How I locked myself out of the house for 15 hours today with my insulin inside. (Ed the Fool).

Dear Ted and Jody:

The night before last, the weather forecasters predicted high winds beginning at 10 A.M. for yesterday. 60 to 80 MPH on the coast and up to 40 MPH inland.  I left the house at 7:15.  When I pulled into a restaurant for breakfast I found I had left my blood testing and insulin kit at home.  So, I  drove back towards my house.  About 5 miles from home a tree had fallen across the road.  It was a cedar about 3 feet in diameter at its base.  I turned around again as I  would not be able to drive the additional 60 miles to retrieve my kit and get to the doctor’s appointment on time.  No breakfast.

Consequently,  I got to the doctor’s office 75 minutes early.  Surprise,  I got right in.

The session with the doctor was short.  I am off restrictions.  Superman, however, I  am not.   I asked for physical therapy and got a prescription for 4 to 6 weeks at twice a week.  I also learned the symptoms of numbness I have in my legs could persist for up to six weeks.

From the doctor, I went to the Honda dealer and learned a couple of more things about this car including some of the issues we have experienced with the sound and computers system may need a technician to intervene.   I found that to be an interesting way to say I either need it reinstalled or debugged.

I filled up the Ridgeline and headed home.  I could get around where the tree blocked the road.  I could not get into the house.  The power was off and, I had neglected to move the house key from the Hyundai fob.  Then the spare key was not where we keep it.  Hence, I had no access to my kit.

The only reasonable thing to do was drive up into the Cascades and see if there were any pictures lying around.  The wind and rain followed me up.  But I  did take a shot.20170407_1240 2 shot Panorama ns email.jpg I would judge the wind up there was close to 70 MPH.

Returning to the house, the power was still off.  I stopped and talked to the flag man and learned the tree not only took down the power lines,  it broke off a utility pole.  The power company did not have one in Stock so had to have the pole brought in from another company.   It would be no earlier than midnight before the power would be back on.  So I went into Longview and made my physical therapy appointment.  I also stopped at Wal-Mart and picked up a backup blood sugar meter.   At that point, I  had been over 8 hours since my long term insulin and 16 since my last short term insulin, and 18 hours since I  last ate anything.  The meter showed that not eating paid off with a reading of 124.  Out of the woods so to speak.

Since was no longer on restrictions I went home and started to put together a compost bin I hand in the storage shed.   I worked on that for an hour or so until I needed an electric drill.  Closing up the shed Nancy called and said a friend of hers in Toutle had a fireplace.  So I  went over there for about an hour or so.  Carol and Greg are a very nice couple and we chatted about cats, Michigan lakes that freeze and even the pestilence.

Speaking of the pestilence,  his lobbing missiles at Sierra may have made lots of people happy, it may even have been a morally correct thing to do;  but, it was an act of war; and, the last time I checked,  Congress is supposed to declare war.  The pestilence was not acting to defend against an immediate threat,  so it was both unconstitutional and contravention of the United Nation’s  Charter.

Next, my wanderings took me back to the site of the downed tree, pole, and wires.  The flagman said the pole was up and they were hanging the wires.  Power should be back on in a couple of hours.  So, I  headed to MickyDee at Exit 49.   It is open 24/7.  There I had a breakfast of hamburgers with all the trimmings except buns.  Figured the protein wouldn’t drive the blood sugar up much over a couple of hours and risk the power would be back on for insulin long before my blood sugar got out of hand.  And, I  wrote most of this on my Samsung tablet.

As you can well imagine,  I  caught the dickens from Chloe when I finally got in the house at 10:28 P.M>.  Fortunately, my hearing aid batteries went dead and I  fell fast asleep so didn’t hear much of her complaints.  The blood sugar never hit 150.  Not eating seems to work (but for how long?).

Now to get ready to pick up Nancy this evening from her vacation at PDX.

I trust this finds you happy, healthy, and with electricity.

Warmest regards, Ed


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6 Responses to How I locked myself out of the house for 15 hours today with my insulin inside. (Ed the Fool).

  1. Eddy Winko says:

    What a day, I’m warn out reading about it, I’m also laughing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      While what I wrote is an accurate portrayal of what the day was like, the intent in writing it was to poke fun at myself. Your laughter is my reward. Again thank you.
      Warmest regards, Ed


  2. beetleypete says:

    Given the amount of running around you had to do, I am surprised that your sugar levels didn’t peak. You probably drove more miles yesterday than I do in a month. (Or three months)
    Did you ever find out why the spare key wasn’t in its hiding place?
    At least you will have Nancy back to watch over you today…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Thank you, Pete:
    Since I didn’t eat anything knowing I did not have access to my short term insulin, knowing that I had taken the long-term insulin I thought I might get away without a peak or spike. I got lucky,

    A year so so ago, Nancy had the front door replaced and that occasioned new locks. I suspect we decided to change the location of the spare key. However, not having a need to use it in that time, I suspect it faded into our memories overfull collection of stuff we will need to know, and surely we will not forget category of things. Now, where did I put, wait, what was I searching for? (In short it will either turn up or we hid it too well.)

    Warmest regards, Theo


  4. That vegetarian diet didn’t last long 🙂 Still after a day like that I think you deserved it.

    Liked by 1 person

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