An Interruption in our Daily Rain & 033 Alice Pops-up Earlier

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

We had sunshine yesterday.  The reason I mention it is Nancy has been down about “will this damned rain never stop.”  Well, it stopped yesterday and she noticed so I have it firmly implanted in my brain that we had another beautiful day in Washington yesterday.  As a consequence, I did get out around Sundown 20170310_180845 ns email.jpgwhich fell between the ABC and CBS news and got a shot.  Interestingly the shots away from the sun set on the lake were more, shall we say, interesting. 20170310_1806 2 shot Panorama ns lb email.jpgThen too as the sun moves more to the North, I will need to find another spot for taking shots of the sunset that does not include quiet so much of Highway WA 504 and the communications infrastructure.


Nancy got to counting pills and is a bit concerned that if the vertigo does not simply go away she will be in trouble on her trip at the end of the month to Rene’s wedding (Rene is a former daughter-in-law and a lovely woman who happened to run Spartan races and mother to two of Nancy’s grandchildren) in Cincinnati.   So she called the doctor’s office fairly early yesterday morning.  He was no in in the morning but the nurse said she would talk to him and call back later.  Never happened.  Monday, we will stop by our GP and get in to see here so Nancy can get what she thinks she needs.  However, nary a sign of the vertigo yesterday.  So perhaps . . .


We did go to get her eyes examined down in Vancouver yesterday.  While Friday afternoon traffic on I-5 is thick and heavy, it was nothing like going into Portland proper the day before—it moved at the speed limit.


I guess I had best search for my umbrella that I put away for a whole day.


I trust this finds you happy, healthy and tolerant of those misguided souls who still support the pestilence.


Warmest regards, Ed

033 Alice Pops-up Earlier

Fiction in 848 words by T. Edward Westen, 2017


After Officer Diggins left Frank Thompson opened a communication channel to notify Walter Beaverton that he, Frank Thompson, ‘an officer of the court and visitation supervisor, supposedly a responsible and trustworthy person, had lost his daughter. How in the hell do you tell a man you lost his only child?  Some court supervision I provided.  First time they are out of sight they are flat gone.’  His thinking was paving the way for him to take a long guilt trip. Not getting a connection to Walter Beaverton, he opened a communication to the court.  “Nettie, I lost both mother and child.  But you know that you already got the police report.  I can’t seem to make a communication contact with the father.”  There was a pause.  “You are telling me he has been out of contact since he left his house after we got there to supervise his ex-wife’s visit with his daughter?”  A short pause.  “Give me his work address and I’ll go there.”  A short pause.  “Got it, Thanks Nettie.”


Before going to University Network where Walter Beaverton worked, Frank decided to make one more walk around the rest room and generally, just walk the area near the rest room.  He made some mental notes ‘trash bin too small for the mother.’ But he looked in it anyway. ‘Trees not big enough to climb much less hide behind.  Path to benches by the pond, but can see through them.  Absolutely no place to hide.  So off to see Walter Beaverton.’ Turning around to take the walk way to the University Network Building, Frank ran into Alice Beaverton and Jessica Ann.   To say that he was dumfounded would be the understatement of the century, every century. 


“Where were you?” were the first words he was able to utter.


Alice looked confused.  “When Jessica Ann finished, I looked for my identify tab and could not find it.  So, we backtracked all the way to Walter’s and it simply is gone.  I have been looking it.  Without an identity tab I am homeless, and will be hungry in less than an hour; by the way, where is the picnic basket?  I am going to need something to eat, as is Jessica Ann.”


“The police have your identity tab.  We can get it back,” said Frank Thompson.  He opened communication and asked for Officer Diggs.  “She is back with the child.  She was looking for her identify tab.  We can come and get it.”  He paused, “OK, we’ll wait here.”  He turned to Alice, “The police officer that took the report is bringing your identity tab back.  He said you would get it back faster if he didn’t have to log it in first.”


