Morning, vitamin D, and two links

Dear Jody:

We were supposed to have rain this morning. But when I looked out to the southeast there appeared to be some definition in the shy, So I trundled out to see what was to see (and feed the duck). This is what I saw.

s 20201114_065057

However, knowing that conditions change rapidly at dawn, I hung around. About 10 minutes before sunrise the sky produced color for a few short minutes.

s 20201114_070157

I saw the duck and the sky began leaking (it rained as forecast).

Not having a lot of photos to mess-with, I resorted to making another abstract.

a 20201114_065057 2ns

I read an interesting and hopeful blog this morning by a woman named Lucy O’Farrelly about, for lack of a better way to summarize it, notice and enjoy every day even when you don’t have anything you are looking forward to in the near future. It seems rather helpful for times like these (Days of the Covid19). Then too it will be a useful way to look at the world when one is in retirement and not just isolated because of a virus.

Speaking of the Covid19, Nancy got a call early this morning telling here classes at the Sewing Center have been canceled at least for the rest of year. Given we had over 170,000 new cases yesterday, I would say it is about time the Governor suggested some changes in how we are interacting. I hears non-mask wearers asserting their rights and personal choices. Good thing they are not discharging their guns in random directions in celebration of their 2nd Amendment Right. But, that is probably next.

Another thing I read this morning was a short note about the benefits of vitamin D therapy over the long-run for fighting dementia. Since I have been on a vitamin D regime for a couple of years now, I finally see the point.

Nancy sends her love.  Stay safe and healthy.  Love Ed

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4 Responses to Morning, vitamin D, and two links

  1. Your patience paid off in that second shot. Beautiful.

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  2. beetleypete says:

    I’m with FR. The second photo is epic!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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