After Several Days of Silence

Dear Ted and Jody:
I apologize for my silence for the past several days. But, I seem to have lost my direction. To put it another way, a combination of being down, nothing of note happening here except odd little computer problems, and the continual bleak national news were getting to me. I suppose it still is. I also suspect the routine of getting up to got out for photos and then processing images when I get back, followed by online responses and comments left me feeling more isolated than I am. Nancy seems to think the regime of taking my weight, blood pressure (both of which are transmitted back east for a referral to doctors later) and blood sugar numbers are depressing me. She could be right. I do know in the larger frame of the universe I am insignificant and my attempts to get the word out on democratizing money (paying for a universal basic income through money creation rather than taxes) seem to go absolutely nowhere. I suspect that failure has the biggest impact on my attitude/disposition/outlook/feeling of worth.
I paused the diet and now am back on it. It is not easy to jump off and on. Getting back on is a gradual affair, one step at a time. But, I am clearly back in step again now. While I was off the diet, I did not gain any weight other than day to day flotations. So, I do have a clue as to how to maintain it once I get to the end (where ever that is). I must confess, I do miss olives. I did not have any while off the diet, so I do not miss them any more than I did in the past several months.
Back on the topic of democratizing money, I am struck by the thought that moneyed interests (the wealthy and corporations) keep restructuring our government and public policies to their benefit with tax cuts, and the whole nine yards. Since moneyed interests control our elected officials through campaign contributions, we are unlikely to get much more economic equality until we somehow curtail the ability of moneyed interests to buy elections. As Boss Tweed once said, “I don’t care who does the electing as long as I pick the candidates.”
I heard a segment on NPR Morning Edition recently in which an African American who got a scholarship to Yale and ended up in Harvard Business School and beyond. He, and I can neither recall his name nor give you a reference to the broadcast, said Harvard Business school taught students how to be like their parents, successful business folks. However, they did not teach freedom. An interesting observation. Higher education, in general, seems to miss out on teaching freedom. He said he came from a group of people who were nowhere and going nowhere. He described himself as a glitch. Indeed, he asserted that achieving the American Dream is a glitch. Thus, the American dream is a false narrative or ideology that keeps a lot of people down.
To my way of thinking, I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth—white of educated parents, and when growing up, it was not a question of if I would go to college, but where. That silver spoon was because of a nearly guaranteed income that my parents enjoyed because of race, education and the GI Bill. Yes, a stable family helped. But the key is an economic one—a regular and growing income. My democratize money proposal is for a base income for everyone. If people have an income they can count on, they can do a whole lot more about obtaining the education and skills they need to do more with their lives than simple menial jobs. And that is just for starters. So, how do I get the message out to put changing the way we create money in the political dialog?
Warmest regards, Ed

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4 Responses to After Several Days of Silence

  1. beetleypete says:

    I fear that your excellent ideas about basic income would be regarded as too ‘Socialist’ a concept by many of your fellow countrymen, Theo. It seems that the American Dream is based on being able to have much more than the next person, and not caring what happens to them as a result.
    I can only hope that something comes along to lift your mood. Maybe a nice wild animal shot, or a lovely sky. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • Unfortunately, socialism is not even applicable. However, too many people will think as you suggest. With my proposal, there is no limit to what a person can have or get. I merely suggest we give everyone a leg up regardless of whom they chose for parents. If you ask most Americans they would most likely tell you that there is something, say gold, backing their dollar bills. They would be aghast to realize just what lies behind them and from whence they commeth.
      Warmest regards, Theo

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  2. I prescribe replacing TV with listening to music while you are on your bike to no-where. Do the best with your diet but ALWAYS have a piece of dark chocolate at bedtime. Take photo’s every day, but in a different way, or of something you don’t usually bother with. Take Nancy out for a nice dinner at a favourite restaurant but as a surprise for her. That’ll take about a week but will give you a break from the doom and gloom.

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