Unremarkable Saturday & 041 Jessica Ann’s Day in Court Part II of I (Agent Amanda Story)

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

Yesterday was one of those days we got rain most of the day but it was clear in the river valleys.  It did clear here around sunset.  I was busy most of the day working on the Democratize Money monograph and almost missed sunset entirely.  But, I did get out, just in the nick of time.  I do need to find a better vantage point on Silver Lake south of us rather than on Highway WA504.  As you can see, this time of year sunsets gets tucked into the corner of where I can shoot on WA504.20170318_1922 Panorama ns email.jpg

Nancy had another day without vertigo. However, I am not sure if she is taking the curative meds early before she needs to or if she is going back into remission.  I guess the next few days should tell.

Stay warm, healthy happy and out of major trouble.

Warmest regards, Ed


041 Jessica Ann’s Day in Court Part II of I

Fiction in 1097 words by T. Edward Westen, 20178


Judge Henderson took the basket Alphonse carried and looked it over, inside and out.  He turned to Jessica Ann, slid the basket across the desk to her and said, “It is a lovely basket and I see the book in there your mother gave you.”


Jessica Ann pulled the basket towards her and smiled the smug smile of one saying ‘It is mine.’  Then she said, “Thank you.”


Who taught you to say ‘Thank you,’” the Judge asked.


“Margie,” Jessica Ann replied as she stroked the picnic basket.


“You see to like that basket a lot,” the Judge said.  “Why do you like it so much?”


“Mommy gave it to me.  I found it. I won. I love Mommy,” Jessica Ann said.  “Mine,” as she put her arms as far around it as she could.


“May I see the book?” Judge Henderson asked. He quickly added, “I’ll give it right back, honest!” he said holding up his right hand.


Jessica Ann with all the pride and seriousness that a four-year-old could muster, opened the picnic basket, reached in, and pulled out the deluxe reader.  Looking the Judge squarely in the eyes she handed it to him.


The Judge looked at the deluxe reader, turned it over and opened it. “My Grandson has one of these, but not as nice as your book, Jessica Ann. Thank you for letting me look at it,” he said as he handed it back to her.


While Jessica Ann was putting her book back in the picnic basket the Judge said, “Jessica Ann would you mind going back to the other room with Nancy while I talk to Mr. Thompson?”


“OK,” she said and started to climb off the chair.  Since the picnic basket was too much to try to carry while climbing down she compromised and left it on the desk.  As soon as she got down from the elevated chair she reached up to get the picnic basket.  Nancy said, “Jessica Ann, would you let me carry the basket for you?


Jessica Ann said, “I carry.” And she got up on one rung of the elevated chair and maneuvered the picnic basket to the seat of the elevated chair and from there she was able to walk the basket down to the floor using the elevated chair’s rungs.  All smiles, she half carried half daggered the basket across the chambers to the children’s waiting room door.


When the door closed behind Nancy and Jessica Ann, Judge Henderson turned to Frank Thompson and, pointing to the papers on his desk, said, “I read your report Frank; an acholic father, left in a private child care establishment run by Margorie Dawson an average of 18 hours a day, seven days a week, and a mother released from prison 8 days ago, who saw her for the first time yesterday.  But, Frank, you make no recommendation.  Why is that?”


“Your honor, I was with the mother and child for five hours and twenty minutes of their six hour supervised visitation.  They took to each other instantly.  Everything I saw leads me to believe the mother loves her daughter and will take care of her.  Yet . . . “


Judge Henderson interrupted, “What happed the other forty minutes?”


“I honestly do not know,” Frank said. “She took Jessica Ann into the women’s room and somehow, they were gone for forty minutes.  She did leave her identity tab it the women’s room, but says she didn’t see it there and claims she and Jessica Ann backtracked to where she picked up Jessica Ann and I to find it.  The time is reasonable for such a claim.  Now, as I was getting to say, there seems to be an issue as to how long she was gone as she received a time travel implant that morning.”


Neither the Judge nor Frank spoke for a minute.  The silence awoke Alphonse who had dozed a bit half standing half leaning again the door frame.  Since it was quiet, not a normal state of affairs when court was in session, Alphonse assumed he had been addressed and asked “Yes Sir?”


The Judge waved his hand in a gesture to dismiss Alphonse, who sighed and leaned back against the door frame.


Jude Henderson pointed his finger at Frank and said, “We have so few of these cases, I suspect the precedent of making a decision goes back quite a way.  It would be nice if we could go back a few hundred years and find out how they resolved them.”


“With your honor’s permission, may I open communication in court?” asked Frank Thompson.


The Judge was lost in thought but nodded yes.


Frank opened communications “Anderson, can you come to family court?”  After a very brief pause, “Yes,. Now.”


“Special Agent Anderson Fleishman, ATI, how may ATI assist the court, your Honor?” said the man who materialized in front of the Judge.


Judge Henderson did a double take.  Alphonse fell.  While Alphonse was struggling to get back to his feet the Judge said, “Of course I knew about this technology and knew we used it, I had just never been where it was used to such effect.  I’d wager if you appeared that way at the scene of a crime the crooks would fall over and begged to be arrested by ‘regular’ police just to get out of harm’s way. You do startle a body.  My, My, Frank you got him here fast.”  The Judge looked Special Agent Fleishman up and down and ask, “You know anyone a few centuries back who dealt with protecting and assisting children?”


“Yes, your Honor.” Replied the Special Agent. “Edith Gunderson of Child Protective Services of this city back in the early 21st Century.  I worked with her a completed case and she has already been involved in the search for Jessica Ann back then.


“Do you think she could add anything to the court’s deliberations? Asked Judge Henderson.


“The fastest way to find out is to take the case file,’ he said pointing to the papers on the Judge’s desk, “let her read and familiarize herself with the particulars of the case at this end and then bring her back for you to, er, question.”


“How long would that take?” asked the Judge.


Special Agent Fleishman smiled, “We could be back in a flash or ten minutes if you prefer.”


Make it ten minutes,” said the Judge.  “Court will recess for ten minutes.  Clear the court.”  He then handed the case file to Special Agent Fleishman who exited as he had entered.


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8 Responses to Unremarkable Saturday & 041 Jessica Ann’s Day in Court Part II of I (Agent Amanda Story)

  1. Eddy Winko says:

    Good to hear that Nancy has had a balanced couple of days now, long may it continue.
    I’m wondering who the credits belong to in the various stories in the book?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      I do keep my fingers crossed for Nancy. It makes using the keyboard awkward, but if it helps her, I will keep them crossed.
      The book’s contents should prove interesting.
      Warmest regards, Ed


  2. beetleypete says:

    I am really enjoying the way that they travel back and forth to resolve issues. I feel that is just how it would be done, if such things existed.

    The sunset was interesting, with those ‘threatening skies’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      It is interesting how easily we can fall into something as convenient as time travel when there aren’t a lot of switches and massive amounts of energy required. It does seem natural.
      We do get a nice variety of skies for photos.
      Warmest regards, Theo

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Lovely photo’s and tentative good news on Nancy’s condition. Cool episode, they always are when Agent F is in it 🙂


  4. Thank you.
    Glad you liked the photos. We continue to be optimistic about Nancy;s vertigo.
    Agent F to the rescue. 🙂
    Warmest regards, ED


  5. This sounds in a way inflammatory pending me…can’t wait for this…thank you!


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