Responsiveness to the Big Lie, Computer Stuff & The Machine 008 SETI Lecture and Hide and Seek

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

I spent most of the morning getting the basics on the computer: virus protection, drivers (so I can print and scan). When one is working from scratch, it takes time. At Nancy’s insistence I added System Mechanic and McAfee to my Ccleaner and Malwarebytes. The drivers took, some time as there is a lot of confusion about where to get them and a lot of imitation sites. I think I am going to add a Virtual Private Network on top of all of this, but need to talk to the pros first about which one to get.

Before I forget the computer shop in Longview, WA, that put me back in the computing business is Lookout Computers, 1152 Commerce Ave. (phone number 360-425-4060). I give them my recommendation and thanks.

I made some notes while I was off line. On Tuesday morning I went to BK for breakfast and to read the morning paper. While I reading the paper and older man with a walker sat down at the next table. Since I was the only other person in the place he had a lot of other choices of places to sit. After a bit, he asked “Is the news paper any better at telling the truth than the television?” I replied by asking him what news programs he watches. He said he didn’t have a television, but pointed to the one in the corner of BK that had CNN on and said, it was slanted. I then said to him, rather forcefully, “That SOB Donald Trump has been lying to us from day one. CNN is one of the news outlets that calls him on the SOB’s lies and they should be a hell of a lot more slanted. The paper I am reading is slated to the right, but essentially tells the truth.” I turned back to my paper then had a second thought. So, I turned back to him and said, “The big problem today is everyone has an opinion despite the fact they know nothing.” I doubt I will get his vote.

In this morning’s news feed there was an interesting article from Slate about why conservatives tend to fall for the lies and alternative realities:

Back when I was working on the experiments for my dissertation, I found I was getting 100% predictability (my hypotheses was being confirmed big time by rejecting the null with such a low margin of error, it was scary). Sometime in my life I learned to question things that worked the way I wanted them to work or thought they should work. So, I called Bill Riker, my dissertation direction back at the University of Rochester,in panic and he confirmed my notion that I should try like hell to make the experiments fall apart. I tried and could not do so, the predictability held. I do no know where I got the idea that if things work they way I want them to I need to double and triple check. But apparently those folks in the article who find an answer they like stick with it come hell or high water. It does shed a new light on conservatives in America. That fellow on Tuesday, morning, for example has decided the world should work the way the pestilence tells him it should. I have no idea how we are going to get through to these folks—nada.

Warmest regards, Ed

The Machine 008 SETI Lecture and Hide and Seek

Fiction in 18 Words by T. Edward Westen, 2017

[Professor Hannan’s SETI Lecture, Warriner Auditorium, Central Michigan University] Jeremy Eastman stood and waited to be recognized. Professor Hannan pointed at him and said, “Mr. Eastman, as I recall. “What’s your next question?”

It seems to me if life is as prevalent in the Universe as you seem to think,” said Jeremy Eastman, “What would be the likely out come of two different space-faring races meeting in space?”

The outcome would depend upon the circumstances of the meeting,” replied Professor Hannan.

Suppose one race had established a colony on a planet and the other thought the planet was uninhabited,” said Jeremy Eastman.

You mean like the Puritans being dropped off by the Mayflower and left on their own, or . . .”

Jeremy interrupted, “Yes, exactly like that, but no native population on the planet. Truly a new land.”

That would depend upon what the space race showing up wanted with the planet after the colony was, err, somewhat established,” replied Professor Hannan. For one thing is there a symmetry of power between the two races, and what experience, if any has each had with any other space-faring races.”

Suppose it is like the Puritans and the Mayflower,” said Jeremy Eastman. “The were dropped off with their families, tools, seeds, livestock, a few personal weapons and no way to leave.”

That, could get rather dicey for the colony,” replied Professor Hannan. “For example we, to this day, are not sure what happened to the Roanoke Colony in Virginia which was left to its own devices. Eking out an existence in an entirely new world would take a large number of people willing to die to establish such a colony. They would need a pretty compelling reason to even attempt it. Looking at the proposals for both a permanent Moon base and a foothold on Mars shows that we would take grate care to provide the technology to overcome in the fist instance living in a vacuum and in the second a cold thin atmosphere. We would not rely on any resources on site save perhaps the minerals and any water we could find there. Yes, it would indeed take an extraordinary effort and I doubt a conflict with another space-faring race would result in the colony surviving. ”

[In the Scurry, 17th Colony] “We left a sophisticated device topside,” said Malcolm. “It will not emit a signal as it was either left turned off or the device’s shield will have drained any battery power and any signal emitted from it. None-the-less, should the Sa find it they will know we are here.”

