Chit Chat & 052 Follow-up (Agent Amada Story)

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

The day started a bit late, but I got to town in time for a massage.  Juli is still burning the candle at both ends.  I remember those days.  She pronounced the scar on my back healed (the surgeon will probably do the same on Friday when I see him), then promptly beat the living dickens out of me.  I, of course, feel better than I have since my last massage.

I did watch the two semi-final games in the NCAA tournament.  I always enjoyed both South Carolina and CMU basketball when I could.  The commentators were remarking the this is the first trip to the final four for South Carolina.  A year or two before I got to South Carolina they recruited Frank McGuire to coach basketball.  He had already taken two different college teams to the National Championship.  McGuire recruited basketball players out of NY City.  Funny in 1972 they were all white.  It was in this time frame that South Carolina left the ACC for the SEC.  The rumor was it was because the SEC had lower academic standards for admissions thus an attempt to stack their athletic teams.  I never knew for sure.  Anyway, I watched them and Oregon loose.

I did get out and take a couple of photos today.  So, on balance, it was a good day.20170331_062313 ns email.jpg20170331_103215 ns email.jpg20170401_1300 b 7 shot Panorama ns email.jpgDSCN0330 ns email 20170401 1929.jpg

I trust this finds you both in tip top shape physically, mentally and spiritually.

Warmest regards, Ed

052 Follow-up


Fiction in 448 words by T. Edward Westen, 2017


Edith Gunderson looked worn out and completely defeated.  The turned to Agent Amanda and said. “I don’t believe the child was ever in this RV park.  The officers and I have talked to someone in every unit and no one reports ever seeing Jessica Ann.


“I found no evidence that Jessica Ann was ever in that RV.  No one single article of clothing, child’s toy, nor cup or drinking glass appropriate for a four-year-old girl.  We have the mother in custody.  I’ll go back and see what I can find out from that end.  In the meantime, call off the search and go home and get some rest.  I’ll be in touch tomorrow morning after you have had a good night’s sleep.  OK.”


Edith nodded and said, “You are probably right.”  Edith turned to head to her car and said, “Do you need a lift?”  Not getting an answer she turned and Agent Amanda was nowhere to be seen “I guess not” chiseled Edith.   Then she thought ‘I’ll be damned if I ever get used to their popping in and popping out.  They can call it pivoting, but from where I stand, popping in is the only way to describe it.’


Agent Amanda materialized in Judge Henderson’s court

a few seconds after she had pivoted out.  The Judge was still on the bench.  Otherwise, the courtroom was empty. “You Honor, I just checked with Ms. Gunderson in the 21st Century and there is a good chance a second Jessica Ann exists from lapping, but if she exists she is missing.  But we can find no evidence of her.  There is no other way to put this, but do we still have the one version of Jessica Ann?”

Without responding to Agent Amanda Judge Henderson opened communications.  “Frank, are you still with Jessica Ann.”  The Judge listened for a moment, “No, just checking.”  Then he turned to Agent Amanda.  “Yes, Frank is with her. She is still safe and sound.

“I’ll go over and talk to Maggie, the woman who took care of Jessica Ann. She may be helpful in knowing what to look for in finding the second Jessica Ann” asked Agent Amanda.

Judge Henderson said, “That makes sense.  Patterns of like and dislikes may be helpful.  Keep me posted.”


Agent Amanda pivoted.


Appearing on Maggie’s doorstep she waved here hand across the greeter and said, “Agent Clarkton, ATI,”


Millie opened the door after a delay of a minute or so and said, “Yew, Agent, how can I help you?”


Agent Amanda said, “Jessica Ann is missing and I need . . .”

Melissa interrupted her, “Missing, Land O Goshen, the child is sleeping in the bedroom.”


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4 Responses to Chit Chat & 052 Follow-up (Agent Amada Story)

  1. Eddy Winko says:

    You did well to capture the heron, it blends in well with its surroundings, I wasn’t sure, but are they water hyacinth or pond lily leaves? They look surreal, almost like flying birds.
    Having only just got my head around multiple instances of the same person I’m now wondering….just wondering, ok time for more tea 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      I went out to try for a sunset shot and there the heron was. There is some plant material between the heron and I. Silverlake is full of water Lillies and various other plant life as on average it is 4 feet deep.
      So, you are telling me that I have driven an Englishman to drink tea? 🙂
      Warmest regards, Ed


  2. beetleypete says:

    I also like the heron shot. They concentrate so intently, with that fixed gaze. By coincidence, the big grey/blue heron is back over at Beetley Meadows. I have never been able to get a shot of it though, as Ollie always spooks it.
    So, just one child perhaps? This is like a quiz, and I’m enjoying it.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      Opening a car door here normally spooks them. So, I lowered the window and rested the camera on the window to get the shot. Then the bird was gone.
      It is a bit twisty at this point. It will be interesting to see where the characters take us.
      Warmest regards, Theo

      Liked by 1 person

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