Good Morning Ted and Jody:

I dropped Nancy off at PDX at 4:00 A.M. yesterday morning to visit her grandchildren prior to Nancy having a hip replacement in early December.  I teased her saying that I didn’t thing her grandchildren were up that early.  Besides, why do they live in the airport?  I did observe we were moving fast to get there; and, that when we got there other people were moving fast to get inside the terminal too. Have you ever noticed the sense of urgency to get to an airport?  You can travel at the same speed as you travel other places; but, when going to an airport it seems more urgent–similar to going to the emergency room.  However, I suspect Nancy and all the others came to a roaring halt when the confronted TSA (“Terrifying Security Apparatus”). Then everyone gets to sit and wait for the plane or crew or both to get there before they can board and sit for several hours.  (Again, note the similarity to arriving at an emergency room.) So, all that rushing to get there quickly puts travelers in the hands and at the mercy of others so the travelers can sit or stand around a lot.

Nancy had a connection through Salt Lake City.  Given the hip is bothering her she ordered a wheel chair, but apparently, that fell through as they left her sitting in it and so walking was the order of the day for her to make her gate in time for early boarding.  That service failure did not make for a happy camper and I am sure she will let them know of the evaluation they always send after she takes one of these grandchildren trips. Fortunately, she wasn’t camping but merely traveling the way the westward movement of settlers did, by foot.

When we left the house this morning there were patchy clouds in the sky and one could see part of the moon (which part I do not know, for I failed moon anatomy in the 3rd grade).  However, by the time we hit I-5 rain was the order of the morning (middle of the night for most civilized folks).

When I got home I found that a lot of lots had closed (auction lots, that is). So, I spent the better part of the day packing up auction lots for mailing on the morrow when the post office is open again.  If I had a dollar for every penny closing I had today, I’d have many dollars.  Alas, I only got the pennies.  The economics of this are astounding.  First eBay wants 10% of that penny and rounds up.  Then PayPal wants 30₵ to handle the transaction and approximately 3% of the money sent to me by the buyer.  PayPal rounds up too.  So, I make -32₵ on that penny.  Were it not for shipping and handling, I would be losing my shirt.  Fortunately, shipping and handling takes me from a 32₵ loss on the transaction to a 4₵ gain when one adds in the cost of postage, and envelopes and the like and then charges the winning bidder about actual costs.  So, you see why I wish I had a dollar for every penny lot sold today; but, I will settle for the 4₵, after all, I’m retired and like all retirees, I can use all the extra income I can get. Then too, if I actually go into the black, I would have to pay taxes on that, for unlike our President elect, I have yet to lose enough to not pay taxes for 18 years (but I am trying).  To aid in this attempt at a loss, I do not do business on Black Friday just in case it rubs off.

As I mentioned, it was raining on the round trip to the airport.  That is until I found a place to shoot a night shot with a flash and try to get drops suspended in mid-air (reflecting drops).  By the time I pulled into the parking lot with three lights and got ready the rain let up.  However, I did get a few drops in the frame.20161120_053434 ns email.jpg

Warmest regards, Ed