My name is T. Edward Westen. I am a retired university professor from the middle of the lower Michigan peninsula. My wife and I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2007. There is very little snow to shovel here. I arranged 3/4ths minus gravel and cedar chips for a lawn substitute to avoid lawn mowing. Then there are a wide range of scenic photo opportunities in this part of the country. I garden in tubs, pots and raised beds. I collect and sell stamps, make wine and mess with photos. From time to time I undertake other activities such as collecting cameras and learning new stuff.

Ted is a former colleague. He and his wife Jody are close friends.

Once I get the hang of this blogging business, I am liable to make wide swings in content. But then, that is the nature of my letters to my friends, Ted and Jody.

I do have another blog where I am organizing material for a proposed change in how money is created: https://democratizemoney.wordpress.com/2016/02/20/about-democratizemoneywordpress-com/ Unfortunately one almost has to read that one from start to finish for it to make sense.

This blog owes its initiation and continuance to my friend, Pete, https://beetleypete.wordpress.com/ and Ollie.

Questions and suggestions, for both blogs,  are most welcome (and I am used to them and trained to respond for I am both a former professor and married.)

I am mostly known as Ed; and, on line a few folks know me as Theo. I answer to both and a lot of other appellations.

Ed aka Theo