Mostly Politics & 045 An Arrest? (Agent Amanda Story)

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

The State of Washington issues specialty license plates for motorized vehicles.  I have noticed firefighters, veterans (various conflicts), wildlife, National Parks, and I am sure dozens more.  I have even seen plates for Native American Tribes (I presume the tribes themselves as sovereign entities issued their own plates).  Yesterday I saw one that broke my heart—Gold Star.  I do strongly think the surviving family members of military men and women who died for the country should be honored.  It breaks my heart that those sacrifices are still necessary. I pray those sacrifices are not multiplied in the current political unpleasantness.

I was in the car on the way to Vancouver to pick up Nancy’s glasses when I saw the Gold Star plate and was listening to a National Public Radio story out of Texas.  The grass fires in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas burned the fellow out.  He voted for the pestilence.  However, he wondered how the pestilence had time to tweet all the things he has tweeted yet the tweets and White House are strangely silent about the catastrophe of the grass fires.  It did occur to cynical old me this kind of story may be why the pestilence’s budget will not offer funding for public broadcast via the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

The pestilence’s and Speaker Ryan’s Health Care replacement for Obama Care is actually a series of amendments, delegations, and reductions in support for citizens.  This, so called, plan and the pestilence’s budget are nothing more than Tax and Spend policies by Republicans.  The average tax payer pays for income transfers to the wealthier.  I do need to get my Democratize Money monograph in print so we have a viable alternative to all kinds of tax and spend issues.

This morning, Nancy got on an airplane to go to her former daughter-in-law wedding.  Four days without an attack of vertigo and a supply of preventive and rescue drugs and she has sprouted wings.  I plan to turn to drink while she is gone so have stocked up on Diet Caffeine Free Cola from Sam’s Club—Party Down!

I trust this finds you in good health, spirits, and winners of the lottery.

Warmest regards, Ed


045 An Arrest?

Fiction in 1058 words by T. Edward Westen, 2017


After Nancy explained to Special Agent Fleishman that the story she had been reading to Jessica Ann disappeared from the deluxe reader, he opened communications with Sheena Carwood at the Accumulated Writings Data Base.  “Director Carwood, Special Agent Fleishman here.  Could you update me one the number of titles now with copyrights assigned to Melissa Hickson in the early 21st Century?”  He listened for a moment.  “No, Mam, we just had a children’s book disappear from a reader.  I wondered if in the last 30 minutes or so Melissa Hickson had added another book to her publication list?”  He listened and then said, “Thank you, that helps.  I’ll keep I touched.”  Special Agent Fleishman closed communications and pivoted.

Special Agent Fleishman appeared in the stairwell leading to Edith Gunderson’s Office, Child Protective Services.  He started to reach for the door knob when Detective Eddie Philipson opened it from the other side.  “Hay,” said Detective Philipson. “Just the fellow I was looking for.”  He chuckled, I just checked with Millie and she said she hadn’t seen you for a while.  She spoke and smelled as if she had been into the bottle in that third drawer in Ms. Gunderson’s office.  I wonder if she has a problem?”

Special Agent Fleishman looked confused, then he shook his head. “You are saying that my pivoting in and out has caused Millie to drink alcohol in excess?”

“No,” said Detective Phillipson. “Either she already had the problem and is using your popping, I mean pivoting, as an excuse given how we responded the first time.  Or, she is very new to single malts and like the flavor. In any event, one or two shocks would not, in my experience make someone take to drink.  It is a long slow process of becoming dependent on alcohol and then not being able to walk away from it.  But, I needed to have you do one of your pivoting things.”

“OK,” replied Special Agent Fleishman, “when and where?”

“I was not able to get a judge to sign a search warrant to get into Sylvia Chu’s online Paypal account.” Explained Detective Philipson, “However, I sent her a telegram containing money.  I paid to have it signed for; and, she signed and picked it up yesterday at 3:00 in the afternoon at the money shop at 1078 East 5th.”

“Would you like to join me in the arrest?” asked Special Agent Fleishman.

Detective Philipson said, “I would love to; besides, I have a badge and you don’t have the authority to make an arrest.

They both disappeared.

