Osprey Photos & 017 Recruitment

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

We went out to the west side of the County on the Columbia River again yesterday, armed with a lack of rain, with the intent to take a picture or two of osprey.  The first three give you a feel for how far the nest is.  The female was on the nest, presumably incubating eggs (which should make one understand how intelligent these birds are for I know some people who don’t understand incubation).  Her mate flew in and then she went off to exercise and he took her place incubating the eggs.  All this in 12 photos (unfortunately I can’t seem to get them in order).DSCN0447 email.jpg

DSCN0448 email.jpgDSCN0452 email.jpgDSCN0472 email.jpgDSCN0474 email.jpgDSCN0476 email.jpgDSCN0475 email.jpgDSCN0501 email.jpgDSCN0476 email.jpgDSCN0588 email.jpgDSCN0586 email.jpgDSCN0580 email.jpgDSCN0506 email.jpgI used the Nikon P900 at 2000 mm for all but the first few shots.  I used a beanbag (actually I stuffed it with cotton balls so it isn’t really a beanbag but a “cottonbag”) style tripod on the back cover of the Ridgeline as the tripod was just a bit awkward and wobbly to use.

I trust this finds you healthy, happy and enjoying spring, finally.

Warmest regards, Ed

017 Recruitment

Fiction in 882 words by T. Edward Westen, 2017

The computer said, “You have another visitor.”

Thomas Aldrich Edison looked at the screen, indeed there was a balding middle-aged man standing at his door with a figure behind him that Thomas Aldrich Edison could not quite make out.  “Who are you and what do you want?” he asked.

“I am Sidney Meacham, Director of ATI. I have Doctor Sandra Choy of our bio lab with me.  Agent Amanda White has asked us to return,” the man held up a pair of gloves, “these to you.  And I would like to talk to you about your important work. May we come in.”

“Pleased do,” said Thomas Aldrich Edison.

Director Meacham handed Thomas Aldrich Edison the pair of gloves and said, “These appear to be quite remarkable.  How did you come up with them?”

Since I was going to use them to handle both sub-freezing materials that would be normally permeable for most fabrics, I used a completely non-conductive fiber of my own making and interwove it with Nano-threads to prevent leakage of the biological material,” replied Thomas Aldrich Edison.  “It took three tries until I got the mix of the two materials right.”

“My goodness, only three tries,” said Director Meacham.

“I initially tried to use materials I ordered from vendors,” replied Thomas Aldrich Edison.  “But they were not exact enough, so I made my own and that seemed to solve the problem.”

“What problem?” asked Director Meacham.

“Let me guess,” said, Dr. Choy. “That solved the problem of the lab mice not freezing to death.”

Thomas Aldrich Edison positively lit up.  “YES!, that was the problem.” He looked at Doctor Choy with speculation and asked, “Can you guess what the second problem was?”

“Well, based upon Agent Amanda’s report,” replied, Dr. Choy, “I would say, the mice kept disappearing.”

“BINGO!” yelled Thomas Aldrich Edison.  “How would you like to come to work for me?  I really could use another genius around the place.”

Director Meacham laughed.  “You and I would be in a bidding war over her salary.  Howe about we solve the problem of for whom she works by you coming work with us?”

Once again Doctor Choy and Director Meacham were rewarded with Thomas Aldrich Edison lighting up.  “For ATI?  Really.  Oh gosh, that would be great.”

Dr. Choy asked, “Before we get tied up in all the recruitment paperwork, I’ would love to see the device you use those gloves to handle.”

“Oh, the Lazarus device,” said Thomas Aldrich Edison.  “I had hopes that it would bring people back to life after they died.  But, the bodies just kept disappearing.  I left notes on two, but until your Amanda White touched it and came back, I had no idea of where they went.”  He paused for a second with a frown forming on his forehead, “Where did they go?”

Doctor Choy replied, “They went backward in time some 600 years.  Agent White touched a piece of your device 600 years ago and the thinks it sent her another 600 years back.  You seem to have invented the one-way time machine that works on a fixed interval.  What is in it?”

“I extracted human essence from stem cells and used a recursive compound to insulate it so that it does not have to be stored in a freezer,” replied Thomas Aldrich Edison.  “Nothing much, really.  Just an idea I had that if people died it must be that they lost their essence.”

The three of them stood looking as the unassembled parts—tripods and frozen human essence bar—without speaking for a few minutes.  Then finally Thomas Aldrich Edison, said, “You say it’s a time travel device instead?”

“Not only that, it appears to be a low energy device that does not require a transplant,” said Director Meacham. “Quite remarkable, actually.  I think with some work it could be controlled.”

Thomas Aldrich Edison rewarded Doctor Choy and Director Meacham with another display of his lighting up.

After dropping off the gloves with the Director of the ATI

and giving a full report, Amanda White materialized in the medical examination room at police headquarters where Detective Philipson, Captain Batan and Special Agent Fleishman were still trying to explain to the coroner and his assistant that time travel was impossible and that Amanda White was a magician of some abilities who would create mass illusions.  They were not having much success until Amanda materialized again. However, the discussion gave Special Agent Fleishman time to remove the glass container holding the piece from Thomas Aldrich Edison’s so-called Lazarus device and replace it with a piece of scrap metal.  When the two detectives, Amanda White and Special Agent Fleishman exited the examination room they could hear the coroner saying, “Never let that woman near a corpse again or she will make us think it is alive.”

Once in the stairwell, “I suggest we intercept Mr. Clancy before he gets to Menlo Park,” said Amanda White.  “That will remove a big chunk of the unexplainable for the Coroner and his assistant and perhaps we can find a cure for whatever Mr. Clancy thought was killing him.

“Menlo Park?” asked Special Agent Fleishman.

“It is a sign over Thomas Aldrich Edison’s door,” explained Amanda White.

Special Agent Fleishman said, “I’ll be right back.”



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6 Responses to Osprey Photos & 017 Recruitment

  1. Great shots of the Ospreys, that zoom is da bomb! Glad to see Thomas joining the ATI he’s going to be an asset I’m sure!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. beetleypete says:

    You are doing very well with the Osprey photos, Theo. Good birds, and nicely blurred backgrounds.
    It appears that Edison might have hit on a much simpler way to allow time-travel. I anticipate his participation with interest.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Eddy Winko says:

    I have decided what I want for Christmas, especially now that FR has given me fresh enthusiasm for taking photos. Love the pictures of the osprey, very impressive.
    Its just as well Edison is going to work for the ATI, if his experiments got in the wrong hands who knows what could happen?..

    Liked by 1 person

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