A short note, picture & 049 The Trap Sprung

Good Morning Ted and Jody:
While the sky was not promising this morning early, it turned out to have a photo opportunity waiting around 7:00 on the boat ramp. You might say, I got lucky being there at the time.20170614_070440 NS EMAIL.jpg The lake was mirror smooth and no one fishing (not even a Great Blue Heron) to make waves or even ripples. So, I got the shot and went off to breakfast prior to my 10:00 doctor’s appointment to get a referral for diabetic shoes. While there I took the opportunity to ask questions about my congestive heart failure and I got a wealth of information. Indeed, I feel less depressed about it with the information.
This morning’s news about the fire in London and the shooting of Republicans at baseball practice is not good. My thoughts go out to the residents in that building. My thoughts go out to the people shot on the baseball field this morning. We need to find better ways to house people and better ways to handle political conflict.
I trust this finds you wealthy, healthy and wise.
Warmest regards, Ed

049 The Trap Sprung
Fiction in 901 words by T. Edward Westen, 2017

Special Agent Fleishman materialized in a room that Outreach Agent Simmons had set up a direction finder tuned to the signal of the hologram transmitter the man with a goatee and a scar over his eye was using. “I have a plot from my unit,” Special Agent Fleishman said.

Outreach Agent Simmons pointed to a map on which he had drawn a line and said, “So, do I. Add your plot and we will see where they intersect.”

Special Agent Fleishman placed a compass on the map at the point his direction finder had been and, using a straight edge drew his line.

Outreach Agent Simmons pointing to the point where the two lines intersected and said, “That is another motel. I’ll pivot.” The two agents vanished.

Materializing in a motel room

several blocks from The Do Drop Inn, the two agents found a woman seated at a writing table. The woman cried out in alarm, “ WAIT, WHO ARE YOU? WHAT DO YOU WANT?”

Special Agent Fleishman said, “We do apologize. I think we have the wrong room.” He’s nodded to Outreach Agent Simmons and the two agents disappeared.

The woman in the room muttered, “That was close. How in the hell did ATI find me?” With that, she disappeared.

Materializing back in the room in which Outreach Agent Simmons’ direction finder was set up, Special Agent Fleishman looked closely at the map, put the compass back down on it and said, “Were we in the right place, Jonathan?” He stroked his chin, tilted his head and said, ” I think we need to discuss this with Agent White to see if she can associate a woman suspect with Scarface. I’ll pivot.” The two agents vanished.

Materializing in Rooney 124 of the Do Drop Inn,

the two agents found Agent White watching the video feed from next door. Frank Millard had placed the two hologram receivers/players on the writing table and was reaching for the video transmitter. Outreach Agent Simmons said, “It might be a good idea to intervene before he picks up the Nano-time pill dispenser and inadvertently laps himself. I suggest we knock.”

Special Agent Fleishman moved to the door saying, “He will recognize me from the Detective squad.” He’s pulled the door open and knocked on the adjoining door to Room 126.

Agent White watching the video feed said, “He is headed for the door. I think he is going to answer.”

Special Agent Fleishman closed the door to Room 124 and stood squarely in front of the door to Room 126 so he could be seen through the peephole. He could see the light in the peephole go dark and knew Frank Millard was observing him.

Frank Millard opened the door and said “Good Afternoon, Detective. What can I do for you?”

“Special Agent, I am not with the local police,” replied Special Agent Fleishman. “Your moving things around in that room constitutes tampering with evidence. I am going to have to ask you to surrender anything you have on your person from that room including the key card and leave the room now.”

Frank Millard reached into the jacket pocket and pulled out the key card and in one motion presented it to Special Agent Fleishman. He raised both of his hands sidled by Special Agent Fleishman and said “Always happy to cooperate with the Bureau. I don’t suppose you would answer some questions, such as what the hell happened in there.”

“Actually, we would like to depose you,” said Special Agent Fleishman. “Give me a minute and I’ll take you down to police headquarters so we can take your statement.”

“I have my car here,” Frank Millard replied. “Can I meet you there?”

“Yes,” replied Special Agent Fleishman. “If you get there first Detective Philipson or Captain Batan can take your statement.

“Right,” replied Frank Millard. “Know them both well.” With that, he hurried down the hall.

Special Agent Fleishman knocked once on the door to Room 124 and the door opened immediately. “When I say that I am a special Agent, they always assume that I am with their FBI. They never ask for credentials.”

“Yes, you use that to your advantage, ” replied Agent White. “Who is Scarface?”

“Either we had the wrong room or it is a woman,” replied Special Agent Fleishman.

“I’ll be damned,” said Agent White. Why didn’t you grab her?”
“For starters, we are using an old technology adapted to more modern technology and we could have been in the wrong place,” replied Special Agent Fleishman. “And we have grown used to thinking this criminal was a man using a disguise, we were thrown off by the presence of a woman where we expected a man to be. Since we were not sure of the marriage of technologies and given our preconceived notion of what the bad guy would look like, we beat a hasty retreat. Besides, you know how the Director gets when we bring in the wrong person. He raises his eyebrow and we then have to beat a hasty retreat.”.
Agent White shook her head, muttered something that sounded like ‘men and said, “I do have a female who might fit the bill. Let’s go see. If you see the woman that was in that room grab her so she can’t pivot away. I’ll, as they say in this time segment, drive.” All three Agents vanished.


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6 Responses to A short note, picture & 049 The Trap Sprung

  1. Well I wasn’t expecting that! And neither were the agents unfortunately! What woman?! 😊

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  2. beetleypete says:

    I have a sneaky feeling this might be a woman we already know…
    Nice twisty-turny segment, Theo.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Eddy Winko says:

    Nice twist….onwards 🙂

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