Behind Already (Again) & 040 I Hear Through Bart

Good Afternoon Ted and Jody:

Somehow the day is getting away from me. I suspect I need to buy some cowboy rope, lasso the day and hog tie it or it will completely get away from me. It started off on a positive note with breakfast, getting a few words written, talking to Art, a massage and an hour conversation with Juli, watering the plants and then picking blueberries (there are fewer and fewer, why can’t they produce forever like some strawberry plants?). But here it is almost 2:00 and I really don’t have the episode done, I need to get some lunch, take Nancy to PDX and then some. Now if you think about it, Sunday is the first day of the week and already I am behind. I guess I’ll just have to get up earlier the rest of the week to catch up.

Warmest regards, Ed

040 I Hear Through Bart
Fiction in 543 words by T Edward Westen, 2017

[Present Day Terre Haute, Indiana, Federal Corrections Facility] “I hear through Bart that the rat’s wife is alive in the past,” snarled Salvatore Persico. “I told you two to waste her. Why is she still alive?”

“With all due respect Mr. Persico, “replied Ralph, “We don’t kill people. If I had allowed Bart to kill Mrs. Calkins I would never be allowed to return home.”

“That’s no big deal,” replied Salvatore Persico. “From what Stephen told me when we went into business together he needed the money for a space shot to shoot down an incoming asteroid that is going to destroy your world in fifteen years.” Salvatore Persico smiled what for him was a benevolent gesture intended to be warm and friendly. However, his words said otherwise. “There is no way in hell a bunch of amateurs like you and Stephen are going to pull that off.” Salvatore Persico’ smile degenerated into a maniacal laugh.

Ralph took a step backward, said, “Excuse me for a minute,” and vanished.

[In the other universe] Ralph materialized in Stephen’s office where Agent White, Special Agent Fleishman, Deborah and Alfred Blanchard were standing around a model of the Spaceport named Resurrection. Alfred Blanchard using a stick as a pointer was saying, “. . . that makes this the ideal location, then.” Everyone looked up.

Stephen asked, “What’s up, Ralph?”

Ralph pointed to Agent White and asked, “What is she doing here?”

“She is Amanda,” replied Stephen. “She is the little girl who disappeared from the playground when she was three-years-old.”

Ralph said, “But that was only 20 years ago and that woman, pointing to Agent White, “must be 50 years old.”

“It is a bit more complicated than that,” said Stephen.

“She dropped me in an ocean and left me,” wailed Ralph.

Special Agent Fleishman interjected, “I watched the whole thing. Both she and I watched to make sure you got out of the water on your own. You did neglect to mention that you grabbed her; and, you only fell in that ocean because you let go of her.”

“She was following Bart and me, so . . .

Stephen put his hand on Ralph’s shoulder and interrupted him, “I don’t think you came about your misunderstanding with Amanda, Ralph. Why did you come?”

“It is Salvatore Persico,” replied Ralph. “The longer I work with Bart and the more times I have to visit Salvatore Persico in his prison cell the more my thinking and emotions feel wrong. Before my association with them, I never would have grabbed Amanda. ” He turned toward Agent White and with a slightly lowered head and with tight lips said, “I am so sorry, can you forgive me?”

Agent White nodded and said, “Of course I forgive you.”

Stephen asked, “Did you Leave Bartholomew in a place he would not normally be?”

“No,” said Ralph. “I left him having dinner with his family.”

“I thank you for suffering through all the unpleasantness in the other universe. You have done a fantastic job. You do not have to go back.”

“But, I told Salvatore Persico that I would be right back,” said a somewhat received Ralph.

“I’ll go explain we have decided to terminate our business relationship with him,” said Stephen.



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7 Responses to Behind Already (Again) & 040 I Hear Through Bart

  1. Penitent Ralph πŸ™‚ Hope you catch up with your week!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Eddy Winko says:

    Now I wonder how Prosecco will take the rejection, but then I guess he’s stuck in his time and dimension, so very little? So all hands on deck shooting asteroids, I’m sure you can get a cream for them!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. beetleypete says:

    Salvatore is not going to like that decision, I’m sure. Even in prison, he has a long reach…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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