Hummingbirds and Nancy & 036 Alice Meets Some Members of the Informal Task Force

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

I got the C.A.R.E. package you sent today. Thank you for the stamps and the Newspaper article on biomedical engineers using 3-D printing to make a prosthesis.  I did think the hand and arm it depicted looked like something from the first Terminator film (near the end when Arnold was reduced to his skeletal parts). Again, thank you.

Watching the weather, you have been having, it might have been a good idea to come out here last week and then go home in June.

I got Nancy up bright an early yesterday morning so she could call the medical practice to get in yesterday.  Starting at 7:30 weekday mornings they take calls and the first few get an appointment that day.  She got one for 11:00.  We actually went back to the examination room at 12 and saw the doctor 45 minutes later.  Nancy normally goes in by herself.  Yesterday I went in with her. This fellow listened and scheduled blood work and an MRI.  There could be a tumor that is causing the problem.  That is what the MRI is designed to spot.  He did change the meds and made more available to her (the fellow she saw on Thursday only provided meds for six days and neglected to return her call on Friday).  I think this fellow actually listened given his feedback to her and the writeup she got from the session.  She did the blood work while we were there and has the MRI today at 3:00 in the afternoon.

You may recall when we had the cold snap a few months ago, I spotted a hummingbird looking for dinner.  Well, I put dinner out (take it in at night when it freezes); and, we have a constant flow of diners (maybe only one who dines out a lot?).  I know a family who live on the Columbia River and they have hummingbirds all year.  They rarely got freezes on the river.  Here we get freezes.  I do suspect the humming birds are around longer than I have thought.  So, we will keep feeding them all year from now on.

Stay warm, happy, healthy and get some Key Lime Pie if you can find any.

Warmest regards, Ed

036 Alice Meets Some Members of the Informal Task Force

Fiction in 777 words by T. Edward Westen, 2017


When Alice was sure she was out of Frank’s and Jessica Ann’s sight she found bench, sat down, put her head in her hands and sobbed.  After a few minutes of the kind of crying that is usually associated with grieving, a voice spoke to her. “May we join you Alice?”  Alice rubbed her eyes and looked up.

“Outreach Agent Simmons, What a surprise,” she said bringing a tissue she had in her pocket to bare on her red eyes and face.  “Enjoying a day in the park?”

“Actually, we are here to see you,” Outreach Agent Simmons said.

“We?  Me? Whatever for?” asked Alice.

“This is Special Agent Fleishman,” Outreach Agent Simmons said pointing to the Special Agent and pointing behind Alice “those are Agents Clarkton, Amanda and Brice.  We are tracking down some irregularities, ah, in the past and need to read your implant.  So, if you don;’t mind accompanying us back to the Agency we can do it right now.”

Alice nodded, shrugged her shoulders, held the palms of her hands up and said, “Sure.”

Agent Brice said, “I’ll do the honors.”  All four people  vanished from the park and appeared in Room 2709 of the Agency for Time Integrity, ATI, on Wells Street, number 1985.

Alice looked around and said, “Say this looks exactly like the room we were in this morning when I got my implant.”

Same room,” said Outreach Agent Simmons. “Now would you please recline on the transporter base over there” pointing to the bed in the corner and we can take a reading.”

Alice did as she was requested and asked, “Is this as memorable as the implant was?”

“Shorter, but like the implant it is painless,” Replied Outreach Agent Simmons.

Agent Amanda with a paddle like contraption in her hand and said, “I just need to place this under your head for a moment.  So, if you would raise your head just a bit.”

Alice lifted her head and Amanda placed the device under Alice’s head and said, Lie back on it please.”

While Alice could not see the contraption, it emitted a yellow light and Amanda said, “All done.  You can raise your head and get up now.

Alice stood up; and Amanda retrieved the reader.  Turing the reader over she nodded and handed it to Special Agent Fleishman who also nodded and handed it to Outreach Agent Simmons who turned to Amanda said “Thank you.  You may leave or have one of us take you some place.”

“That’s it?” asked Alice.

Special Agent Fleishman answered, “Yes, that is it?”

Alice turned to Outreach Agent Simmons and said, “This morning when you put the implant in, I had planned to go into the past to escape the present.  However, I just had the most important six hours of my life.  I spent them with my daughter.  If I go into the past, I will not have those 6 hours next week or ever.  I will lose the chance to get more time with her.  So, I think it best if you remove my implant now, if that is allowed?”

Three agents dropped their jaws.  Brice, who had not seen the implant reader looked bewildered but took is clue from the others.  They all nodded in agreement.  Outreach Agent went to the wall and opened the working laboratory with racks of syringes.  He took out one filled with blue and turned around to find Alice with her hand up to provide access to her arm pit.  He injected her and said, “It will be gone in five minutes.  I recommend you not pivot in the next five minutes for we may not find the parts if you do.”

Alice said thank you and walked out of the door.

Agent Brice asked, “What did the reader show?”

His wife handed it to him and said, “It showed she made one jump right after getting the implant to Beijing in June of 1900 and back, and one jump to pick up her daughter. She was in Beijing for close to the maximum before she would have been automatically pivoted back.”

Brice said, “Like hide and seek, she got to base so wasn’t tagged.”

Outreach Agent Simmons said, “You have to fill me in on that one.  But, the Boxer Rebellion, interesting, but dangerous choice.”


“So, who have we been trying to find in the early 21st Century?” asked Brice.

“It has to be her.” Said Special Agent Fleishman.  He pointed to the still open laboratory and syringe supply and said, “We need an accurate inventory.  I’d be willing to bet there is some missing and I’m willing to bet she took it.”


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5 Responses to Hummingbirds and Nancy & 036 Alice Meets Some Members of the Informal Task Force

  1. beetleypete says:

    Boxer Rebellion. An interesting choice indeed. I am intrigued now.

    I do hope that nothing bad is found on that MRI scan, and that Nancy’s recent problems are soon sorted out.
    My best wishes to you both, as always. Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, Pete.
    I was also intrigued by how long she stayed there.
    The doctor described a potential tumor that is non-malignant and grows very slowly. Sorry, I did not get the name.
    Warmest regards, Theo

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Eddy Winko says:

    Good to know that the MRI will be quick, you have to wait for many months in Poland, although everything can be paid for if you are in a hurry. I’m sure all will be fine, although its always good to be cautious.
    A real depth of twist in the story now, I may have to read the next instalment at lunch!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you.
    Money seems to be the universal lubricant. 🙂
    I’ll try to get the next episode online earlier next time.
    Warmest regards, Ed


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