15 Photographs & 063 Operation Melissa Hickson (Agent Amanda Story)

Good Morning and Happy Easter Ted and Jody:

I finally got a chance to stitch together the panoramas I shot on Good Friday and yesterday.  Both Good Friday and yesterday were good for photos as the cloud cover changed frequently.  So, without further chit-chat, the first, a 7-shot panorama at 7:40 P.M into the 20170414_1940 7 shot Panorama ns email.jpgsetting sun.  The 2nd, a 5-shot panorama, was away from the setting sun about the same time as the second. 20170414_1942 5 shot Panorama ns email.jpg The 3rd was a 23-shot panorama into the setting sun again. 20170414_1943 23 shot Panorama ns email.jpg For the 4th, I noticed the lilies and shot them in a 5-shot panorama with the clouds reflected in the water around 20170414_1945 5 shot Panorama ns email.jpgthem.  The fifth was another 23-shot panorama taken at the boat launch site.  This one is over 270 degrees and the 20170414_1953 23 shot Panorama ns email.jpgright edge wanted to warp.  The sixth shot, another five-shot panorama, 20170415 0631 5 short Panorama v2 ns email.jpgwas taken Saturday morning at 6:30. The 7th a 3 shot 20170415_0623 3 shot Panorama ns email.jpgpanorama taken a 5:23 Saturday morning. The 8th shot, a 20170415_0626 12 shot Panorama ns email.jpg12-shot panorama taken at 6:26 Saturday morning.  The 9th shot,20170415_0626 25 shot Panorama ns email.jpg also taken at 6:26 is a 25-shot panorama.  The 10th shot was taken at 6:30, a 9-shot panorama taken at the 5-mile 20170415_0639 9 shot Panorama cropped ns email.jpgmarker.  The 11h shot taken at 6:49 at Exit 49 off I-5. A three-shot panorama which was supposed to be part of the 20170415_0649 3 shot Panorama ns email.jpg12th, but I could not make the stitch.  20170415_0649 eixt 49 Panorama ns email.jpg13th, another 12 shot panorama also at 6:49.  20170415_1137 8 shot Panorama ns email.jpgThe 14th shot was taken back at the five-mile marker at 11:38 Saturday morning.  The 15th shot was 10 shots to try to show the clouds above clouds.20170415_1148 10 shot Panorama ns email.jpg

Warmest regards, Ed

063 Operation Melissa Hickson

Fiction in 1037 words by T. Edward Westen, 2017


Special Agent Fleishman materialized in the stairwell at police headquarters and went down the stairs to Child Protective Services. ‘I wish I had a nickel for every time I pivoted into that stairwell, he thought.  Then he laughed, ‘What an odd expression.  I wonder how it got started?’  Opening the door to the Child Protective Services reception area he waved at Millie. “Is Ms. Gunderson in?”

Millie raised a glass and said, “I believe she is expecting you as the others are all in there.  Sounds like they are planning a raid, but don’t know whom to raid yet.”  She took a sip from her glass.

Special Agent Fleishman raised an’ eyebrow and asked, “Is it wise to drink that stuff during working hours?”

Millie laughed, took another sip and said, “Probably not.  I got to thinking about it and when I realize what little ‘fishies’ do in it, I figure it better be filtered.”

“Little ‘fishies?’ What in the world are you drinking? “asked Agent Fleishman.

“Water, I’m drinking water right out of the tap,” replied Millie.  “What did you think I was drinking? Hot chocolate with marshmallows?”

Special Agent Fleishman, sort of mumbled with his left hand over his mouth as he reached for the door know with his right, “Something like that.”

Pulling the door open, Special Agent Fleishman could see Millie was right.  Both the Clarktons were with Detective Philipson, Outreach Agent Simmons, and Edith Gunderson.  Special Agent Fleishman announced, “I have located Melissa Hickson and her daughter.  They were at The Taritatu Diner across from Dave’s Address of Convenience at 9:30 this morning.  There are three doors and two windows that open. The two windows are in the restrooms. However, we have to assume she has in implant so one of us with an implant needs to put our hands on her to keep her from pivoting.”

Agent Amanda said, “I suggest that one of us go in, order coffee than go to the restroom and pivot back here so we have an exact placement for Melissa, then pivot into that spot and grab her.”

Agent Brice Clarkton volunteered, “I’ll do the recon work.”

Detective Philipson said, “It sounds like Ms. Gunderson and I are not really needed for this operation.”

