A Long Day & 046 Where is Edith? (Agent Amanda Story)

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

After a long day, Nancy got to Three Rivers last night around 8 O’clock your time (we left home at 4:18 A.M. our time. No problems, just the normal delays in travel.  I got home before sunrise and got a few shots. 201703_0714 5 shot d Panorama ns email.jpg20170323_0714 5 shot c Panorama ns email.jpg20170323_0714 five shot b Panorama ns email.jpg Then around 9 O’clock, I went in for my appointment with the Urologist.  All the numbers look good; and, I go back in a year. I see a few more doctors in the next week or so—I guess it is time for them to come out of hibernation and see if there is any business for them to take care of before they go on summer vacation.

I sat down and watched Saving Private Ryan yesterday afternoon, so missed the evening news.  It has been a long time since I have watched a movie.  From what I can gather, the pestilence negotiated all day.  Then he walked away from the negotiations with dire predictions, threats or the like. While emotionally disturbing on many levels, watching Saving Private Ryan was much more relevant than the attempts by the pestilence and his germs in Congress to water down American’s health care.  The level to which they are out of touch with those of us living in this country continues to baffle me.  To wit, how can they function day to day without their head stuck so far up their . . . well you know where it’s never sunny.

We took the Hyundai yesterday morning to PDX.  It turns out that driver’s seat does still impact my comfort driving.  Nothing like it did before I had back surgery, but still.  Funny, I like its back up camera better than the Ridgelines’.  However, having mostly driven the Ridgeline I have adapted my driving to the driver assists that the Ridgeline provides.  Cruise control is more aware of traffic ahead, so I have learned to take it off cruise as I approach vehicles from the rear to avoid slowing down to their speed. In contrast, the normal cruise control the Hyundai provides, the vehicle is not at all concerned and doesn’t slow down in those situations.  I do suspect there is a safety issue involved here.  What for instance, will happen if the cruise on the Ridgeline gets stuck and fails to adapt.  Or what will happen if a driver gets too used to the assist and then rents a car without?  In short, I am thinking this technology may need a few tweaks and rethinking.

I hope this missive finds you, happy, healthy, warm and missing out on the news occasionally.

Warmest regards, Ed


046 Where is Edith?

Fiction in 752 words by T. Edward Westen. 2017


Relieved not to be arrested and dragged into the police station, Samantha Smith said, “She always meets me after 7 O’clock. She is never later than 7:30. I sit on a bench, even if it is raining.  She already has the 10% in an envelope to exchange for the cash I picked up for her.  I give her the cash and the id.  She gives me the envelope with the 10% in it.   She says, ‘Thank you.’ Nothing more than, leaves.”  Samantha slumped in her chair.


Special Agent Fleishman said, “OK, do it the way you always do.  The detective and I will be watching.”


Samantha Smith sat down on the bench in the East 7th park at 6:55 P.M.

The one square block has benches on each street, a jungle gym, swing set, and sand box in the middle. Picnic shelters occupied each of the four corners of the square park.  Special Agent Fleishman sat in the picnic shelter farthest way from where Samantha Smith sat.  Detective Phillipson occupied the picnic shelter east of her.  Both men arrived 10 to 20 minutes before Samantha Smith.


A police car pulled up to the picnic shelter where Detective Philipson sat.  A patrolman got out approached Detective Philipson and asked “How did you do that?”


Detective Philipson looked up and immediately recognized Patrolman Mike Armstead. “Hi, Mike, did what?”


“I just saw you at the bistro on 33rd.  I was pulling away from the place when you went in. I hit nothing but green lights getting this far north and here you are sitting as if you have been here all afternoon.  How did you get here faster than I did?”


Detective Philipson indeed had been to dinner the day before at the bistro.  ‘But yesterday is today again, so he did see me there.  How am I going to get out of this one?” thought Detective Philipson.  “Are you sure it was me?  I only ask because I am on a stakeout waiting for a perp to show up and I have been here for 20 minutes or so.  With your and the squad car here, I doubt if she will show.  I’m going to pull out my operator’s permit and show it to you, you inspect it and react as if you have made a mistake in talking to me.  then get in your squad car and move quickly out of the area.  OK?”  he said taking out his wallet, fishing out a card and handing it to Patrolman Armstead.


