The pestilence and PDX at Night & 057 ATI Counsil Hearing Part I (Agent Amanda Story)

20170409_0237 5 shot Panorama ns email.jpg20170409_0239 5 shot Panorama ns email.jpg20170409_2026 a 6 shot panorama ns email.jpgGood Morning Ted and Jody:

After two long days, burning the candles at both ends, yesterday turned out to be a short on.  I guess I needed the sleep, so I slept in late and went to bed early.  Nancy slept in later and went to bed earlier too, so she must have been short on candles as well. 

I did put together some panoramas I shot of the interior of the Portland International Airport at 2:30 in the Morning Sunday with my cell phone.  While they are not quite keepers, they do suggest that I need to make a foray to PDX again in the middle of the night with the proper equipment for relatively low light photography—tripod and camera with controls. 20170409_0229 16 shot Panorama ns enail.jpg Regardless, I am rather pleased with the potential.

The reactions to the pestilence’s acts of war against Syria and his moving a task force as a show of force to North Korea are as alarming as the pestilence’s actions themselves.  While various Members of Congress have asserted that they would like to see and vote on a plan, they generally applaud the pestilence for using $200,000,000 worth of missiles to make a statement.  Interestingly, the applause comes from both conservatives and liberals.  Neither group has a clue as to what they want to accomplish in Syria and what they are willing to do to achieve it.  The same can be said of North Korea.  My thinking is that nations like Cuba, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, and North Korea have painted the United States as an enemy (the great Satan).  They have done so, secure in the knowledge that they are too small for the US really to take notice and risk a broader war with, for instance, Russia or China if the US acts. Then too, their belligerence and using the US as a foil to distract from their domestic problems, could safely be ignored.  However, both Iran and North Korea with stated goals to destroy the US and their “nuclear” and ICBM claims have moved them to the front burner of US attention regardless of who is in the White House.  Unfortunately for them and us, the pestilence is probably not much more stable than an Ayatollah or a Kim.  My God have mercy on our souls; for, clearly neither the pestilence nor his counterparts in these “far off places” appear not to even consider us.

I trust this finds you in good health, spirits and enjoying the spring.

Warmest regards, Ed

057 ATI Counsil Hearing Part I

Fiction in 722 words by T. Edward Westen., 2017


Dr. Sidney Meacham, Director of the Agency for Timeline Integrity, ATI, gaveled the special session of the ATI Council to order. “Today we convene to adjudge which ATI regulations Alice Beaverton and Alice Beaverton have contravened.   Since there are two Alice Beavertons before us, clearly some on has contravened Article 4, Section 3, that states that no person may lap themselves resulting in two versions of themselves extant in the same timeline segment for more than 4 hours nor extant in a timeline segment for which he or she is not native.”  Looking at his device, Director Meacham continued, “Since the two Alice Beavertons have been extant in this timeline segment for more than 48 hours, we have to determine which lapped the other causing this duplication in the timeline.


“You Honor, Chelsey Davidson representing the 2nd Ms.  Beaverton, If I may. . .”


Director Meacham interrupted him.  “I am not a judge Mr. Davidson.  Refer to me as Director, Director Meacham, Chairman Meacham or Dr. Meacham, but not ‘your Honor.’”


“Yes, Mr. Chairman.  If I may explain, neither woman lapped the other,” said Mr. Davidson.  “The 1st Ms. Beaverton was in this timeline segment. My client, the 2nd Ms. Beaverton was brought into this timeline by one of your agents.”  Looking at his device, Mr. Davidson said, “One Special Agent Anderson Fleishman, err, kidnapped her from the early 21st Century where she was residing, plainly not in this timeline segment, your, err, Mr. Chairman.”


“You don’t seem to have an extensive knowledge of lapping, do you Mr. Davidson?” asserted Director Meacham.


“Yes, Sir. I took your reading of the regulation literally,” replied Mr. Davidson.  “I read the charges against these women and noted lapping, but it is outside the bailiwicks of both criminal and family law. Then too I just got this case this morning, your, err, Mr. Director.  I never imagined that something as arcane of lapping would be the first charge you would address.”


“Arcane, Mr. Davidson, is hardly the case,” asserted Director Meacham.  “Lapping is tantamount to cloning oneself.  By your own words, Mr. Davidson, your client contravened the letter of Article 4 Section 3 by living in the 21st Century some 600 years prior to her birth.  That is hardly inhabiting a timeline segment for which she is native.”


“No, your, err, Mr. Director,” replied Mr. Davidson.  “However, my client was peacefully serving time in Mission Creek Corrections Center, for crimes we do not concede she committed when she suddenly found herself in a recreational vehicle that eventually she was able to determine was in the 21st Century.”


“So, you are telling this council that your client has no knowledge of how she came to contravene Article 4 Section 3?” asked Director Meacham.


“If your Directorship would permit me,” started Mr. Davidson.


“Directorship was not one of the alternative forms of address I permitted you, Mr. Davidson,” said Director Meacham.  “You lawyers are really locked into courtroom jargon, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I do apologize to, err, you Sir,” stammered Mr. Davidson.  “However, my client was not in the 21st Century of her own volition.  Under the Uniform Criminal Code, she has to have the intent to violate any criminal law or be held liable in any civil proceeding.  I will admit that this council is a different venue than a court of law.  But, your, err., Mr. Director, even this council must abide by current legal standards, Sir.”


Director Meacham chuckled and looked at the young attorney with some compassion. “Whether we do or do not is immaterial, for we can, like so many in the past wished they could simply make problems go away with, what is the expression?  Oh yes, with no one the wiser.  Now, young man, we have to decide whom to hold responsible for your client’s presence in the 21st Century.”


“But, sir, you claimed the 48 overlap was evidence of the lapping, so . . .” again Mr. Davidson was interrupted by Director Meacham.


“I fear you really don’t get what is going on here.  I will instruct the secretary to give you a full version of our rules and the organic statute upon which they are based.  Read them carefully young man; and, we will reconvene tomorrow morning at 8 A.M.”  With that, Director Meacham gaveled the session adjourned.



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6 Responses to The pestilence and PDX at Night & 057 ATI Counsil Hearing Part I (Agent Amanda Story)

  1. beetleypete says:

    The airport photos are most impressive for phone shots, Theo.
    I doubt I could do much better with my camera.
    As for the ‘Lapping’ debate, I confess that I am a little lost.
    But it is 7:40 pm here, and I am rather tired, for some reason.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      Given the light levels, the cell phone tends to blur or exaggerates vibrations–fuzziness at night. So, a tripos with a camera should bring things a bit more into focus. 🙂
      I quite understand, as 7:40 is past my bedtime 🙂
      Warmest regards, Theo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. II like that airport, cool photo’s. I am so glad that Pete is lost, he may find me too when looking for himself!


  3. Thank you.
    Portland tends to do things a bit differently that the rest of the country-this is true of its airport as well.
    If Pete is lost and finds you, then you can tell him how to find himself, simply look for you. 🙂
    Warmest regards, Ed


  4. Eddy Winko says:

    I busily making a sign, much like those held by drivers at airports, with Fraggle and Pete written on it!

    Liked by 1 person

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