Go Fourth & 16 The First 48 Hours: Part V

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

Nancy did drag me to the 4th of July local attempt to replicate Shipshewana yesterday here on the West Coast.  Here it is called Go Fourth.  (http://www.shipshewana.com/ ) I was forced to have fun and enjoy myself, much to my chagrin. We went early so there are relatively few people in the few shots I took. There was a double line of vendors in canopied booths and some solid booths. The whole thing is too big to photograph, but here is a series of shots to try to show you just how much fun it must be for a male accompanying a female shopper. The last shot if from across the street from the event. Somehow, we got out without spending a dime. That is despite all the attractive offers of fidget twirlers for dirt cheap or more.20170703_115015 email.jpg

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20170703_120219 email.jpgWarmest regards, Ed

016 The First 48 Hours: Part V

Fiction in 1131 words by T. Edward Westen, 2017

Special Agent Simpson looked around, “Where is Agent White?” she asked.

Captain Batan gave a short laugh. “It’s not as if we can pick up the phone and make an inter-agency call to the ATI and say ‘If you have a minute could you join us this afternoon at Three.'”

“But you have one of those thingies that, err, summons them,” countered Special Agent Simpson.

“That’s a beacon,” replied Captain Batan. “I have only used it once. They know they are part of our joint investigation and I am sure they keep tabs on what we are doing for they seem to show up at, points in investigations where they are needed. Indeed, unlike your outfit or the U. S. Marshal Service who seem to come only when it seems to suit your purposes. But, I am not complaining or criticizing, mind, just making an observation.”

“No criticism taken,” Special Agent Simpson responded. “But, I am curious why you included the U. S. Marshal Service in your comment.”

“I spent most of the morning at their offices over in the federal building being given the runaround by more Deputies than I thought existed.” Captain Batan shook his head and then continued. “Detective Philipson uncovered evidence that strongly suggested that Mrs. Calkins is a cover for a woman in their witness protection program. I went over to make sure they knew she was missing. I guess I thought they might want to join our search if she was in their program or even take it over.” Again shaking his head, Captain Batan said “I guess you can’t admit to a missing person who is a creation of their program. So, either they already knew and are looking on their own already, or they now know and will begin their own search. A coordinated search seems to be out of the question.”

“Sounds like they are more closed than we are reputed to be,” Special Agent Simpson said with a smile.

Special Agent Fleishman and Agent White entered the squad room, waved and made a beeline for the meeting Captain Batan had called. Agent White said, “Hey, Cid. Sorry, we are late but Special Agent Fleishman wanted to talk to Edith Gunderson.”

Captain Batan pulled some fast food paper napkins from an antique dispenser he kept on his desk, handed them to Special Agent Fleishman, and said, “Here, you still have a marshmallow mustache. “

Special Agent Fleishman wiped his mouth and said, “I am addicted to those.”

To what?” asked Special Agent Simpson.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows,” everyone said laughing.

On the first case I worked on in this time segment,” said Special Agent Fleishman. “Ms. Gunderson introduced me to real hot chocolate with marshmallows at the little cafe a block over. No one makes them like they do. I have tried to duplicate what they do, but there is just something off when I try. Oh I drink them and they are good, the just lack that special something that the cafe adds to them.”

Ground vanilla beans in with the chocolate,” said Special Agent Simpson.

How do you know that is their secret?” asked Special Agent Fleishman.

I noticed the same thing and used my FBI interrogation techniques on the waiter,” replied Special Agent Simpson. “He broke like an egg on the side of a frying pan.”

Agent White leaned over to Special Agent Simpson and whispered, “Were those feminine wiles, Cid?”

Special Agent Simpson blushed and laughed and Special Agent Fleishman said, “I heard that. But, I’ll give it a try.”

Agent White handed a folder to Captain Batan, “Captain, we had you run the prints on the SUV we found two years from now and had the lab try to tell us where the SUV has been.”

Detective Batan flipped through the report and laughed, “I do nice work.” He laughed again, “I have always wondered what someone reading a report I put together thought of the report itself. Now I know.” He shook his head and handed the report to Detective Philipson.

Detective Philipson spend some time with the first page reporting on the fingerprints. “I’d almost wager a month’s pay that the people who left prints in the SUV constitute a majority of the soldiers in the Persico Crime Family. If we had a bug in this SUV, I’ll bet we could solve every crime in New York City just from it alone.” He finally turned the page and snorted, “I do believe we need to check the odometer on the SUV.” Pointing to the report, “According to this that vehicle has been in every corner of the Continental US and they suspect the Sahara as well.”

Agent White asked, “What did you say about solving every crime in New York City?”

Detective Philipson flipped the pages back to the first page of the report. “There must be, wait,” he counted with his finger, “35 different individual’s fingerprints in and on that car, including Mrs. Calkins’ prints on the driver’s side rear door. What I was saying is if we had bugged that car as it came off the assembly line we could solve every crime in New York City.”

Agent White had a look of realization on her face. “If you all excuse me, I need to pivot out for a minute.” She vanished.

Special Agent Simpson said, “That is still spooky.”

I’m still not comfortable with it yet,” said Detective Philipson, “but it grows on you.”

Special Agent Fleishman said, “I think I know what she is thinking. I’ll be right back.”

Special Agent Fleishman vanished.

Was it something I said?” asked Detective Philipson.

Do they have that capability?” asked Special Agent Simpson.

Yes,” said Captain Batan, “and I am surprised they didn’t think of it sooner.”

                                       Special Agent Fleishman materialized in the rear of the Credit Union a day earlier, just after Andy Kellog dropped Mrs. Calkins off and Andy drove to the front. Special Agent Fleishman meandered around to the front of the Credit Union in time to watch as Agent White, emerged from a side street riding a skateboard on the sidewalk in front of the Credit Union. Agent White fell just as she got to the rear of the SUV parked there. To get up she put her hand on the back of the SUV, stood, and brushed herself off as a man got out of the SUV and asked, “Are you, OK miss?

Agent White laughed and said, “I’m fine. It happens less and less frequently. Just don’t tell my husband, he says these things are dangerous.”

The man got back in the SUV.

Agent White went around a corner and Special Agent Flishman looked around and disappeared.


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5 Responses to Go Fourth & 16 The First 48 Hours: Part V

  1. beetleypete says:

    Great stuff as always. The mystery deepens, and I am along for the ride!
    Marshmallows and hot chocolate again. 😦
    Just as well I have eaten a big dinner!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay Agent Fleishman is so on the case! I was wondering when he’d get here.

    (Psst you changed his name to Special Agent Englishman in the last sentence, 🙂 )


  3. Eddy Winko says:

    Great stuff! 🙂


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