Planting and Stuff & 058 ATI Counsel Hearing Part II (Agent Amanda Story)

Good Morning Ted and Jody”

Yesterday turned out to be longer than the day before.  I got up earlier and went to bed later.  So, burning a candle normally finally. 

Nancy got three butterfly bushes that are supposed to be deer resistant in the mail.  So, she picked up three pots and enough soil for eight to ten plants.  I guess that means we have extra soil for planting the stuff I hadn’t planned on planting this year.  Well, we got the folks at the store to load the 1.5 cubic feet bags of soil in the back of the Ridgeline. I show the young men who do the heavy lifting the scar on my back and they don’t seem to mind lifting.  I just knew that scar would come in handy for something.  It is even better than playing the old person card.  When we got home, Nancy decided to plant them in the front gravel, so I backed the truck up to the pots and we dumped one bag at a time—not lifting at all.  I am tempted to leave the remaining bags in the back of the Ridgeline line until I know where they are going.  Maybe the Ridgeline will back up to where ever that is as well.

One of my dwarf fruit trees looks like it is finally going to blossom.  After eight years, I don’t remember if it is the apple or cherry.  The two trees are planted next to each other.  I’ll know once the leaves develop.  I am guessing it is the Rainer Cherry Tree.  In the meantime, we will have blossoms in a week, give or take five days (can you tell I am guessing?).  Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be warm, that may be the key to them opening.  This first photo is what the blossoms looked like on the 6th.20170406_114642c ns email.jpg  And this second photo is how they looked yesterday afternoon. 20170410_185221 email.jpgI will send another photo of them when they open.

I saw the herbicide you posted that is made with vinegar, Epsom salts, and Dawn liquid soap (blue).  I have everything in adequate supply except the vinegar (go figure).  I will get some vinegar and try it out the next sunny day we have.

Watching the airline fiasco this past week and a dozen other big business screw-ups, I am almost convinced that the big money running this country is running amok. Why do images of banana diplomacy come to mind?

I trust this finds you healthy, in good spirits or into good spirits, and warm.

Warmest regards, Ed


058 ATI Counsel Hearing Part II

Fiction in 804 words by T. Edward Westen., 2017


Director Meacham gaveled the second day of the special session of the ATI Council to order. “Today we reconvene to again attempt to adjudge which ATI regulations Alice Beaverton and Alice Beaverton have contravened.” Nodding to the 2nd Alice Beaverton’s attorney, Chelsey Davidson, “I trust counsels have a better understanding of the issue at hand this morning.”


Mr. Davidson nodded.


“Good,” continued Director Meacham.  “We have witnesses from the 21st Century at hand to testify.  So, Special Agent Fleishman introduce the first witness, please.


“Director Meacham, this is Andy Kellog, a taxi driver who has knowledge of Alice Beaverton in the 21st Century.”  Turning to Andy Kellog, Special Agent Fleishman said, “Mr. Kellog, this is Director Meacham and those,” swinging his arm to include the others seated on either side of Director Meacham, “Are members of the AIT council.  The reason you are here is to identify the person you knew as Sylvia Chu and what interaction you had with her.”


“Yes sir, but people call me Andy, If I hear Mr. Kellog I generally look behind me to see if my old dad somehow came back to life or his ghost is haunting me.  He was always Mr. Kellog, even Mum called him that.  So, call me Andy.”


Special Agent Fleishman nodded and said, “OK, Andy, do you see the woman you knew as Sylvia Chu in the room?”


“Well yes, but there are two of her,” replied Andy.  “Since she is one of a pair of twins, I can’t tell which of them I saw.  She, whichever one she is, rode in my cab.  I took her to Center City RV Boat Sales.  She gave me a $5 tip on a $20 fare and I told her to call me when she needed a ride. She called me and asked if I could help with the purchase.  Seeing as how I drive professionally she must have known I would be able to spot phony paperwork and a scheme to get her to pay more money. But they were on the up and up and didn’t try to cheat her.  However, she did not have a proper driver’s license so I drove the two-tone maroon RV off the lot and showed her how to drive that day.  They require a licensed driver to accompany them the first time to get the vehicle there legal like. She paid me $100 for that.  You have to say the lady knows how to tip.  I did appreciate that.  The next morning, I showed her a bit more about driving on the streets.  After she could handle the rig, I took her to the DMV to get tested.  She tipped me another Ben Franklin.  I took my old lady on a driving trip to the Grand Canyon because of those tips.  Thank you, Sylvia, whichever one you are.”


The 1st Alice Beaverton smiled and mouthed ‘You are welcome Andy,’ and winked. Andy Kellog started to raise his hand to point, but thought better of it and just nodded in response to Alice Beaverton’s acknowledgment. Both Director Meacham and Special Agent Fleishman noted the exchange.


Director Meacham asked, “One more point if you will Mr., Kellogg.  Did you meet her daughter, Jessica Ann in your time with Sylvia Chu?”


Andy Kellog true to his earlier testimony turned around and looked behind him and then turning back to the Director said, “Andy, your Honor, just call me Andy.”

Director Meacham all but laughed. “I do apologize Andy.  I know how difficult it is for people to believe you when you say just call me Andy.  I am sorry.  But, Andy, did you meet Jessica Ann?”


Andy Kellog replied, “Yes, your Honor, the next morning she was sleeping when I got there and we took her to breakfast; and, she stayed with me while her momma got tested.”


Mr. Davidson made the mistake of asking “Why does he get to call you ‘your Honor’ but you jump on me for it?


Director Meacham eyes squinted, his brow came together in a frown and he said, “Sit down Mr. Davidson or your client will need new representation.”   The restoring the smile to his face he turned to the right and left and asked, “Do members of the council have questions for Mr., re, for Andy?” 


Members of the Council to a person waved their hands and murmured no.


“In the case, I and the Council thank you for your help, Andy.  And I do hope you find more clients like Ms. Chu so you can take, your, err, wife on more trips.  The Special Agent will return you now.”  Turning to the two Allices and their counsels he added, “We will take a 30-minute recess.”  He hit is gavel on the table in front of him. 



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6 Responses to Planting and Stuff & 058 ATI Counsel Hearing Part II (Agent Amanda Story)

  1. Eddy Winko says:

    I do like to see trees in bud and bloom, a real sign of promise. Our damson tree came into flower two days ago and is buzzing with excited bees.
    I had started to think that there may be a third Alice, but the nod and the wink has put me back on the two theory. Either way I can tell that Andy had a lot to say and you enjoyed writing it again.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The blossom on my tree has come and gone and it’s into ‘new leaves’ mode, enjoy them while they last! I’m still confused because I thought Melissa was an Alice too, so that would make 3, so I’ve decided to give up comprehension and just enjoy the characters! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. beetleypete says:

    Now Andy has been taken into the future.
    Along with all those others who have experienced the time-travel antics, it cannot be long before the story gets out, in the 21st century.
    Or do they forget, because it hasn’t happened yet? I need some tablets, I think…
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you.
    There are rumors in the 21st Century. It is only a question of when they make a TV disclose all that the information is wide spread–or it appears in the Enquirer-and the Men in Black pick it up. 🙂
    Now, as for tablets, I recommend M&M, coffee-nut variety,
    Warmest regards, Theo


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