Nancy is Back & 056 Another Disappearing Book

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

Nancy was scheduled in at 7:20 P.M.  her flight arrived at 2:48 A.M.  While one might think the flight either ran into head winds or took a detour to the Key West from Minneapolis to Portland, the issue was much more mundane.  Apparently, a storm in Atlanta caused the Airlines Computer to fail to send timely notifications to flight crews.  So, one worn out Nancy finally got to PDX.  I wonder is wear and tear on a wife litigable against a fast-moving storm in Federal Court or is it a Crime Against Humanity litigable at the Hague?


At 2:30 in the morning PDX is virtually empty of people who are awake.20170409_023303 ns.jpg

Well, it is now 4:30 and we are home.  It must be time to go to bed.  Please tell me it is time.

Warmest regards, Ed

056 Another Disappearing Book

Fiction in 651 words by T. Edward Westen, 2017


Family Court Judge Douglas Henderson, to get a ‘fix’ on the children’s book plagiarism problem, bought all the books that were on Jessica Ann Beaverton’s deluxe reader.  He further took the opportunity to read stories to his granddaughter, Alisia, setting up a time every evening to go over to his son’s house and read to Alisia before she went to bed. Arriving at his son’s house he thought ‘I should have been doing this ever since Alisia was born.  If, not make that when, Tom and Phyllis have a second child I will start this when the child is delivered.  I know the child will not know, but eventually, it will become part of the day for the three of us. Alisia, the new little one and I.’  Judge Douglas smiled at the picture in his mind.


“Hay, Dad. How long have you been standing here on the porch?” Tom Henderson asked.


His son’s presence and question took the Judge by surprise for he had been wrapped up in his dreams of the future. “Not, long,” he replied.  “I was thinking I needed to start reading to Alisia when she was born.  Perhaps next time, I’ll be faster on the uptick.”


“Are you hinting at anything in particular?” his son asked with a big smile.


The Judge held his hands palm forward and said, “No, no, nothing of the kind.  I know you and Phyllis have your plans, so I was just thinking, if you have another child, I will start the reading right off.”


Tom still chuckling called over his shoulder, “Honey, Dad thinks we need to have another kid.”


From the depths of the house, came a female voice “How did he know?”


The Judge pointed at his son and raised his eyebrows.


Tom nodded and said, “Near the end of September.”


Judge Henderson stuck out his hand and said, “Congratulations.”  When they shook hands the Judge did not let go for a long time.


Finally, Tom said, “Alisia is waiting Dad.  You have her hooked on these nightly readings.”


When Judge Henderson entered the house he instantly became “Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa” and was hit by 26 pounds of activity in a three-foot package that flew into his arms.  Alisia shook her finger at her grandfather and said, “You are late Grandpa.”


Judge Henderson did everything he could not to laugh, but decried the evidence of the clock with a straight face. “That thing is wrong. It is running fast.  At least faster than I can.  Now where did I put that book?


As the Judge placed his granddaughter on the floor she threw back her head and said, “I’ll show you.” And she led him into her bedroom where the book was propped up on her pillow.  She pointed, “There it is Grandpa, that is where I keep it.  Now, you remember.  OK?”


“Yes, Alisia, I will remember,” the Judge replied.


Alisia climbed into bed.  Grandpa, pulled the covers up and sat in the chair next to the bed so that Alisia could see the pages in the book when he read to her.  Grandpa opened the book and began “
Buzz the Bailiff Bee.”  He pointed to a bee wearing dark glasses and a silver star pinned to his chest.  “This is Buzz the Bailiff Bee.”  He turned the page.  “Bees live in a hive.”  Grandpa pointed to the hive which showed bees buzzing around it and Buzz the Bailiff Bee standing by the entrance to the hive.  He turned the page.  “This is a worker bee.  Worker bees bring nectar and pollen to the hive.”  He pointed to the bees buzzing around the hive. Then he tuned the page.  The page showed a honey comb inside the hive with a worker bee putting honey in one of the cell sin the comb.  “This is a worker bee making honey.”  Judge Henderson turned the page.


Alisia asked, “Why is the page fading, Grandpa?”


Indeed, as the Judge look on the page simply faded away and was replaced by the next story in the book.  “I don’t know Alisia.” He turned the page and it was the next story.  ‘Buzz the Bailiff Bee’ was gone.  “I can tell you the rest of the story without the book Alisia.  Do you want me to do that?


Alisia solemnly nodded her head.


The Judge said, “Now to make this work you have to shut your eyes and pretend you are looking at a book.”


Alisia closed her eyes and said, “Tell me what happened Grandpa.”


Judge Henderson picked up were the book left off.  “Now picture a bigger bee.  She is the queen and sits on a throne.  She is a happy bee.  Now we turn the page and find Buzz the Bailiff Bee standing with a stick and he is pointing this way and that to direct the bees so they do not crash into each other as they come and go from the hive.  Every other bee is pleased that Buzz keeps them safe.  And that’ Alicia is the end of the story of Buzz the Bailiff Bee.   Sweet dreams Alisia.”  The Judge bent over and kissed his sleeping granddaughter on the forehead.  He very quietly left the room and pulled the door shut behnd him.


Entering the room where his son and daughter-in-law were looking at bigger homes, his son said, “You look troubled, Dad.”


The story I was reading disappeared. That can only mean that someone in the past stole the story and it can’t pass a plagiarism test today.  I need to talk to Special Agent Fleishman, for this plagiarism can’t be due to either of the two women we are holding for child neglect.



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6 Responses to Nancy is Back & 056 Another Disappearing Book

  1. Eddy Winko says:

    I was enjoying the picture your painted with the judge and his family and then it got complicated! Just as well I had the picture in Back to the Future to put it all in perspective 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s an Alicearama going on!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. beetleypete says:

    Now I want a copy of Buzz The Bailiff Bee! That has to be your next book. A surefire success.
    I will read it as I enjoy a drink of hot chocolate and marshmallows, and tuck into a slice of that key lime pie…

    Sorry to hear about the flight delays. You must have been worn out after that long wait on a hard chair at the airport. (Unless you checked the arrival time first of course…)

    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      I guess we could offer Buzz the Ballif Bee with a packet of instant hot chocolate and a piece of Key Lime Pie. What an approach to merchandising.
      I can recall 20 years ago one never knew what was going on when loved ones traveled. We used to get to the airport only to learn the flight would leave from its point of origin sometime in the future. Today cell phones take all the guess work out of where those loved ones are. I hear more from Nancy on days she is flying than I do in a week when she is home. 🙂 I knew each delay in detail. I wish the power company were as communicative.
      Warmest regards, Theo

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