Crisis and News Alerts & 053 Tackling the Same Problem Now That It Is Different

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

Yesterday morning I got on my bike to nowhere and turned on a show about fresh water crocodiles to keep me from being bored to death. As I was getting nowhere fast there was an ABC News Bulletin. I stopped abruptly. “Oh my God, the idiot pushed the button.” But no, it was about the young man running his car in the counter protesters in Chancellorsville, VA. Now that kind of news can not be a relief. Neither could the anticipated alternative. Very quickly, what the pestilence calls the liberal media began to question the late response by the pestilence and his word of condemnation. I switched to Fox and got some anti-white supremacist and anti-racist messages, but not the tie to the pestilence’s response.

I think the media, public and world wide responses to the tragedy yesterday and the pestilence’s response is a matter of expectations. At the risk of making a joke of it, too many people expect the pestilence to be President in all ramification of what that has come to mean. Bill Maher thinks that the pestilence wants to be a dictator—responsible to no one (Interview on CNN this morning when I was quickly going nowhere). Maher may be right for the pestilence now act as if there are no constraints on him now.

I suppose I am making progress with flight preparations for the drone. Now if I could only figure out how to turn it on,

Yesterday the weather changed leaving us with a trace of rain overnight. The change resulted in cloud cover moving in. Before it got here I took a rare shot for me of the sky with nothing to balance it at the bottom of the photo. 20170812 1253 six six shot_Panorama looking up1 email.jpgThen I took one with the land and lake included.20170812 1252 multi shot pnormam cropped as shot enail.jpg It felt good to have clouds again to make images interesting.

Nancy comes home late Tuesday. As I look around the place, I think I should make a mess or two so she doesn’t reach the mistaken conclusion that she is not needed around here.

Warmest regards, Ed

053 Tackling the Same Problem Now That It Is Different

Fiction in 1001 words by T. Edward Westen, 2017

[Communications Room of the Spaceport Redemption] “We have spent the last decade getting our ducks in a row to either divert or destroy an asteroid before it destroys us” summarized Stephen. “Now we find it is an alien space craft, probably interstellar, that has shields and laser weapons and heaven knows what else; and, it shoots before communicating with its targets.”

“Did we attempt communicating with it before we attacked it?” asked Walter.

“I didn’t attack it,” decried James.

“Maybe tapping on your skin with a number 4 screwdriver isn’t an attack,” said Walter, “But then I doubt you would stand for it very long without swatting away the fly walking on you.”

“Then too,” added Deborah, “Maybe it tried to communicate with you, James, and we just didn’t detect it. We didn’t monitor the entire electronic spectrum. Or, it may use some form of communication we simply can not detect.”

Agent White looked puzzled. “Could we play back the sequences where the alien craft used its weapon?”

Walter fiddled with some controls. “Here,” he said, “in slow motion is the senescence that resulted in James’ craft being destroyed .” As they watched the two hoods rotated and then the screen went black when the lasers converged. “Next is the long range shots from the approaching crafts of when the alien craft shot the oxygen cylinder that was tethered to the two of you,” he said pointing to James and Agent White. They watched and this time the screen did not go blank so they could see the two lasers persisted for several nanoseconds after vaporizing the oxygen cylinder.”

Agent White said, “We use lasers for cutting, measurement, and communications. But we use them one at a time, not in pairs. Why do you suppose they use them in pairs? We get the most use out of how we focus or don’t focus them. Why do they use them in pairs?”

Walter frowned and pursed his lips then asked, “What are you getting at Agent White?”

“Using lasers in pairs could mean any of several things,” said Agent White. “The problem could be an inability to focus them so they need two for the bang of slightly out of focus beams. But, what if they were not using the lasers as weapons but to communicate?”

“If communication is their goal, ‘no trespassing’ signs would be less deadly,” replied Walter.

“Wait,” said, Deborah, “We went out without any armaments, even though we intend to destroy or divert an asteroid. What if they did the same thing?”

“Go out to destroy or divert an asteroid?” asked James.

“No, that is only our narrow purpose,” replied Deborah. “Our broader purpose is to explore. Right after we announced our intent to divert or destroy, someone came up with the idea of mining the asteroid, building an elevator to use low orbit platforms rather than planet based rockets to get up there. The last thing we expected was to find life out there in an alien space ship, and a very big one at that. No, perhaps Agent White is on to something. I should think a weapon that requires two different sites for discharging would be fairly impracticable. I think we need to reply the sequences with instrumentation to determine if the alien ship used a different intensity setting for its lasers when it directed them at the oxygen cylinder than it did for James’ ship. Regardless, I suspect the aliens didn’t expect anyone else out there any more than we did.”

Mindy Blanchard shook her head and chuckled a bit. “When I was growing up, my Aunt Barbra use to say that Grandma could talk someone to death. It looks like if Agent White is right, James’s ship got talked to death. Do you have a way to measure the intensity of the lasers from the video?

Walter nodded and said, “We do have a group working with light intensity as a means of propelling crafts. I believe they are up to the task.”

“As I recall, the ship you sent on autopilot to use the alien craft to slingshot back to the planet is due to be at the alien craft in three or four hours,” said Millie Blanchard. Do you suppose they would like to see and measure it in real time?”

Deborah held up her finger and said, “I go talk to them now.”

Walter asked Mindy, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

Mindy Blanchard nodded, “Yes, if they are trying to talk to us using lasers, perhaps we should set up some lasers and talk back.”

[Two Hours Later] “We found the signals used to destroy the rocket were larger by one hundred or more magnitudes than the ones used to destroy the oxygen cylinder,” said Oscar, the laser technician. “The difference in the size and mass of the two objects does not suggest that as a reason for the differences we found. We think they were lowering the power after seeing the results of the first laser shot. But that could be only wish thinking. They may simply be running out of power. Susan, one of my colleagues, is working on a way to try to see what differences, other than power levels exist in the two pairs of lasers. We are ready for the next shot. We understand we will have two separate sources of data, the ship attempting to sling shot from the asteroid’s small gravity and from the cameras on the other ship that is off a few hundred thousand kilometers distant from the event headed this way. Since both are moving toward us, we hope the difference in the readings corrected by the doper effect will give us even more information. So far all we really know other than power differences is that the two lasers are generated by light passing through different mediums. One is . . .”

Walter interrupted, “Show time, the hoods are moving.”


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8 Responses to Crisis and News Alerts & 053 Tackling the Same Problem Now That It Is Different

  1. beetleypete says:

    Just trying to get my head around the laser/communication thing, then ‘Showtime’! 🙂
    It’s all happening…
    Great cloud shots. They were really performing for you!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you.
    As you know it is all speculation at this point. The folks in the communications room are only speculating and with very little information (like we do getting through our days). So, we have no idea yet if these are weapons or, as Agent White suggests, an approach to communications.
    Yes, I thanked the clouds for their artful poses! 🙂 (once again I got lucky)
    Warmest regards, Theo


  3. Eddy Winko says:

    Its just as well Trumps not in charge or they would have sent every munition available to try and destroy the spacecraft! Lets hope that it is an attempt to communicate, I’m going to bed early tonight so I will find out sooner 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      I am glad I am not the only adult who goes to bed early so I can find out about tomorrow sooner. (The only reason I claim to be an adult is my wife keeps telling me “Remember you are the adult here” when I am with my great grandchildren.)
      Warmest regards, Ed

      Liked by 1 person

  4. This is exciting stuff, I’m hoping for friendly aliens!

    Liked by 1 person

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