An Interesting Day & 050 Where is Jessica Ann? (Agent Amanda Story)

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

Yesterday was an interesting day.  I went into town early to drop off copies of Democratize Money for the committee to get me elected to Congress’ treasurer and secretary.  I was too early, so I stopped for coffee at MickyDee, I had a very interesting conversation with a fellow whom I have seen there for six or seven years.  He comes there gets coffee and uses their Wi-Fi for awhile then leaves.  I think I have heard him speak twice in all that time.  Well, I was talking to a fellow I sit and talk with on a regular basis. We were talking Constitutional Law.  Well, the fellow who rarely says anything informed us that we were talking apples and oranges.  So, I asked him to clarify.  I got one of the most adroit and accurate treatments of the founding American documents (including the trial of Charles the 1st) than I have ever had the pleasure of hearing.  However, it became clear that Justice Scalia was a loose constructionist compared to this guy.  None-the-less who would have thought an old guy dressed in military fatigues using Wi-Fi at Micky-Dee and wearing a “Make American Great Again” hat would have such a command of the legal basis (paperwork or founding statutes) for our nation.

I stopped at Longview Sewing to drop of the monograph for the Secretary of the Committee and when I walked in only staff were there, so I said, “I haven’t seen my wife for a week, is she here?”  I thought the place would fall apart.  They all knew exactly where Nancy was and how long she would be gone.  (So, I got my chuckles for the day.)

I stopped at the boat launch to take a photograph.  A fellow was using a magnet on a long line to fish for metal.  He was finding rusty tools and bits of metal.  I guess he was having better luck than the other fellow with a rod and reel with a line in the water— “They ain’t biting on nothin’ today.”  I thought ‘I should think not with the other fellow fishing off the same dock using a magnet to splash around in the water.’  But, I said nothing.  I took my photograph and left quickly Before the fisherman realized his problem was the noise the guy with the magnet was making.20170330_1120 9 shot Panorama ns email.jpg

Coming home I thought I would go up into the Cascades again.  It was sunny here when I took off and five miles into the trip the rains came.  So, I returned home to write the next episode of the Agent Amanda Story.  Being away from the writing for two days was difficult.  I kept thinking there was something I should be doing.  Then sitting down to write it, with no clue as to where it was going, I panicked until I remembered the characters tell the story, let them do it.  So, I did.

After my acupuncture this morning I am off to Vancouver to see about some issues with the Ridgeline.  The computer system is acting up a bit and I would dearly love to turn the noise off when the driver’s door is open.

I trust this finds you.  Then, having found you that you are wealthy, healthy and wise and not getting tired of spring.

Warmest regards, Ed

050 Where is Jessica Ann?

Fiction in 943 words by T. Edward Westen, 2017


“What do you mean the woman won’t tell you where her daughter is?” demanded Edith Gunderson.


“She stood mute in Court.” Replied Agent Amanda.  “Judge Henderson locked up her and her doppelganger until one of them talks.”


“Oh, good grief, what is the world coming to?” said an exasperated Edith Gunderson.  “Then there is nothing to it; we have to launch a search for a missing four-year-old girl and lunch it now.”


Agent Amanda looked around and said, “While you organize a search party, I’ll go back and talk to the manager again. Then I’ll do a search of the motor home to see if there are any indications of where Alice might have stashed Jessica Ann for safekeeping.”


“Good idea,” said Edith rushing off.


Agent Amanda walked back to the Camp Host’s unit and knocked on the door.  A man answered, “Sorry, we don’t have any opening and won’t have until after the 5th.”


“I’m with the police,” Agent Amanda said, pointing over her shoulder to the activity around Alice’s motor home. “The child, Jessica Ann who live in unit 19 is missing; we are mounting a search for her.”


“Oh, my God, is her mother alright?” asked the man?


“Yes, she seems to be.  But we need to nail down the last time you all saw either of them,” replied Agent Amanda.


“We never have any trouble her,” said the man.  “We have been lucky that the bad ones don’t seem to like the scenery or something.  The last place we hosted there was always trouble.  I told Elenore that Melissa wasn’t a proper name for a woman of her background and that it was fake.  It is fake, isn’t it?  No matter, I hope you find the child.”


“As I said,” Agent Amanda looked around and pointed to the sign on the unit, “It is Doug, isn’t it?”


Puffing his chest up, the man said, “Yes, I am Doug Crenshaw, Resident Host.”


“As I said Mr. Crenshaw when was the last time you saw the mother and child?”  Asked Agent Amanda.


“Oh, I never saw either of them.  Elenore, that’s my wife she checked them and saw them.”


“Well then, I need to talk to your wife,” said Agent Amanda.


“Eleanor isn’t here.  She is in town getting a do,” replied Douglas Crenshaw.


“When do you expect her back?” asked Agent Amanda.


“No later than seven as that is when Jeopardy comes on.  Eleanor never misses Jeopardy.  You know she can answer most of those questions.  She is very good at Jeopardy.”


As soon as Doug Crenshaw closed his door, Agent Amanda looked around, seeing no one in she pivoted.


Agent Amanda appeared on Doug and Eleanor’s doorstep at 6:40.

Eleanor was just opening her door when Agent Amanda appeared behind her.  Agent Amanda almost knocked Eleanor down.


