Good Morning Ted and Jody:

We ended up putting in a 10-hour sojourn to Vancouver and Portland yesterday For some reason Nancy’s appointment at the ENT involved a visit with their audiologist and then a wait for her visit with the ENT guy.  This made us late for my audiologist and took us into Portland close to the peak of rush hour. It was a long day.

Her diagnosis was the same as before.  He did prescribe some fresh meds.  Some of her meds she has been taking may be dated.  They are old because she has taken then less and less often over the ten years since they were first prescribed. That resulted in some of them not having been refilled in several years.   That may explain part of this flare up.  She also says she has been less vigilant about her salt intake.  So, that would also add to the likelihood of a recurrence of her dizzy spells.  When she came to bed last night, she was having her first dizzy spell in two days. As I recall ten years ago it took a couple of weeks on a strict regime of meds and lower salt to stop the occurrences.  This could be the case now.   All of this is a reminder to me that be more attentive to my blood sugar.

My audiologist hiked the top range of my hearing aids just a bit and at least in the office voices got clearer and less muddied.  In effect is sounds as if he turned up the volume.  Nancy and I had late dinner in a restaurant and it took minor volume adjustments for me to be comfortable in that environment and still clearly hear what Nancy had to say over dinner.

While it was a long and tiring day, one good thing is we heard nothing about the pestilence the entire day (we did not turn the news on, it kind of makes one hope he said, “I give up and left the premises.”).

Stay healthy, warm, happy and out of the wind and any wet stuff falling out of the sky that may come your way.

Warmest regards, Ed

032 Follow the Money

Fiction in 907 words by T. Edward Westen, 2017

Agent Bruce and Detective Philipson appeared in Edith Gunderson’s office a minute or two behind Special Agent Fleishman and Agent Amanda. 


“Thank goodness Millie is in the other room,” said Edith Gunderson.


“I never realized how big Sonny Liston was or how tall Muhammed Allie was” said Detective Philipson.   “That Liston took a beating for most of those seven rounds.  Imagine he spit his mouth guard out to  quit the fight.  He gave up sitting in his corner. “


Amanda was waving her hands trying to get her husband’s attention.  Finally, she said, “Brice, are you in there.”


Brice turned to his wife. “He’s right.  It was a spectacle worth seeing, but brutal .”


Amanda raised an eyebrow.


Brice said, “Oh, right.  We need some detecting. “


“While you two were entertaining yourselves, Special Agent Fleishman and I skillfully determined the person he is after is the same child abductor you and I are trying to track down.”


Brice looked at Special Agent Fleishman who made faces that translated into ‘sorry old buddy, but I  am just an innocent bystander.’ But said, “I was quite impressed at how quickly Agent Clarkton fell into the good cop bad cop routine.  The way she pulled information out of a non-cooperative witness was an act to behold.  And,” nodding to Detective Philipson, “she did it in under two minutes not in seven rounds.”


Edith Gunderson said, “It seems Detective, that the Sylvia Chu, AKA, Alice Beaverton is also AKA  Melissa Higgins.  They” pointing to Special Agent Fleishman and Agent Amanda, “have another lead to follow.  It would appear the woman is using addresses of convenience to mask her whereabouts. “


Turning to Special Agent Fleishman, Brice asked, “Another abduction?”


Special Agent Fleishman shook his head no.  “Plagiarism, theft of royalties.”


Detective Phillipson perked up.  “That just may make her easier to find.”


“How’s that?” Asked Agent Brice.


“Follow the money,”  said Edith Gunderson and Detective Phillipson at the same time.  Then the high five days each other.


Agent Amanda said, “I get it, she has to get the money somehow.  So, we find her bank and grab her there.”


Special Agent Fleishman said, It looks like I have to go back and talk to the Vice President for Business Affairs at Hazzard House, and vanished.


Special Agent Fleishman appeared in Vice president Foster’s

outer office a split second after he had left, opening the door he had just closed, he stuck his head around the corner and said, “Actually, there is one more thing you can do for me.”


Vice president Foster turned white and his knees began to buckle.  Even though Sally, his secretary, was not privy to why her boss was so afraid of Special Agent Fleishman; she grabbed her boss’s arm to support him.  Sally, still having her wits about her asked, “Yes, what is that?”


