Reliable Sources & 47 Aborted Recruitment Session

Good Morning Ted and Jody:
I watched Reliable Sources on CNN this morning. They did a segment contrasting the Comey hearing coverage by Fox and MSNBC. They were so different. Yes, both networks were covering the news, but they did it from a point of view. We used to call that analysis. I have resorted to calling it speculation, neither analysis nor speculation does it justice—the coverage is from a biased point of view. So, we are divided in America today into camps. It could well be that we are listening and watching different news sources—vastly different news sources. I have long thought that the right-wing media has been a thorn in the side of “truth, justice, and the American Way.” The segment this morning convinces me that any biased media presentation is a thorn in the side of “truth, justice, and the American Way.” If one tells someone something often enough, belief follows. So, for decades point of view biased presentations by folks like Russ Limbaugh and Fox news have been telling the white middle and working class they are sucking guppy water. It is no surprise they believe that and are gasping for air by voting for the party that tells them the same thing. I have said it before and I say it again—God Help Us. My conclusion is that America has no core values any longer—just right and left values that never seem to meet.
I decided to get rid of some of my stamp clutter. So, I made up an auction lot of 6250 stamps and posted it this morning at what I think is a reasonable price given it will cost close to $19 to mail it—a starting bid of $25. I guess I can simply give them away if that doesn’t work.
I can report that I did not win the lottery again. I am on a multiyear streak of not winning the lottery. I take condolence that I know I am representative of millions (from both sides of the political divide in America). Maybe we can use our collective losing streak to bridge the gap.
I trust this finds you in good health, spirits, and holding a winning lottery ticket or two.
Warmest regards, Ed

047 Aborted Recruitment Session
Fiction in 1051 words by T. Edward Westen, 2017

Special Agent Fleishman materialized in Edith Gunderson’s office and said, “I have a video tap that will show you what I was trying to explain to you. First I will run the edited version of the tape. It is edited to show you what happened in sequence—not in temporal sequence, but in the sequence in which, shall we say, the events in the room happened. By way of explanation, I pivoted into the room at about 1:30 PM. I set the recorder up on the table by the bed which has the best angel for capturing everything that happens in the room and it includes the door. I then scattered a handful of the time pills that I was telling you about on the floor.”
“Why do you call them pills?” asked Edith Gunderson.
Special Agent Fleishman held up a glass vile what contained what appeared to be very small capsules as one might take for a headache or an antibiotic and said, “Because that is what they look like to me.”
Edith nodded. “Me too.”
Agent Fleishman set the projector on the table and said, “OK, I have labeled each section so you can see the progression. First, the new recruit enters the room”
Motel Heaven on Earth, Room 405, 2:01:13 PM
The video shows the darkened room, lit only by light filtering through a crack in the curtains. The room is empty. The door opens and a man switches the light on entering cautiously. He approaches the desk by the window when he vanishes.

Special Agent Fleishman switched off the projector and said, “The potential recruit’s shoe touched the first time pill with his shoe and that transported him back, apparently ten seconds into a room he had yet to enter. The light went off, and I suspect since there is no sensation of movement when one travels, like this, I know I tested the pills, that caused him to panic in the next sequence.”
Motel Heaven on Earth, Room 405, 2:01:01 PM
The video shows the darkened room, lit only by light filtering through a crack in the curtains. The man who entered at 2:01:13 is standing where he disappeared 10 seconds before near the desk. The man cocks his head and has a puzzled look on his face. He turns toward the door and vanishes.

Switching off the projector again, Special Agent Fleishman said, “Notice he is in full panic mode now. I do not know what caused his increased panic, perhaps it was just building. He should not have been reacting to moving back in time by five seconds, but perhaps it is just my imagination. However, in the next segment, he appears to be in stop-motion. I would guess it is because he was transported back in time twice very quickly and still in a darkened room.” Special Agent Fleishman restarted the recording.
Motel Heaven on Earth, Room 405, 1:59:55 PM
The video shows the darkened room, lit only by light filtering through a crack in the curtains. The man who entered at 2:01:13 is shown as if in flight but more like a statue as he is not in motion—he stopped mid step with his foot still in the air. His face is contorted in full panic and despair. His foot comes down and he vanishes.

Without turning the recording off Special Agent Fleishman said, “There were no more time pills to move him backward in time, so he makes the door in this clip.”
Motel Heaven on Earth, Room 405, 1:59:45 PM
The video shows the darkened room, lit only by light filtering through a crack in the curtains. The man who entered at 2:01:13 is moving and reaches the door. He pulls the door open and steps into the hallway. The door shuts behind him.

“I really wish I had put a recording device in the hall to see his reaction when he ran into himself in the hallway, said Special Agent Fleishman. “Now in this last segment we are back to after 2:00 P.M and Scarface shows up but only briefly.”
Motel Heaven on Earth, Room 405, 2:01:13 PM
The video shows the darkened room, lit only by light filtering through a crack in the curtains. The room is empty. The man with a goatee and a scar over his left eye materializes, looks around the room, shrugs and disappears.

Special Agent Fleishman continued, “I was surprised that he did not show up in person and retrieve his hologram receiver/projector. I know he must be close as the device is the same one he used with the Seams Brothers.
Captain Batan asked, “Didn’t you effectively lap that man?”
“Agent White said, “I noticed that too.” She looked at Special Agent Fleishman and asked, “Would you like me to track him down and onlap him?”
Special Agent Fleishman shook his head, “No need. I don’t know how it his lapping could be undone. So, I picked him up in the parking lot and pivoted him to Dr. Choy and Mr. Edison for them to work on the problem. Since we don’t have a time pill that sends things forward in time, we need to find a way to un-lap people who get into this bind. Think of his, shall we say, temporary inconvenience as his way of paying back humanity for his little foray into the dark side.”
“What about the time pills you spread around in the motel room?” asked Detective Philipson. “Won’t they be a problem for the cleaning crew?”
“I counted the ones I used, and got them all back,” replied Special Agent Fleishman.
Special Agent White said, “I think I see where we can indeed use these. Let us put a hologram receiver/projector of our own in the next recruitment room and be there for the next Scarface recruitment session. If we use the pills selectively and in a timely manner we may be able to get him to revel a bit about himself to help us figure out who he is.”
“Exactly what I had in mind,” said Special Agent Fleishman. “Getting him to talk in an environment where he thinks he is safe because he is a hologram is exactly what I had in mine. The time pills, if used at the right moment should prove provocative.”


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6 Responses to Reliable Sources & 47 Aborted Recruitment Session

  1. beetleypete says:

    Two reads for this episode. I felt as if I had stepped on a time pill myself! Phew…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Two reads for me too, this pill popping is mind boggling. Luvit!

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  3. Eddy Winko says:

    I’m going for a walk!

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