Good Morning & 061 ATI Council Hearing Part III (Agent Amanda Story)

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

I have had all the ingredients for making the weed-be-gone for some time now.  The instructions call for application after the dew is off the vegetation.  With daily rain events, the dew or rain is always on the vegetation.  I wonder if this stuff will work when the weeds are 12-feet tall.

Speaking of rain, yesterday I noticed that every time I or Nancy headed outside it started to rain.  Once, it even hailed (hail for the Westens).  I am thinking we need disguises to fool the outside into not raining as if we are someone else.  For example, it didn’t rain when the plumber came and left until I went outside after he left.

On one of my news feeds, I read that the North Koreans are now blaming the pestilence for his provocative tweets.  His tweets are now the reason the North Koreans are asserting they will launch a preemptive strike if our war games with the South Koreans become too threatening. Now leaving aside the whole concept of “war games,” which brings to mind children with sticks lying in tall grass yelling “bang you’re dead,” the similarity between Kim and the pestilence struck me.  Both men were rich kids who did not grow up at home.  Indeed, both men never had to grow up.  Neither man ever lived under conditions that even remotely resemble those experienced by the vast majority of their countrymen.  Neither has any idea of what it means to live as the average American or North Korean live.  Remember the rich kid in Texas and “affluenza” defense for the fatal car accident on December 31, 2015, that killed four people?  I fear that should a war break out because of the pestilence and Kim being little rich kids that never grew up the affluenza defense will be used in the World Court.  To quote one of these spoiled rich kids, “That would be a very, very bad thing.” (As an aside, even my grammar-spell checker didn‘t want me to write the words!)

While still on the subject of the pestilence, did I hear this morning he signed a bill in private that defunds Planned Parenthood?

I trust this finds you in good health, happy, warm, and planning a fallout shelter.

Warmest regards, Ed

061 ATI Council Hearing Part III

Fiction in 1171 words by T. Edward Westen


Director Meacham gaveled the second day of the special session of the ATI Council back to order.  “I understand there have been developments that need to be brought to the Council’s attention before we continue with witnesses from the 21st Century.”

Special Agent Fleishman stood and said, “Yes, Dr. Meacham.  Agent Amanda Clarkton has been looking into the Alice Beaverton-Melissa Hickson-Sylvia Chu connection and has some tentative findings.  Agent Clarkton.”

“Director, Members of the Council,” said Agent Amanda. “Early in our investigation of Alice Beaverton’s abduction of her minor daughter, we found a connection between Ms. Beaverton and Sylvia Chu.  Ms. Beaverton obtained a birth certificate for Salvia Chu who died in infancy in a fire in Chicago.  She then used that birth certificate to obtain proper papers which allowed her to fit into the early 21st Century society-pass as a native to that segment of the timeline if you will.  At the same time my husband and I were trying to locate Alice Beaverton in the 21st Century, Special Agent Fleishman, at the request of the AWDB was attempting to find the author Melissa Hickson in the . . .”

Doris Kuhlman, a Member of the Council, interrupted, “Excuse me Agent, but what is the AWDB?”

Agent Amanda smiled and said, “Forgive me for talking alphabet soup.  AWDB is the Accumulated Writings Data Base.  It is kept by an organization that checks for plagiarism across the virtual mountains of written works through recorded history.”  Agent Amanda then looked expectantly at Councilmember Kuhlman.

Doris Kuhlman said, “Thank you.  And what may I ask was the nature of Special Agent Fleishman’s inquiry into an author named Melissa Hickson in the 21st Century?”

Agent Amanda replied, “Someone using the name Melissa Hickson was plagiarizing children’s books from this time segment and publishing them under copyright in the 21st Century.  This cheated the rightful authors out of ownership of their intellectual properties and royalties.”

Doris Kuhlman waved her hand and said, “Thank you, please continue where you were going before I interrupted you.”

Agent Amanda said, “Thank you, Mam.  Special Agent Fleishman had learned the person using Melissa Hickson’s name had forwarded her payments to a mailbox held by Sylvia Chu.  When the Special Agent contacted temporally local authorities for assistance he found me and my husband there seeking assistance finding Alice Beaverton, AKA, Sylvia Chu.  The coincidence of the Sylvia Chu being used by two people did not occur to us.  So, we pressured Alice Beaverton as Melissa Hickson linking them together as one person in the Sylvia Chu connection.  However, we began to suspect there actually was another person who was Melissa Hickson in the 21st Century when the plagiarism continues after we had both Alice Beaverton’s in custody in the current time segment.  In an . . .”


Henry Meyers, a Member of the Council, interrupted, “How long have you had the two Alice Beaverton’s in custody?

“Almost three days,” replied Agent Amanda.