Special Agent Fleishman shook his head in denial and said, “We don’t know what we might encounter.  I and Johnathon can pivot the two of you into the alley across from the dinner a few minutes early and you will then be on the spot to assist when the action, so to speak, goes down.

Special Agent Fleishman and Edith Gunderson disappeared.  Outreach Agent Simmons and Detective Philipson disappeared. Agent Brice shrugged his shoulders and disappeared.  Agent Amanda said, “Was it something I said and sat down to wait for their returns.

Agent Amanda’s husband was the first one back.  He immediately went to the whiteboard started sketching the layout of the diner.  Special Agent Fleishman returned before Agent Brice could put an X where Melissa Hickson was and a little x where her daughter was in the restaurant.  As Agent Brice put the x on the white board for Jessica Ann Hickson, Outreach Agent Simmons returned.  He immediately started speaking “Yes that is her.  I gave her the trial implant.  A very non-talkative woman, that one.”

Agent Amanda asked, “Did she see you?”

“No, it caught her reflection in the window across the street,” replied Outreach Agent Simmons.  “No way she would have even had a clue I was there.

Special Agent Fleishman looked at the white board and said, “It looks like one of us will be able to pivot right next to her on the aisle.  But, if we try for two of us, we will likely get in each other’s way.  I have done this several times before, so perhaps I should go for the grab.”

Agent Amanda, said, “I suggest Brice pivot back to the restroom and walk in and sit in the book behind her.”

Agent Brice Clarkton chuckled, “That is where I ordered the coffee.  It should be waiting.”

“You came to this time segment and didn’t order hot chocolate with marshmallows?” asked Outreach Agent Simmons.

“You and I, said Agent Amanda, pointing to Outreach Agent Simmons, “should come in at two doors that front the two streets.”

“It sounds like a plan to me,” said Special Agent Fleishman.  “On the count of three then.  One, two three.”  Edith Gunderson’s office was empty.

Special Agent Fleishman materialized at the end of the booth in which Melissa Hickson was seated with her daughter.  He reached out and clasped her on the shoulder.

Melissa Hickson yelled “Run Jessica Ann, run and hide,”

Jessica Ann slipped down under the table and scooted under several booths and popped out of the end of the row of booths at the door.  She grabbed the door handle as Agent Brice managed to get a hand on her—he had her by the scruff of the neck.

Jessica Ann wailed as if she had her foot caught in a bear trap. “Momma, Momma, he’s hurting me.

Officer Elmer Diggs who had just parked his patrol car and was headed into the diner for his mid-morning break, responded to Jessica Ann’s cries.  He drew his service revolver, pointed it at Agent Brice and said, “Unhand her sir, or I will shoot you sure as you stand there.”

Agent Brice pivoted, taking Jessica Ann Hickson with him.

Officer Diggs pulled the trigger and a carafe of coffee on a counter across the room exploded.

Picking up on her daughter’s strategy, Melissa Hickson, began to scream “He’s killing me, make him stop.”

Officer Diggs turned his weapon on Special Agent Fleishman who heard the officer say, “YOU THERE” before he pivoted still hanging on to Melissa Hickson.

Officer Diggs pulled the trigger again.  This time the plate glass window exploded as did a window in Dave’s Address of Convenience across the street.  Officer Digges said, “What the hell just happened.”

With the first gunshot, Detective Philipson began running across the street and arrived just in time to answer Officer Diggs’ question.  “I believe, Elmar, you killed a coffee pot and two windows.  Are you back on the sauce?”



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6 Responses to 15 Photographs & 063 Operation Melissa Hickson (Agent Amanda Story)

  1. Eddy Winko says:

    Nancy must be tired out, all that needle work, mind you the results are very impressive.
    The pace really picked up in this episode, I was gripped, now hopefully we will be able to get to the bottom of this, although I guess a twist is never out of the question?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. beetleypete says:

    The lily photo with the reflections is first rate, Theo. You have been busy with those panoramas, and reminded me once again that I have yet to take one.

    The coffee shop scene was expertly handled. So well in fact, that it played in my mind like a scene from a film. The film that will no doubt one day be adapted from your book.

    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      I often look away from the main event for photographs and once in a while, I get lucky as with the lilies and cloud reflections.
      I enjoyed writing the coffee shop scene as much as I enjoy writing about Andy Kellog. It played on the screen in my mind as I wrote it–almost in slow motion.
      Warmest regards, Theo

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I like the ‘action’ episodes, though think Officer Elmar is a bit trigger happy considering there are innocents about! Still the collateral damage wasn’t too bad, I bet the waitress freaked though! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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