Patrolman Armstead took Detective Philipson’s id looked at it and the Detective and then nodded and said, “Sorry for the mistake” and walked away.


It was 7:30. Samantha sat as she always had.  After a few minutes, she stood up and walked to the picnic shelter where Detective Philipson waited and said.  “She’s not coming.  What do you want me to do.?


“Go home,” replied Detective Phillipson.  “You have my card.  Call me if she contacts you again?”


“Do you think she will?” asked a conflicted Samantha Smith.  Part of her enjoyed the easy money that playing Sylvia Chu  provided.  More of her was relieved that the tension and danger were over, almost.


“I seriously doubt it,” Replied Detective Philipson.


As Samantha Smith walked away, occasionally looking over her shoulder, Special Agent Fleishman joined Detective Philipson.  “She was a cutout, wasn’t she?” asked Special Agent Fleishman.


“What in the world is a cutout?” asked Detective Philipson.


“In this era, perhaps a bit earlier. there was a lot of spy stuff written.  A cutout is an intermediary between two spies so if one is tumbled the other is not revealed,” replied Special Agent Fleishman


“How do you know this kind of stuff?” Detective Philipson asked.”

“I read a lot of that kind of fiction, biographies, and history,” Special Agent Fleishman said, smiling.  “You would be surprised what good reads they are.  I picked one up while working on a case earlier in this century, got hooked and read them whenever I can.”

“Where do you find the time?” asked Detective Philipson.

Tapping his forehead, Special Agent Fleishman said, “When you have one of these, you make the time.”

Detective Philipson shook his head in disbelief.  “Let’s go talk to Ms. Gunderson and see what avenues she suggests”.

Special Agent Fleishman, said, “Oh my, I completely forgot and left her in Family Court.”

“Well that’s where she often is,” said Detective Philipson.

“Not in the 26th Century,” replied Special Agent Fleishman. 

Both men disappeared.



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8 Responses to A Long Day & 046 Where is Edith? (Agent Amanda Story)

  1. Maybe one of those driverless cars is the answer to your dodgy cruise control 😊 lovely photos as always. Well we knew Alice would be a no-show, I think Edith will be happy enough waiting for Agent F, after all she has the judge to keep her company. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      I paid particular attention to the way the “auto assist’ performed this morning when I went into town go get some play money (needed for the proposed monograph cover for Democratize Money which I will post with my daily missive to Ted and Jody tomorrow). It seemed to me it was as slow as an Android operating system to make adjustments. This I think needs to be rethought.
      Who would have thought, romance across the centuries?
      Warmest regards, Ed

      Liked by 1 person

  2. beetleypete says:

    I have never used cruise control, and generally distrust any vehicle gadgets. However, I do admire the reversing ‘beeper’ on Julie’s car, and wish that I had one.

    Even if she hadn’t known about the trap, would she have bothered to turn up for $10? And Samantha’s 10% would only have been $1. They should have sent more money!

    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you.
    When I was 17 I delivered telegrams for Western Union. The vast majority of the telegrams I delivered were for money. The telegrams read something like,“You have been sent money. To receive the money, go to any Western Union office with identification.” No mention of how much. No mention of who sent it. The whole thing was a scam to find valid addresses so process servers could serve or other debt collectors to have a valid address to which to go. Western Union, tracked down people for the price of a telegram. That’s where I got the idea for the dodge the Detective used. Alice would not know how much—it could have been worth her while, but then, who knows?
    I find the blind spot warning very useful on both the Aztec and the Honda. However, I do not rely on them, they are the first check for me when I change lanes, not the only check.
    Warmest regards, Theo


  4. Eddy Winko says:

    I’m very old school when it comes to parking, go steady until you feel resistance then move forward.. just a bit! I always thought that that was what tow bars were for?
    Now, how to catch Alice…ummm.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you:
      I suspect the next vehicle I get will have a forward camera showing how close the obstacle (auto) is ahead of one. In the meantime, your way to park works just fine. 🙂
      Alice is proving to be a bit more elusive than the average felon on the wanted list, except for D. B. Cooper and Jimmy Hoffa (who wasn’t on the list at the time he went to ground).
      Warmest regards, Ed


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