Special Agent Fleishman said, “I didn’t see how you paid her.  You know by check, transfer or what.  That information may be more useful if we, what is the saying? Oh yes ‘Follow the money.'”


Sally looked at her boss who nodded yes and said, “For God’s sake give I him the payment information.” 


Sally led her boss to a chair and helped him sit down.  Turning to Special Agent Fleishman she said, “Please walk this way.  The information is in another room.”


Special Agent Fleishman nodded and thought as he followed Sally for the second time, ‘I would indeed throw my hip out if I literally walked that way.’


Appearing back in Edith Gunderson’s office,

 Special Agent Fleishman said, “I  have an email address tied to a PayPal account.”


Detective Philipson raised both of his eyebrows, frowned, shook his head and said, “I have never tried to get information out of a PayPal account.   I suspect that is going to take a federal warrant. ”  


“Why, federal?” Asked Edith Gunderson.


“It is not a local bank or even one that has branches.  It does Internet transactions.  I think they are located in California.   Indeed, I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t even have a physical address.


Agent Amanda pursed her lips, moved her head and bit and said, “What does it take to get an account with PayPal?”


“I have one and all I needed to get started is an email address,” said Detective Philipson.   Then looking at Special Agent Fleishman, “Didn’t you get her personal information from Hazzard House?”


Special Agent Fleishman nodded and said, “Yes.”


Detective Philipson reached out his hand and said, “Let me look through it.”


Special Agent Fleishman handed him the file; and Detective Philipson sat down at Edith Gunderson’s conference table and began to read.


In a low voice, Agent Amanda asked Edith Gunderson, “What is he looking for?


In an equally low voice Edith Gunderson said, “I don’t know.   Clues, I suspect.  Everyone slips up some place.  I read that in one of those Agatha Christie mysteries.  You know, that woman must have actually worked with Scotland Yard to be able to come up with all those stories.  If she were . . .”


Detective Phillipson stood, interrupting Edith Gunderson’s thesis about Agatha Christie.  He held up a single sheet of per and said, “She got her Social Security number recently.  We can find out where it was issued and setup a stake out.  Then you guys” using his hands encompassing Agents Clarkson and Special Agent Fleishman, “will know when to appear and nab her.”




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  1. This is a good chase! Glad your audiologist did a better job with tuning your aids, and that Nancy has a plan, it’s easy to slip out of taking care of yourself!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      One can almost hear the hounds.
      Indeed, it is easy to gradually mover away from the care one needs to give to one’s self without even noticing.
      Peter, my audiologist is very responsive and seems to work almost magic at times.
      Warmest regards, Ed

      Liked by 1 person

  2. beetleypete says:

    This is all coming along very nicely, Theo.
    That was indeed a long day, but seems to have resulted in at least partial success.

    As an aside, another one of my friends died today. (Suddenly) This is a hard year to have decided to be positive about…I did some more cleaning, to take my mind off it.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Pete:
      My condolences. I have yet to find an effective way to deal with these loses. I do, however, keep my friends in my mind and think of them and the things we did together or they on their own that made me smile (sometimes double over with laughter) either during or after the fact.

      I’d say, the gang, what did Batan name it the last time, oh yes “informal task force”,” just about has Alice/Sylvia/Melissa cornered.

      Yes, partial. The hearing aids are much better. However the meds for the vertigo still need tweaking. We are already on it.

      Warmest regards, Theo


  3. Eddy Winko says:

    Worth waiting for, the chase is hotting up and I’m back to my normal schedule, saying that I may take a look at the next instalment ahead of time if I notice it around lunchtime…no pressure!
    I just hate long drives, and waiting and traffic, they are enough to generate a medical condition all on their own. I hope the new meds kick in and the journey was worthwhile for you both.
    Im starting to notice that the UK press are finding alternative stories on the pestilence just to make sure he makes it onto the BBC news page everyday, so just pop over there if you need a dose to keep your blood pressure raised.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      Yes, if I have another day like the past two, my blood pressure will be down from not hearing what stupid thing the pestilence has said or done; but, then I will have to start traveling stuffed to the gills with blood pressure medication to be able to make it back home without the top of my head exploding from the buildup from traffic (more accurately, a long line of parking)
      Unless you are having a late lunch, I missed it.
      Warmest regards, Ed


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