Putting her hand over her bosom, Eleanor said, “You startled me. Where did you come from?”  Then squinting as she looked at Agent Amanda, she said, “You aren’t one of our guests.  We don’t have any opening now and won’t have any until he 5th.


“My name is Amanda Clarkton.  I am with the police,” pointing to the squad cars the next row over by unit 19.  “We need to know when was the last time you saw Melissa Hickson and Jessica Ann, her daughter.”


“Well, let me see.  I think it was Thursday when she came to pay the rent.”  Eleanor nodded her head and continued, “Yes, it was Thursday as I remarked that she was a day early.  She allowed as how she might be late on Friday so wanted to get it paid that day.  She uses a credit card from one of those online banks. It always gets authorized, not like of the bad plastic some travelers use. You really have to pay attention or they will stiff you.”


“OK.  You saw Melissa on Thursday,” said Agent Amanda, “When was the last time you saw Jessica Ann?”


“Oh, I never saw the child,” replied Eleanor Crenshaw.


“But earlier you told Ms. Gunderson that the child ‘was just delightful.’  How would you know that?” pressed Agent Amanda.


“Well, I saw a photo, and they all look delightful in photos, don’t you know?” said Eleanor Crenshaw.  “They never show you a photo of a child with a runny nose or crying or being spiteful. The only show you photos of children who look well behaved.  That is the delightful part, a child that is well behaved.


Taking more care, Agent Amanda waited until she was shielded by bushes and motor homes before she pivoted.


Agent Amanda appeared a split second after she had walked away from Unit 19

and left Edith Gunderson rushing off to start the search.  Indeed, she could see herself walking toward the Host’s unit.  ‘I don’t think I will ever quite get used to seeing myself when I cut things this close.”  She called out in a loud voice, “Ms. Gunderson, Ms. Gunderson, one moment please.”


Edith Gunderson stopped din her tracks, “I’ve got to get the search started, make it quick.”


“I just talked to the woman at the Host unit again.  It seems the only time she saw Jessica Ann was in a photograph Melissa showed her.”


“Then why did she call Jessica Ann delightful,” asked a more than mildly irritated Edith Gunderson.


“I don’t think the hostess is a children person,” said Agent Amanda.  “So, I suggest we concentrate the forces presently at our disposal to see if anyone else staying here actually saw the child.  Until we have some evidence she was ever here we would be wasting time searching the area.”



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5 Responses to An Interesting Day & 050 Where is Jessica Ann? (Agent Amanda Story)

  1. Eddy Winko says:

    If only the magnet could attract plastic, then he would be sure to find a fish!
    I can’t think what you mean about pictures only showing the good side of children 🙂
    I happy to hear the characters are writing again, although Pete provided a nice piece in the interim.
    I’d like to have a go at reading DM at some stage, if you happen to have a spare PDF, I promise I’ll take good care of it.


  2. Thank you.
    I think Eleanor is one of “those” older folks whose hearing is gone and high pitched voices don’t seem to work for them. 🙂
    I was lucky to get out of two days off without more than a severe scolding for not giving them a voice.
    I sent it to your gmail account,.
    Warmest regards, Ed


  3. beetleypete says:

    I have never heard of anyone using magnets to fish for metal. If they did that here, they would soon accumulate a good collection of old shopping carts, and discarded bicycles…

    I am keen to know how the man in the cap managed to introduce the execution of Charles the First into that conversation, and its relevance of course. Being a member of the Cromwell Association, the execution of that King is always cause for a minor celebration on my part.

    Amanda watching herself in the recent past immediately reminded me of one of my favourite Spanish films.
    I doubt you will ever get time to watch it these days, but I am convinced that you would love it! It might even give you more ideas for your story.

    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      If the fellow fishing for metal were in closer to town he too would be retrieving shopping cart and bicycles.
      The man in the cap was attempting, with some success, to put America’s founding documents into the meaning of the language of the late 18th Century. He included the Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation, the Constitution and the first Ten Amendments “and something from England” as he put it in the founding Statutes or Documents. Normally the Two Howe’s publish reply to the Declaration is included in our founding documents, but barely receives mention. He then asserted, which is true, that the first statute passed by Congress under the Constitution was one defining the language of the oath of office for all American officials. He then told of the trial and demise of Charles I as evidence of the importance of the oath of office as, by his claim, Charles I was beheaded because he violated his oath of office. His version of the trial was that Charles put on an active defense. I understand this was not true as Charles did not recognize the right or authority of the court and only began a defense after the verdict. This long treatment was all in response to my question of what does “a well-regulated militia” (2nd Amendment) mean? His discussion of those words focused on the Kings or Queens order of firing (which I know nothing of and have not Googled) for organized troops (in the days of lines of troops standing and firing muskets at one another). Despite one or two minor points about which I would need much more information and a few small errors, I found his treatment overall, coherent, close to accurate and passionate.
      I’ll make time for Time Crimes. (pun intended)
      Warmest regards, Theo

      Liked by 1 person

      • beetleypete says:

        Thank, Theo. As a general comment, I understand that Charles’ main defence was to state that as King, he could do as he liked because he was ordained by God to rule. That didn’t work, as we know…
        Timecrimes will seem familiar to you, I am sure.

        Liked by 1 person

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