Strawberries and Writing & 037 Pivotal Point

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

The bottom, quite literally, is falling out of strawberries. The bottom is coming off the hanging plant hanger in which I put the strawberries. 20170528_094345 email.jpgThis needs attention especially since Nancy picked the first ripe strawberry. And, I don’t think the string will hold for more than a week or so. OK so there are only four plants in the hanger, but there will be more to pick off the plants and eat on the spot—half the fun of having strawberries hanging is one can see them, pick them and tend to them all without having to crawl around on the ground. This is especially important at our age when every time we end up on the ground or on our knees, we look around for something else to do while we are down there. Back to the strawberries, they are important as they are one of only two crops we can look forward to this year—onions being the other. That episode with my back in February put everything behind schedule this year.

Normally when I finish an episode in the current novella I have one or two directions I can go. After reading today’s episode you will see I have a minimum of four directions next. After I finish an episode, the bits and pieces of the next episode tend to coagulate in my mine (or what it left of it) and I see and hear somewhat coherent dialog. When I finished today’s episode yesterday the bits and pieces of five (yes, I know I said four, but a fifth entered in the swirl) sort of ran around randomly getting in each other’s way. Tomorrow’s episode is a complete mystery to me this morning.

The weather looks to be in the 70s during the day while you are here and 40s to 50s at night. Rain is not forecast for the days you will be here.

I am looking forward to your visit.

Warmest regards, Ed.

037 Pivotal Point

Fiction in 556 words by T. Edward Westen, 2017

“The DA says we have enough with Walter’s statement to put the brothers away and give them time to think about their future as criminals,” said Detective Phillipson.  That clears Becky’s kidnapping.  We still have to explain the five bodies to the coroner, but,” turning to Special Agent Fleishman, “with your putting then well into the future, I suspect the case load will make him forget.”

“Let me add,” said, Captain Batan, “that fellow with the goatee and scar seemed to focus on our segment of time for some reason.  Are we likely to see more of him?”

Special Agent Fleishman frowned and said, “That is a tough one.  I get the impression from the interrogation of the Seams brothers that they were the attraction—a couple of guys who would do about anything but not quite able to think up things to do on their own.  It would be interesting to know how they came to the man with a goatee and scar’s attention.”

“And, I would like to know how he knew me,” said Agent White. “I have never met anyone who looked like him.  I think I need to talk to my new actor friend, Robert Jacob Masters.  So, if you will excuse me I will do that now.”  Agent White vanished.

Outreach Agent Simmons hefted a small device in his hand and said, “This little hologram projection unit seems a bit different from the ones I have seen in the past. I need to take it to the lab and have them tell me about how it works.  Normally the transmitter needs to be close in space.  I am wondering if there is a time angle to this one.  If you will excuse me, I will have it checked out.”  Outreach Agent Simmons vanished.

Edith Gunderson laughed.

“What’s so funny, Ms. Gunderson?” asked Special Agent Fleishman.

“It seems that when one of you time travelers has a notion to check something out you simply go, poof; you are gone,” said Edith Gunderson.  When I check something out, I first check my makeup and then make sure I have the car keys.  Life would be somewhat simpler if I could just go, poof, like you do.”

“We have learned not to, as you say, go poof when Millie is in the room,” said Special Agent Fleishman.  “We know it upsets her.”

“I notice you have Outreach Agent Simmons’ beacon tracker”, said Detective Philipson.

“Yes, I am going to back track where they took Becky and see what else there is to see,” said Special Agent Fleishman.

“What will you look for in particular?” asked Edith Gunderson.

“I have no idea, but something may stand out,” said Special Agent Fleishman.  “You still have the beacon on your desk Captain.  Turn its head if you need something.”

Edith Gunderson laughed.  “I figured you would be off now.  Come back for a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows soon.”

“Thank you, said Special Agent Fleishman. “You know it tastes a lot better in the café here than it does in my quarters.  Later.”  Special Agent Fleishman vanished.

“Gentlemen, where does that leave us?” asked Edith Gunderson.

“Captain, you know we have the treasure map that Walter had in his pocket,” replied Detective Philipson.

Ms. Gunderson said, “If you let me check my makeup first, I have car keys.”


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9 Responses to Strawberries and Writing & 037 Pivotal Point

  1. beetleypete says:

    Ah, the treasure map. It could end there, I suppose, or go on to more exciting adventures!
    I vote for more adventures, but I am aware you have guests arriving soon.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Eddy Winko says:

    As you say so many paths to take, but have a break, I’m struggling to keep up with blogs at the moment with the hay making season upon us 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes more adventures gets my vote too!

    Liked by 1 person

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