“And that is long enough for you to ascertain the plagiarism continues even with the two Ms. Beaverton’s in custody?” asked Henry Meyers.

“Actually, we cheated and looked ahead,” said Agent Amanda. “The plagiarisms continue well into the next five years at this point.”

Henry Meyers chuckles and waved his hand. “Cheated, I like that, continue please.”

“Thank you, Sir.  So, we looked around for a Melissa Hickson who is missing from the current time segment and discovered a former matron at the Mission Creek Corrections Center disappeared the day the first Alice Beaverton was released.  In checking computer records, we found Melissa Hickson underwent the training for and received implants for time travel prior to Ms. Beaverton’s release.  To add coincidence upon coincidence we learned that Ms. Hickson was the mother of a girl she named Jessica Ann born not six weeks after Jessica Ann Beaverton was born at Mission Creek Corrections Center.  Ms. Hickson was in the hospital block at the time Alice Beaverton delivered Jessica Ann and was still on duty when Jessica Ann was taken from her.  Melissa Hickson’s husband left her after their child was born.  We think . . .”

Director Meacham interrupted, “That is a lot of coincidences.”

Agent Amanda replied.  “Perhaps not.  Consider that watching Alice Beaverton go into depression after the prison staff removed Jessica Ann from her and sent her to live with her father that Mesilla Hickson must have been impacted.  Then she gave birth and deliberately named the child the same as Alice Beaverton’s child.  Melissa Hickson’s marriage must have shown signs of strain before the child was born.  We suspect that Melissa Hickson knew her marriage was on the rocks and empathized with Alice Beaverton.  So, we suspect this coincidence of their daughter’s names was a deliberate act by Melissa Hickson, It would appear that in Melissa Hickson’s mind she began to identify with Alice Beaverton.  Yet, she did not make any attempts to associate with Alice Beaverton in prison.  Indeed, at the prison, Melissa Hickson did not even form the normal workplace bonds and associations. In short., she had no friends.  We . . .”

Doris Kuhlman interrupted again, “What about friends and family outside of work?”

“Melissa was not an orphan,” replied Agent Amanda.  “However, her only living relative is a great grandfather who hadn’t had contact with her since he went to her graduation from preparatory school. As for friends, we tracked down four people who went to school with her and no one seemed to remember her. It was almost as if she didn’t exist.  Following up on that we did go back and the former school mates did recognize her image and she was in the school yearbook.  We are left with a working hypothesis that Melissa Hickson lived vicariously through other people; and, in the last four or so years, she lived vicariously through Alice Beaverton.  Indeed, we suspect she may have interfered in Alice Beaverton’s lives.”

Chelsey Davidson, the second Alice Beaverton’s counsel stood up, “Mr. Director, if it pleases the council, my client asks for a recess until Melissa Hickson is found and issued a subpoena to appear and answer questions.”

Director Meacham shook his head.  “When are you going to understand, this is not a court of law Mr. Davidson.  You do, however, had a point.”  Turning to Special Agent Fleishman, “Are you close to finding the woman?”

“Now that we suspect her existence, it makes it easier,” replied Special Agent Fleishman.  “However, close is an unknown.  I should think a few days in the 21st Century with a full team should do it.”

Director Meacham banged his gavel and said, “We stand adjourned until tomorrow morning.”

Mr. Davidson jumped to his feet, “Your Honor, he said it would take a few days.”

Director Meacham said, “Mr. Davidson, I am not a judge,  I thought I made that clear.  A few days in the 21st Century have already passed.  Do you not understand time travel?”  He left the room shaking his head.




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6 Responses to Good Morning & 061 ATI Council Hearing Part III (Agent Amanda Story)

  1. So I was wrong and Melissa is a separate person, what a red-herring!! 🙂 Nice photo, and I hope this novel is finished before Kim & Trumplestiltskin start WW3!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. beetleypete says:

    My connection is that both Trump and Kim have constant ‘bad hair days’. That explains their irrational behaviour, at least in my mind.
    Chu/Hickson/Beaverton. (X 2, or more…)
    I decided that I had to run naked in the rain outside (just started here) to clear my head.
    It didn’t work…
    best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Eddy Winko says:

    The worlds political problems are nothing compared to the complexity of this story, perhaps if they started to read (maybe as a promotional gift with the hair cream) it would take their minds of stick throwing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      On the one hand, you have this young kid with too much testosterone. On the other hand, you have an old man who either is pretending to have too much testosterone or is getting shots. Unfortunately, although both have been to an expensive private school, neither knows how to read; but they did learn the 18th Century notions of 13th Century Knighthood. So, it is going to boil down to the hair cream. I fear we are doomed for no one has ever died from too much hair cream except in a drive-by shooting…
      Warmest regards, Ed

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