Home Again & 029 Who’s Doing What?

Dear Ted and Jody:

Monday we drove over to Seaside, Oregon. It took the normal time to get to Astoria, Oregon, but a mile east of the town traffic became a bear. I think we misjudged by going to the beach in July. Late fall, early spring and the dead of winter are the prime times to go to the Oregon and Washington beaches if one wants normal traffic. Before we checked into the hotel we did the obligatory shopping at the factory outlet mall. It seems we needed shoes. I did buy three paperbacks, the first in several years. We go into the bookstore for Nancy to check for Sudoku books with ‘the right kind of paper.” This time she struck out. That may explain why we suddenly needed to stock up on shoes.

After the factory outlet mall, we checked into the hotel and walked to the beach. A promontory south of Seaside seemed to hang on to a cloud when we first arrived in Seaside. When we got to the beach 4 hours later the promontory still held on to that cloud (I assume it was the same cloud all day. However, I would not be surprised if a succession of clouds took turns covering the top of that promontory; but, I digress, even parenthetically). After taking a photo of a small price of the Pacific Ocean we went into tourist traps until we were captured but a sketch artist. The portrait of the two of us took 90 minutes. The artist, Dave, was an interesting fellow as he talked as he worked. After dinner, we went back to the beach viewing area and took another photograph. Then to the motel and a much-needed rest.

Since there was a floor above us, until later I took my hearing aids out, I got to listen to a heard of elephants dancing in the room immediately above us. You would think they would have invited everyone in the hotel to the dance. However, it seems that at a convention for attorneys they only invited dancing elephants. No wonder lawyers get a bad name. 99% of lawyers give the rest a bad reputation.

In Tuesday’s Oregonian, I saw a photo of the Northern lights taken from Walla Walla, WA. They were faint and very low in the northern sky. I would have had to drive up into the Cascades and find a cliff facing north to have captured them. I think a trip to Iceland in the winter would produce more spectacular results.

I noticed a toe infection on Tuesday morning. When I showed Nancy she insisted we come back and on the way home stop in Longview to make an appointment to have it looked at. We stopped and got an appointment for 3:15. So we hung around until then. It would seem it needed what the podiatrist called minor surgery on the big toe. So we proceeded with that. Consequently, we got home a bit late. Yes, I can walk without any difficulties (surely the numbing agent must have worn off by now) and have no more pain in my toes than normal.

I will get some photos organized from Seaside for tomorrow. Β In the meantime, here are two from Ann Marie in Iceland.Amm Marie 20170715  IMG_0489 mw.jpg

Ann Marie IMG_0485 20170715 mw.jpgWarmest regards, Ed

029 Who’s Doing What?

Fiction in 953 words by T. Edward Westen, 2017

[July 18, 1926, Ladoga, WY] Sheriff Gilbertson said “Thank you, Sheriff Downs. Your information has helped in our investigation. If you ever need anything from up this way we will do our darnedest to help you. Goodbye for now.” He hung the speaker on the wall phone’s hook, turned to Mrs. G
Calkins and Deputy Sheriff LeLoupe and said, “I hated like the dickens to lie to that man, seeing as how he is a fellow officer of the law and all. But better Norma Rea’s murder at the hand of those two hired guns that an alert Deputy nailed as they fled the scene than we just rely on the newspaper. Then too Sheriff Downs was not very long on details about those two you nailed. Could well be he is in the pay of their boss.”

“When you asked if he had any in formation about Norma Rae, I noticed you did not listen long. As we know. Norma Rae was born in Tuscon. She lived there until she moved here. We have no idea why she left and came here. Yet, Sheriff, you moved on,” said Deputy Sheriff LeLoup.

