One Morning Today, Wealth and Knowledge & 45 Setup

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

This morning there was only one morning. A return to normal or just catching up on Thursday night—who knows? But one morning beat the heck out of the three yesterday.
Speaking of yesterday, we had March again—cold and rainy with no rainbows. We are supposed to have March again today. My question is, why do we have a calendar if we have March over 180 days since this new year started (and when can we stop with it being a new year, especially since March is back like a lemon that has gone bad [yes, I know it is supposed to be a lion or a lamb, but trust me, it is more like a lemon gone bad this time of year with all sorts of icky green stuff growing on it]) .

Speaking of lemons gone bad, since the Comey testimony, the speculation has grown green moldy stuff on it. The pestilence continues to act as a spoiled child who always gets his way and is always right and the speculation channels seem to find idiots who think the pestilences is vindicated instead of just vindictive; and, the pestilence continues to embarrass himself with public utterances. He should stick to tweets. I remember the line in Fiddler on the Roof, “When you are rich they think you actually know.” Well apparently, when one is rich you think you know despite all the evidence to the contrary. Interesting how right the words can be in one direction and catastrophic in the other.
After thinking about today’s story segment, thinking about tomorrow’s has given me a headache. I think a nap is in order before I tackle that episode.

I got a note from someone telling me to be well and prosper. I got to thinking about that and concluded, it would be more appropriate if he had wished me a day in which parts didn’t fall off.

I trust this finds you well, happy and in possession of a winning lottery ticket.

Warmest regards, Ed

046 Setup
Fiction in 1064 words by T. Edward Westen, 2017

“I have a set of tapes showing Scarface or his delivery boy putting letters or notes in the mail slots of five of the six people who answered his advertisement for ‘associates,’” said Detective Philipson. “Captain Batan and I screened the surveillance tapes at fast forward; and, believe me, it was quite a problem to actually see something go into the mail slots.” He switched on the playback machine and said, “Here we has slowed it down to one-tenth speed and you can see the envelope appear as if out of thin air.”

“I use that technique,” said Special Agent Fleishman. “What one does is pick a time prior to or after when one wants to make the drop and go to the site. Once at the site, it easy to pivot only in time leaving most of the spatial dimensions fixed. Fast in and fast out. Hold the envelope in the slot and pivot into the time desired just long enough to let go of the envelope and pivot out once you have let go. “Agent Fleishman chuckled. “If you let go at the wrong time you can always go back and try until you get it right. So, the skill level is novice.”

Edith Gunderson asked, “You say most of the spatial dimensions are fixed. Why not all?”

Ponting up and swinging his arm to indicate the immediate area, Special Agent Fleishman said “While we are accustomed to the three dimensions immediately surrounding us, if we just adjusted for them the Earth spinning, rotating on its axis, in orbit around the sun would move one spatially as one moved in time. Those and other factors have to be adjusted for if I were to move in time only a few seconds. Or I would,” he paused and vanished only to appear a foot to his left, “end up off target just as I did just now.”

“I never dreamed that pivoting in time and space was that complicated,” replied Edith Gunderson.

Agent White interceded. “There are formulae that one accesses to make it easy. Part of the implant is a computer to keep those motions all in order. I rather suspect Special Agent Fleishman is overstating for dramatic purposes.”

“While I was answering Ms. Gunderson’s question,” replied Special Agent Fleishman, “I was thinking of a way to put Old Scarface off his game of using a hologram cutout between him and his new recruits.” He paused, “But first I need to check with Dr. Choy and Mr. Edison about their progress in identifying material that are one-way time machines and spatially stable. Be right back.” Special Agent Fleishman Vanished.

Captain Batan asked, “Agent White, what did he mean spatially stable?”

“You recall the bodies all appearing at the same spot on 38th Street?” asked Agent White.
Captain Batan, Detective Philipson, and Edith Gunderson all nodded their heads and said “Yes.”

“Well, whatever the substance that Mr. Edison was using sent the bodies back the exact same length of time to the same spatially defined location. That is what he meant about spatially stable. It Turns out that Mr. Edison stumbled on a kind of time only method for travel in the eleven-dimension of space-time. A good analogy would an elevator which allows one to go up and down without moving in horizontal directions. What Mr. Edison came up with was a way to move backward along the time dimension without varying one’s position in any of the other dimensions. He and Dr. Choy are examining materials to see if they can make the time length variable. I haven’t checked . . .”

Special Agent Fleishman materializing interrupted Agent White’s thought. Special Agent Fleishman was smiling ear to ear. “Sorry that took so long, but I had to check with Sandra and Mr. Edison at several points in time until they finished their work. You know it took them six years to figure it all out.”

Edith Gunderson asked, “If it took them six years why didn’t they just pivot to the point where they made the discovery and not have to do all of that work?”

“Special Agent Fleishman said, “Time is continuous. You can’t take a segment out and just splice it back together with that segment missing. The work has to be done for the outcome to happen. If they don’t do the experiments, trials and errors, and put in the blood sweat and tears, the answer will not be there for them to find in the future. The future is totally dependent on the past. While pivoting to the future to get the answer presupposed you have asked all the right and wrong questions and done all the work to make the future happen. So, they had to figure it out the old-fashioned way, they did the work.”

“Figure what out?” asked Detective Philipson.

“I’m not a scientist, but as I understand it, they needed to find a theory that explained the backwards propulsion of molecules bonded with that permanent ice material Mr. Edison invented,” replied Special Agent Fleishman. “Apparently the denser the molecule the farther back in time. So, it was a matter of making graduated denseness of molecules attached to what they call the cold particle set. The cold particle set is the stuff Mr. Edison invented. That allows them to send things back in time in seconds! This is incredibly precise. In addition, they have segregated what propels different materials. So, I had them brew up a batch of one to ten second, err, call them pills that work on leather, rubber and other materials from which shoes are made.”

Captain Batan, said, “Slow down. Brewing up, and pills, I am having a bit of trouble following you.”

Special Agent Fleishman laughed and said, “I just told you things I am having problems following. I suggest we prepare a little demonstration. Do we have a firm appointment time and place for one of Scarface’s new recruits?”

Detective Philipson looked at his notes and said, “The first one is for this afternoon in three hours at the Motel Heaven on Earth, Room 405.”

Special Agent Fleishman said, “I’ll go set it up and place a recorder so you all will be able to see what I am trying to explain to you.” He looked around and said, “I’ll be right back.” Agent Fleishman vanished



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  1. *shuffles off to find vinegar and brown paper* 🙂 (brain broke)

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  2. Eddy Winko says:

    I’m so glad tomorrows episode is already available today, mind you I still think I need to rest in between 🙂

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