Appearing in the alley behind 10East 78 East 5th Street at 2:55 yesterday afternoon, Special Agent Fleishman and Detective Philipson casually sundered out of the alley to the front of the money store.  Both men entered with Special Agent Fleishman getting in line behind an Asian woman and Detective Philipson going to a raised table at which he appeared to fill out some forms.  The woman ahead of Special Agent Fleishman moved the head of the line and said, “I am Sylvia Chu.  I believe you have a money order for me.”

When the woman claiming to be Sylvia Chu received her money, $10, she turned to leave.  Detective Philipson approached her holding his detective shield up and said, Ms. Chu you are under arrest for kidnapping.  Please put your purse on the floor and your hands behind your back.”

“But, I never, I mean I didn’t’ kidnap anyone.  I’m not Sylvia Chu.  She only pays me to be her to cash checks and pick up money,” stuttered the woman.

“Since you claimed to be her, we will have to treat you as her until we can determine otherwise,” said Detective Philipson while he handcuffed her behind her back.

Special Agent Fleishman was desperately trying to signal to Detective Philipson that indeed the woman was not who they were seeking.  Detective Philipson, managed one wink to the Special Agent but continued the arrest procedure.  “OK, you have the right to remain silent; any ting you say can be used against you in a court of law.  You have the right to an attorney.  Do you wish to exercise that right?”

“For God’s sake, I am not Sylvia Chu.  Look in my purse you will find my driver’s license, I am Samantha Smith.”

Detective Philipson said, “We can do all of that at the station.”  He stooped down and picked up her purse, “When we have a police matron strip search you.”

Special Agent Fleishman interceded, “Perhaps, Detective, if she can give us any assistance in finding the woman she is impersonating, we can dispense with her impersonation with say a desk appearance ticket?”

Detective Philipson replied, “I don’t think she knows anything that would be useful to use.  I say we take her in and let the matrons give her a thorough going over. They have ways we can’t use.”

Samantha Smith was panicky but able to speak.  “She finds me and tells me what she wants me to do.  She gives me an id that people don’t look at closely either.” She sighed, “Everyone thinks we look alike, so they don’t bother to look. Then I get the money and sit in the park until she comes to get it. I give her the money and id and she gives me ten percent.”

“How does she find you?” asked Detective Philipson.

“It is always in the morning when I stop at the fast food place for a hot coffee to take to work,” Samantha replied.

“What park and what time?” Special Agent Fleishman asked.

The park closest to where I pick up the money for her.  Today that would be the one over on East 7th sometime after 7 this evening.

“Special Agent Fleishman said, “We have your information from our identification.  If you go to the park as arranged with her and deliver the money and Sylvia Chu identification we will let this all be as if nothing happened today. If you don’t, we will arrest you.

Detective Philipson added, “And we will turn you over o the matrons.”

Samantha Smith nodded vigorously in the affirmative.

Neither the two men nor Samantha Smith noticed the Asian woman watching intently from the storefront window across.  None of them noticed her fade into the back of that storefront.


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6 Responses to Mostly Politics & 045 An Arrest? (Agent Amanda Story)

  1. Dammit that Alice is a sneaky bugger!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. beetleypete says:

    Alice one jump ahead as usual? I’m worried about Millie losing her job for being drunk now…

    I think you should get a special number plate (License plate) for your car. Perhaps a time-travel symbol, or a computer keyboard.

    I hope that Nancy has a great time, but be careful drinking all that cola!

    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks, Pete:
    I suspect either Millie will be fired; o,r Edit will have to move the single malt.,
    I do have to wait until late in the day when I am no longer likely to drive before I take to drinkinga ll the cola.
    Perhaps the plate could be written backward!
    Warmest regards, Theo


  4. Eddy Winko says:

    I keep thinking about my blogging friend Pat Reed, who is a printer! He is retired, but I know he still does the occasional print run to keep his hand in, maybe you should give him a try? He’s only a state away and I know he would be happy to help in the fight against the pestilence…strange I haven’t come across a blog that supports him yet.
    Smart cookie that Alice!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you:
      I am beginning to think Alice reads more than children’s books and that the watched a lot of crime and police stories.
      I see your friend lives in Bandon. I know the area from when my parents lived on the Oregon Coast in the Coos Bay area. It is beautiful down there too.
      Warmest regards, Ed

      Liked by 1 person

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