Dallying the Mileage

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

I had the television on in the background while I was tallying up the medical mileage for the car for taxes yesterday.  Unfortunately, it was on CNN so I was barraged with endless speculation about what is the pestilence going to do about: Syria and Assad, Korea, and the Chinese president   I don’t get why the media continues to speculate about what the pestilence is going to do when he doesn’t know and when he decides he changes his mind before the word leave his mouth.  It surprised me that the speculators missed some of the more obvious solutions such as putting out a contract on Assad and letting the private sector criminals handle the job (differentiating the private sector criminals from the government which does not need the word criminals following it as it would be redundant).  Finally, I changed the channel only to be captivated by a National Geographic program about Ostriches. Ostriches were infinitely more interesting than the speculation about what the pestilence is going to do, however, interesting was as distracting as speculation, although less irritating, so I finally turned the television off.  Then I made significant progress in my tallying.  After I finished figuring out that we used over 7,000 miles for medical trips (when one lives as far west as we do, one finds miles are shortened so it takes more to go anyplace) I got to wondering what the real difference is between tallying and dallying.?  I concluded one was adding up numbers with the television off and one doing the same with the television on.

Every year when I go through the exercise of putting the receipts and W-2s and allied reports from this that and other places on what they claim they paid us. I reach two conclusions.  First that I should really either file a short tax form or I should find a better way to keep tax receipts other than an empty apple box. And second, I really should get to the bottom of what Nancy does with all the money those W-2s and allied reports claim we received.  But then, If I find out I may not want to know; or, worse, Nancy will want to know what I do with all that money they claim they pay us.  It would then become the battle over who is more wasteful, the one of us who buys sewing machines and cloth and travels frequently in connection with said purchases or the one of us who buys cameras, software and makes frequent trips to distinct places that have no restroom facilities so that one has to turn around and come back anyway. Notice, I am learning tact, I didn’t name names. However, speaking of cameras, I did notice the photographer of the Ostriches had one honey of a large lens.  I wonder . . .

I am off to incur more medical miles this morning.  I go in for my second post-operative checkup.  This time it is with the fellow who made the scar on my back on February 13th.  The first post-operative checkup was with an innocent, pregnant nurse practitioner.   I suppose the time between then and now and the buffer meeting with an innocent, pregnant nurse practitioner is so I would have had a chance to cool off.  None-the-less that office has a metal detector when one enters.  It also makes me wonder, was that nurse practitioner really pregnant or was that theatrical garb?  None-the-less it will give me an opportunity to enter mileage data in the book we keep in the car to ensure that one day in April of 2018 I will have an opportunity to dally again, oops, tally.

I hope this missive finds you happy, healthy, in good spirits and well past mileage tallying.

Warmest regards, Ed


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5 Responses to Dallying the Mileage

  1. Blimey all that tallying sounds like my worst nightmare, I had to pay someone to do mine! But it was worth it for the rebate I got, new camera time 🙂

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  2. beetleypete says:

    We only have to do such tax returns here if we are self-employed. Once we are retired, nothing is deductible anyway, and we pay a flat rate on all income above £12,000. I am so glad that I don’t have to go through your annual paperwork. Like FR, I would almost certainly engage a professional to do it.
    I was watching the news about the cruise missile attack on Syria, and wondering what you thought about Trump’s action. Our news called him ‘decisive’. That wasn’t the word on my lips…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • Thank you.
      This is why I refer to the IRS as the Infernal Revenue Service, rather than the Internal Revenue Service.
      I do not oppose the pestilence lobbing cruise missiles at Syria because the pestilence did it. Unfortunately, it was an attack on a sovereign nation–an act of war and violation of the treaty we signed in joining the United Nations. Under our Constitution, the President does not have the power to declare a war (commit an act of war unless we have been attacked). Congress has that power. So he violated Article I, Section 8 by usurping Congress’ power. The Constitution further stipulates that Treaties are Supreme law of the land, Article V Clause 2. While this usually means that treaties are superior to State Laws, it also means they must be treated as the same status as a law that is to be administered and upheld by the president. So he violated the equivalent of a Federal Statute when he lobbed those missiles. This act is further evidence that the pestilence has not familiarized himself with the Constitution (probably not read ti). And it demonstrated that he does not understand the notion of rule of law (following the rules).
      In the simplest terms, the act of lobbing missiles is a violation of his oath to uphold the Constitution on two grounds. So, any attempt to argue it is a good thing for this or that reason is simply glossing over an “ends justify the means” assertion of a violation of an oath.
      Warmest regards, Theo

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  3. Eddy Winko says:

    It does sound like a lot of work, we just claim the maximum fuel tax rebate allowed which is determined by the amount of land we have and we earn that little that the tax man just asks for 5% of sales on Gosias soaps. Suites me just fine 🙂


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