Alice looked at Frank and said, “We were only gone for 30 to 40 minutes.  Why the fuss?”


Frank shook his head and said, “You had a time travel transplant put in after you picked her up.  It did look rather suspicious when you look at it that way.”  He paused for a moment and then asked “Why didn’t you use the transplant to go back and find it?”


Alice said, “Because I didn’t think of it.  I just got it put in; and, am not used to it yet.  Besides, I had Jessica Ann with me.”


Outreach Agent Johnathon Simmons appeared

in Edith Gunderson’s office.  “Yes, you are where your notes said you were off to.”  Sniffing the air he asked, “Is that Carloini’s Pizza I smell?”  He looked around with anticipation.


“Yes, it is on Millie’s desk in the next room,” said Special Agent Fleishman .  “But you hardly came for pizza.”


Outreach Agent Simmons shook his head sadly. “I have done considerable research on the food in this era and Carlioni Pizza in the 19 months surround this date was at it absolute peak.  Then they were bought out by a conglomerate and turned into just another fast food franchise.  A pity really.  Is there any left?”


Millie appeared at the door holding a pizza box.  “One piece left,” she said.  “Would you like to break with the tradition that no one takes the last piece?”


Outreach Agent Simmons said, “Yes, please,  you are an angle for offering.”  He took a bite, chewed and said, “Ah,. Just the right temperature.”  Then he looked around and asked, “How did such a silly tradition get started?”


“No one knows,” said Edith Gunderson.  “It just happened to be one of those polite gestures that catch on in the oddest places.”  Then she asked, “Wasn’t it cold?”


Special Agent Fleishman laughed and said, “His first piece was memorable; he burnt the roof of his mouth. Johnathon, here, likes his pizza and hot chocolate with marshmallows cold—it causes him less pain that way.  But, again Johnathon, why did you come?”


“Oh, didn’t I say?” he asked.


Everyone in the room shook their heads ‘No.’


“Oh, I must have been distracted by something, sorry.  Alice Beaverton showed up with Jessica Ann about 40 minutes after they went missing.”



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6 Responses to An Interruption in our Daily Rain & 033 Alice Pops-up Earlier

  1. Ok now I’m confused as I thought Frank already met Walter when the police were there, and I’ve forgotten how Officer Dibble ended up with Alice’s ID, sigh, going to have to start again 🙂


    • Thank you:
      Sorry, this time travel stuff is a bit tricky. Yes in the text all you mention happened (Dribble got it from Frank when Alice went missing from taking Jessica Ann to use the facilities). Alice is a smart girl and must have figured they were about to nab her, so she is throwing them a monkey wrench (spanner).
      Warmest regards, Ed

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Eddy Winko says:

    I had to read that a few times, at first I thought you had posted an old episode! Then I realised what was happening and I started to try and think of the consequences and my brain changed consistency to something akin to jelly, so then I decided to wait until the next episode to even try to begin to understand how peoples memory is effected by something that has happened when it has no longer happened. I shall be having an extra cup of tea this morning 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank ;you.
      You handled it well, Jelly means you still have a brain. A lot of people’s brain turns to water and then when they lie down on their side it all drains out of their ears. As far as I can tell if the change event happens before a given time, no one remembers what happened if it hadn’t happened. Unless one has an implant, in which case, all this madness is normal. No, wait, I could use another cup of tea too.
      Warmest regards, Ed


  3. beetleypete says:

    I got her returning to try to stop the hunt for her in the past. Nice segue, Theo.
    I didn’t know about that ‘last slice of pizza’ thing. I always eat it all!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      I thought it would be a twist that very few would see coming.
      The last slice of pizza thing is only for teens at a sleepover. I think Millie must be the mother of a teen. The rest of us are rational. I not only eat it all, but I eye the pizza at other tables.
      The phrase that usually works is “Are you going to eat that?” accompanied by finger pointing to their last piece.
      Warmest regards, Theo

      Liked by 1 person

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