Trump’s Folly and Photogrphing Mother Nature in the Morning

Dear Ted and Jody:

There were the Walls of Jericho, Hadrian’s Wall, The Great Wall of China . The Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall. Now little Donnie Trump wants one. We can call it Trump’s Folly (I recommend bronze plaques every fifty feet with this appellation on it: “TRUMPS FOLLY.”). I found the Atlantic opinion piece this morning particularly telling: ”15-year-long civil-engineering projects do not look very convincingly like emergency measures. ‘My house is burning! Time to begin the process of calling for design proposals for a new fire station’.” It is really hard to keep things in perspective when the twit is bleating. If he knew the reaction most people have to his bleating he would end it all. But, I can only shake my head and wonder, “Why is he still in the White House?”

I think I have my schedule reversed. I get up and got out and take photographs. Then I come in and turn on the news. The news reminds me that the twit is bleating again and my disbelief rises to become ire. Not thirty minutes before I took sever series of photographs that I will turn into multiple shot images. When I am taking the shots, I feel a combination of awe, excitement and calm. I feel awe for regardless of the display Mother Nature puts on, it is beautiful and unique. Ranging from subtle shades of gray through imaginations of blue and white to bright red, Mother Nature is always beautiful. I feel excitement for the privilege or luck in being there to take the shots. I feel calm while shooting as it is like I have a purpose for being there and I am being fulfilled. Perhaps I will simply disconnect the television so the earlier experience can linger late into the day.

Warmest regards, Ed


20190109_0751 16 h shot c Photorama 65x39 inches 72 dpi 38pt3M


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4 Responses to Trump’s Folly and Photogrphing Mother Nature in the Morning

  1. beetleypete says:

    Hopefully, the serene photos take your mind off the antics of your president.
    Somehow, I believe that to be a vain hope…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Definitely switch it off! Nice shot there.

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