I think I have some time and effort left to spend to try to stop the madness in Washington.  I have a germ of an idea of a plan.

I see you are getting snow again.  Put on some warm clothes and have some hot chocolate with marshmallows (and extra diabetic meds). Stay happy, warm and healthy.

Warmest regards, Ed

I do not know why the spacing changed midway through the episode?

019 Persuading Edith Gunderson

Fiction in 926 words by T. Edward Westen, 2017


Amanda Clarkton handed Edith Gunderson photographs of Alice and Jessica Ann Beaverton.  “Ms. Beaverton,” she said pointing to the photo of Alice, “was released from prison.  She spent six days scheming, making preparations and gathering resources.  “On the seventh day, she abducted her daughter,” she continued by pointing to the photo of Jessica Ann, “while on a court supervised visitation.  We have reason to believed she is here in this time and area.”


Ms. Gunderson said, “It is most curious that you said ‘in this time and place.’”


“Yes, well that is the problem.  We are not from this time.  It is terribly awkward for we were and now we are from the future,” Brice Clarkton replied. 


Ms. Gunderson gave a sigh, rolled her eyes and said, “My job is difficult enough without having to deal with . . . “


“We can prove it,” said Brice. ‘While it is crazy, it is possible.  Where in history would you like to visit if you only could?”


Ms. Gunderson laughed out loud.  “You are crazy.  If you can prove it, I would like to hear William Jennings Bryan’s Cross of Gold Speech.”


Amanda said, “That was in 1896 at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago as I recall.  We need a day, time and place.  To take you there.”


Ms. Gunderson looked a bit troubled.  Her conviction that the two were nuts was growing.  However, she said, July 9.  We can Google it and find the time and place.”


Brice said, “Perhaps you would be so kind as to Google it for us as we don’t have cell phones.”


Ms. Gunderson picked up here cell phone and asked it “Google, what time and where was the cross of Gold speech given in Chicago at the Democratic National Convention on July 9, 1896?”


“The Cross of Gold Speech was delivered in the Chicago Colosseum at about 2:00 P.M” Google replied.


Brice said, “Are you ready Ms. Gunderson?”


“But I’m not dressed for . . .” Ms. Gunderson started to reply but was interrupted by Amanda.


“You are more properly dressed for it than we.  Shall we go?”


For the first time in a very long time, Edith Gunderson laughed.  You may be loonier than all get out, but sure, ‘beam me up Scotty.’”


Amanda turned to her husband, “Do the honors my dear.”


Brice pivoted taking Amanda and Edith Gunderson with him.  They appeared in a lower level hall way that was empty but filled with the roar of an unruly but happy crowd.  Brice said, “If you will follow me we should be on the floor of the convention in less than ten feet.”


Thy turned a corner and could see the speaker’s platform although it was mobbed by men.  Edith Gunderson pulled on Brice’s sleeve and said, “Take me back now.”


Brice pivoted taking Amanda and Ms. Gunderson with him.


A delegate to the 1896 Democratic Convention was on the floor and turned away from the podium to take a swig from his flask.  He was looking right at Brice, Amanda and Ms. Gunderson thinking that the three were dressed funnily; and, that it is strange to see women on the floor when the three disappeared.  The delegate never took that swig.  Indeed, he never took another drink for the rest of his life and never spoke of what drink had caused him to see.


Standing back in her office, Edith Gunderson brushed her jacket and skirt with her hands. “The odor, the stench of smoke, did they not bathe in 1896?” she asked.  “Will I ever get the stink of cigars out of my clothes?”

“Probably, we weren’t there very long,” replied Amanda.  “History in the flesh is rather raw.  It is easy to look back and idealize what was done and said but to experience it in the flesh is often just like the floor of the Chicago Colosseum in 1896—smelly, dirty and packed full of people doing people things.

“I just never thought, I mean, I didn’t consider that there were no laws against smoking in public places.  I didn’t see any women.  Why is that?”

Brice answered her, “In 1896 women did not have the vote.  Politics was something in which a proper lady in 1896 was not interested.  Women were not allowed in most political meetings.  That’s why the woman’s movement was so necessary.  But, that is not the issue.  We have a missing child from the future we think is here and now.  Will you help us?

Edith Gunderson, shook her head.  “I just forget that things were not always the way they are today.  I have admired the principles of the man and his speech since I was a small girl in school and heard the speech delivered by a upperclassman at a school convocation.  I just never understood to whom he gave it—a bunch of smoking and smelly men.  Hump.” Edith Gunderson paused and then said, “Yes, I will help.  It will be awkward, but I will help.”

“Why will it be awkward?” asked Amanda.

“We, have to account for our time and there are papers and other agencies.  It will just be awkward,” replied Edith Gunderson.  “But if she is here with the child we will find her.”

Edith Gunderson reached for her intercom, “Let me just call my secretary and . . . “ She abruptly stopped speaking because she saw that her secretary, Millie, was standing in the middle of the room with her mouth wide open.  Millie appeared to be in shock.


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8 Responses to More Political Stuff & 19th in the Agent Amanda Story: Persuading Edith Gunderson

  1. beetleypete says:

    Did they forget Millie was there?
    I have always thought that time-travel to the past would be smelly. You confirmed that.
    Rare bathing, clothes not washed regularly, and of course no deodorants used.

    I see that you are still promoting hot chocolate with marshmallows. This time to Ted and Jody!
    I have managed to resist so far, though I did almost walk along the confectionery aisle on Monday, to see what marshmallows they had. I switched back to the wine area instead.
    One vice at a time is enough.

    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you.
      You and Eddie and FR thought I was making this time travel stuff up. How would I know about the smell if I hadn’t been there (but then, my presence there could be a function of my advanced age)? 🙂

      Resistance is good. It builds character. It stands in the front line of everything worth standing for. It is timely. Speaking of timely, there is more than one time during the day (not to mention the night) once vice at a time allows for lots of vices at different times of the day and night. Each vice in its own time! 🙂 🙂

      On a much more serious note, I am beginning to understand why potential candidates for office often say they haven’t yet made up their minds to run. They put it off as it will become all-consuming and they will no longer have a life of their own until the election is over—if then.

      Warmest regards, Theo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Eddy Winko says:

    I was wondering when the classic would come into play:man taking the swig from the bottle, does a double take and looks back at the drink.
    That’s a rather abrupt way to find out about time travel and poor Millie!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      It is strange that one person sees 3 people disappear into thin air and gives up drink; and another person sees the same 3 people appear out of thin air and wants/needs a drink. Let us hope those who sell distilled spirts don’t learn of the marketing strategy of the later or they will develop time travel just to promote their product. On the other hand if AA hears about the former they will develop time travel just to reinforce their 12 step program. 🙂
      I must confess, I have wanted to have someone give up drink with my first pivot and ever sub sequent scene I have written with a pivot in it. I held off for close to 90,000 words. Then I could not restrain myself any longer. 🙂
      Warmest regards, Ed

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Love how Edith is so unfazed about being pivoted, made of stern stuff!


  4. Thank you.

    Stern stuff indeed, unless, that is, it involves strong odor. 🙂

    Warmest regards, ED


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