Backup Camera and A Late Realization

Dear Ted and Jody:

My backup Samsung Galaxy Note 8 arrived the day before yesterday. I put it on the charger over night and yesterday morning, took it and my “regular” phone (Galaxy Note 8) out and did several series of shots to see how the backup compared to the one I have used for the past year or so. The back up “camera” image is on the right. Since these are hand held 4 and 5 shot photo-merges, they are not identical. On balance it tends to shoot a bit lighter of an image than the Note 8 I have been using regardless of which camera/smart phone I used to shoot the sequence first. I am pleased and the minor difference is not going to be an issue if I am forced to switch to the new smartphone if the camera in my regular one goes.

new back up note 8 is on the right

Yesterday I “googled” “How long would it take to build Trump’s Wall?” I was looking to see how far off I was in my criticism of a 25 year, civil engineering project. I got multiple sources for answers: 174,000,000 results. Then I binged it and got 39,800,000 results, The first result on Bing was:”February 10, 2017. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security released an internal report that reveals the time-frame and cost for President Donald Trump’s intended wall along the U.S.-Mexico border: over three years to build at a cost of up to $21.6 billion.
How Long Will It Take To Build The Trump Wall? | Daily Wire “ While some of the answers I read varied and were from different times, the Department of Homeland Security estimate seemed to be the predominate contemporary estimate and was in the middle of the pack (of the ones I read). My assertion of a 25 year project was way off. However, given that Congress would be involved in funding, planning and sections would have to be in Maine, Nebraska and other not so close to the southern border states it is not clear to me it would be finished in less than a Century. 🙂

But the wall is not the issue here. Rather using the internet as a primary source of information is the issue. I can recall doing library searches (we used to call it research, but it was, in reality a ‘search’) and I used citation indices, literature reviews, and bibliographies and other secondary sources to see who was citing whom to get some idea of the genesis and the apparent research or thinking strain (ideology, reach methodology or philosophy) from which the material I was finding came. It occurred to me that I did not know if such tools are available on the Internet to determine the, shall we say, “quality,’ of the millions of answers search engines provide. It is useful to know the source for news, so it is also useful to know the source for internet information. In the meantime, I should be ashamed of myself for not even thinking of checks on information on the Internet decades ago.

Warmest regards, Ed

I read and hear a lot of pro-wall statements. I have concluded, “If you want to live behind a wall, commit a crime! And, once behind walls, don’t bend over.”


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9 Responses to Backup Camera and A Late Realization

  1. The back up phone does seem to be set at a higher exposure level but as you say, not a problem. The twit is bonkers, but which Govt isn’t these days? 🙄

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  2. beetleypete says:

    The linked article’s estimate of three years (from Homeland Security) seems ridiculously short.
    Considering how long it takes to put up a strong fence around a factory, I would imagine that 15-20 years is more likely. But it seems to have become less about actually building that wall, and more about who ‘makes the rules’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • It was a government estmiate 🙂 Yes, from what I read, this guy does not read. That non-reasing includes his job descrription in the short article in our Constitution. He seems to find things one at a time. He first found the Executive Order and wrote several that didn’t pass muster. He then found the pardon and pardoned bunch of people some dead some who did not need it. He now has been told about acting in an Emergency. So, he will create fantasy emergencies now. Perhaps someone needs to tell him to put his fingers in the sockets in the wall for more power. 🙂
      Warmest regards, Theo

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  3. Lara/Trace says:

    Ed, There was a movie that showed people having to escape to Mexico but the wall stopped them since it was electronic. I hope the wall gets torn down the minute it’s put up…

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