How could the possibly find one device on a planet this size?” asked Old Frank.

for one thing those responsible for the explosion will have noted where it was and when they find the are restored, I think they will have narrowed their search” replied the Director.

Are you saying we made a mistake restoring the area?” asked Malcolm.

That was my decision,” said the Director. “If it was a mistake, I made it. But, now, for us to remain hidden outward signs of a civilization should not show. A crater and a blast zone is a very clear sign a civilization exists on this planet, It had to be restored to keep our presence hidden. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. At night fall we will send a party topside to look for the device.”

Dorothy stood and made her way to the door of the conference room. The Director’s voice stopped her in her tracks. “Just where are you going Dorothy?”

[Command Deck, Seed Ship] “ . . . a metal detector with a shield that absorb all spectrum of transmissions. A random electron could not get more than 25 centimeters from the device. A device like this could be used to make this ship invisible except to the naked eye and a gravimeter,” said Carlos.

That could come in handy,” said Commander Edith. Can we make one for the ship?

Carlos eyebrows raised and wrinkles formed on his forehead. “As soon as Harvey, Moly and Michael figure out what the mesh is. It is made from something not in our catalog of alloys. For what it is worth, it appears to act like a capacitor but the discharge is not a signal in the radio, visual or any other spectrum with which we are familiar.”

Regardless,” said Commander Edith, “You did a nice job.”

Thank you,” replied Carlos, “but the Kudos go to Harvey, Moly and Michael. I think of them as my brain trust. The combine the curiosity of youth and the wisdom of the known sciences and all without the orthodoxy of an old man.” Carlos smiled and thought ‘Yes, all three are my boys”.

[Sa] “After a careful review of the recorded record of your encounter with the alien space crafts emitting the same signal, the board concluded you, Captain Must, took the proper action by disengaging and returning here to warn the Sa Empire of this new threat. However, since you had had a previous encounter with one of the alien vessels and allowed it to continue on a path that you thought would guarantee its destruction and having no evidence of said destruction you hare summarily removed from command and service to the Empire.”

Former Captain Must rose and shakily walked on all eight of his tendrils to the exit and heard on his way out. “The board would like to thank you, Captain Bactum, for the information that allowed the Board to understand the possibility that the former Captain Must’s initial actions put the empire in danger and may have been the catalyst of the six ships finding and attacking the Shar. You will take the Shar back to Dockar under the leadership of Admiral Shank and a fleet of 25 star-ships and, um, and remove the threat.


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8 Responses to Responsiveness to the Big Lie, Computer Stuff & The Machine 008 SETI Lecture and Hide and Seek

  1. AH we are back on track! It’s almost like Jeremy knows what’s going on! Feel a bit sorry for Captain Must, that Captain Bactum is a creep!

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  2. beetleypete says:

    I have had bad experiences with McAfee ‘taking over’ my computer. I would respectfully suggest uninstalling it, and using AVG Free instead. But at the end of the day, what do I know?

    Poor Captain Must. I cannot help feeling it wasn’t his fault. Tendrils, or not.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      I had to chuckle as I too have had McAfee make downloads problematic from time to time. I do have a rather insistent McAfee advocate who will put it on any computer if she gets her hands on it.
      I suspect your assessment of Captain Must’s culpability is spot on.
      Warmest regards, Theo

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  3. Eddy Winko says:

    Good to catch up with events in the future outer galaxies.
    Nice article if a little worrying to read, I wonder if these traits are common throughout the globe?
    As for software, having spent a good amount of my past selling it I’m sorry to say that most of it is overblown tat, sold on fear. If you are sensible about your web browsing and don’t click on random links in emails you should be fine with the free AV that Microsoft supplies.
    System tune-ups and self help software are amongst the most invasive and troublesome malware that you can have on your PC and the cause of many problems. Of course this is only my opinion, but I have managed without a paid AV solution for more than 10 years without any problems.

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    • Thank you.
      I have often wondered if the author stops writing science fiction, does everything stop in the future and outer galaxies?
      I rather suspect the trait will be present in all societies. And it is worrying.
      I hear you on the software. Unfortunately, there is a rather insistent person living with me about the need for that which you decry.
      Warmest regards, Ed

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