“That is part of what tipped me,” replied Sheriff Gilbertson. As we know. Norma Rae was born in Tuscon. She lived there until she moved here. We have no idea why she left and came here. Yet, Sheriff Downs has no knowledge of her whatsoever. Yet, he has been Sheriff in Tucson, Arizona for 30 years. Strange

“What is our next move?” Asked Deputy Sheriff LeLoup.
The Sheriff smiled and said, “I think we circulate the story that Norma Rae died leaving an estate worth over $100,000 without any known heirs. I think Jamie over at Coal County News will go along with putting that in her paper. Then we’ll see what crawls out of the sewer pipe.”
[The Other Universe] “If you have pinned your world’s future on a partnership with Salvatore Persico, ” said Special Agent Fleishman, “Your world has none.”
Stephen said, ” I reached a similar conclusion. I did realize we are out of his reach both here and in his past. So, I left Ralph to work with his, what did he call it? Oh, yes, his family. We then use our share of our joint, err, enterprise to fund a growing number of our smartest people enrolled in various schools and firms. We sent them several years into the future in your universe to learn how to build, launch and control space vehicles. Unlike your world ours does not have half-a- million to a million piece of space junk hurtling at 1,700 miles an hour, potentially making holes in or destroying vehicles by colliding with them. That should make our task a bit easier. One of our students has an internship with a space mining company. She thinks that might change our goal by not only redirecting the asteroid but using it’s resources to start an orbital economy and base for a future space program in orbit, She wants to use one or two rockets to get up there and then use the asteroid and other rocks to build a space elevator.” Stephen chuckled, “Leave it to young people to turn a potential disaster into an opportunity.”

“How did you get hundreds of your people into our educational institutions and industries?” Asked Special Agent Fleishman.

“We sent them back several years so they could earn diplomas and degrees in your world. Finding people of a similar age in your world who had died, we inserted our students into their paper trail. You seem to set incredible stock in things like birth certificates, voter registration cards, driving permits, old age pension men reship numbers and even credit cards. With enough paper work, I believe I could convince any one or more of your agencies that a goldfish is an adult citizen in your county. ”

Special Agent Fleishman shook his head. “As long as the goldfish did not have to Show up in person, you are absolutely right.” Raising his right index finder and eyebrows, he continued, “But, if the goldfish had to show up in person, it would take one hell of a disguise and a note from a doctor to pull it off. But, aren’t you afraid that my knowing all of this could play havoc with your people in my world?”

“For Ralph, maybe,” said Stephen. “But I suspect your finding the others would take you too long to do any damage. Besides, Deborah, our space coordinator tells me we should have our first test shot in three months.”

[Present Day] “Now, explain to me why we have stopped searching for Mrs. Calkins?” Asked Special Agent Simpson.

“She is safe in Wyoming,” replied Agent White.

“Witness Protection?” asked Special Agent Simpson.

“Not exactly,” replied Agent White. “Special Agent Fleishman checked on her several times. He found the locals are protecting her as if she were a long lost daughter. The woman who took her in was murdered the first night. Everyone thought Mrs. Calkins was the intended target. Soburiedthe local woman under Mrs. Calkins’ name. But, when the killers learned that Mrs. Calkins was dead, the came back for the local woman again. The second time a sheriff deputy killed both killers and put out the word that the local woman was killed before the deputy sheriff got them. Mrs. Calkins seems to be well protected.”

“What about her husband?” Asked Special Agent Simpson.

“The U.S. Marshall’s Office is still holding him close,” said Detective Philipson. “Since Perscio’s people took Mrs. Calkins, we assume he is looking for him as well.”


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7 Responses to Home Again & 029 Who’s Doing What?

  1. beetleypete says:

    Pleased to see the post got published after all.
    I hope that your toe heals quickly too.
    Now wondering how else the dimensions are going to interweave. That thread has a lot of possibilities.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      I found my mind going off in all sorts of directions when Stephen told about their effort to build a space program to save their world. This could be a different twist.
      So far so good with the toe (I have to remember not to kick things for awhile).
      Warmest regards, Theo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Stephen could send someone into the future of his own world, to see if the goldfish in the future of our world succeed in pulling off the rocket thing! πŸ˜€ Time travel really messes things right up! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Eddy Winko says:

    That was definitely a two cups of tea episode, good to have my morning schedule back to normal πŸ™‚
    I recommend the trip to Iceland, although read the menus carefully, the horses in the picture feature prominently!

    Liked by 1 person

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