Government by Tweet, A Petition to Impeach & 48th in the Amanda Saga: Meanwhile at the Agency for Timeline Integrity*, ATI, in the Year 2717

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

I got a request from David Stowell to sign a petition to have the pestilence impeached. Here is a link to the petition:

The funny thing is I only hear from David when he wants me to sign a petition; so, I have no news to pass on about what he is up to these days.  However, I am going to put the link to the petition to impeach the pestilence on my Facebook page as well.  Several people I know there are madder than hell about the pestilence (yes, I think I may be using the word “mad” properly, for the pestilence drives them nuts) and may not know about this.  Now mind you, I am neither seeking nor dissuading anyone from signing, I am putting this out there in an effort to keep everyone who isn’t on David’s email mailing list informed.

Government by tweet is interesting, especially when one is not on Twitter.  I understand the pestilence elected despite many million fraudulent votes (another tweet and fodder for more discourse) is going to invade Chicago.  First the President must sign an executive order that the City is in rebellion and has succeeded from the Union (and probably the State of Illinois, but not the Lake Michigan Water District or they would all get very thirsty, because the Chicgao is too polluted to serve as a drinking water source).  Then he can have NATO (NATO thus would justify the cost of supporting that group of short arms when it comes to picking up the tab) go in and clean out the rabble (citizens).  But seriously, there is a minor problem to the pestilence sending federal troops to Chigo, a little thing called laws: The Posse Comitatus Act and the much earlier Inssurection Act of 1808, both have been amended to account for things like the Air Force. 

On that little matter of many million fraudulent votes in the 2016 election I mentioned above, I don’t think the pestilence is going to like the findings of the full scale investigation unless he finds a lot of people to put on the investigation who cannot read, count past ten without taking their shoes off or who owe him a lot of money.  I think the pestilence forgets that finding massive voter fraud will put into question the election of every Republican in the House and Senate.  Oh well, it will give him more people to deport—to whit the dead who voted.

On a more serious note, it is alarming that the people, through the failing Electoral College, have elected someone with a personality disorder of this magnitude. Others with this disorder could all have tombstones which read “His Last Words Were Y’all Look at this.”

I am appending the next episode of the Amanda Saga.  You be the judge, which is more fantastic, the title of this episode or our current pestilence?

I do hope this finds you happy, healthy, warm, and having come into a windfall of cash from playing the lottery.

Warmest regards, Ed


048 Meanwhile at the Agency for Timeline Integrity*, ATI, in the Year 2717

Fiction in 1123 words (Including the words in a footnote) by T. Edward Westen, 2017


Senior Technician Audrey Stills popped into Director Sidney Meacham’s oversight cubical and without formality or being recognized said.  “Sir, Special Agent Fleishman is overdue for a normal check in and it is less than 2 minutes from his auto return sequence kicking in.”

“Fleishman, Fleishman,” Director Meacham frowned and scratched his head.  “Oh, yes, the young man who transported into the Battle of Hasting and transported out very close to arriving here in two pieces.”

“Sir, I do believe he learned a lesson there and has looked before transporting since. As for young, he is our senior special agent.”  Senior Technician Audrey Stills replied.

“Well, have a medical unit at his transport base, just in case then.” Instructed Director Meacham.

“I have already sent one to his transport base.  The reason I am telling you about his late arrival is that matter of static on the time line.”  Said, Senior Technician Audrey Stills.  “Senior Agent Fleishman alerted us to a possible cause for the static on the time line related to the case he is currently investigating.”

“Yes, yes, I recall he seems to think it is related to that unfortunate incident when we were attempting to use brute force to pivot in the eleven-dimensional space time continuum.  Yes, I remember Special Agent Fleishman said he thought he was on to the bugger who filled our first two transporters with lava from Mt. Vesuvius and Mt. Etna.  I always wondered why the devil he chose two in that close a physical proximity.”  Director Meacham continued “So, you think there is a connection between Fleishman being late and the static?”

“Yes, Sir.” Replied Senior Technician Stills.  “We observed a recent burst of static in proximity to the former one; and, Special Agent Fleishman is technically overdue to check in.” 

“Are you suggesting the static is becoming an unstable physical feature of the time line?”  Asked Director Meacham.

“The research team seems to think. . .” Senior Technician Stills was interrupted by a revolving blue light on a white box on very small wheels in the corener of the Director Meacham’s oversight cubical.  “What in the world is that?” She asked pointing to it.

“An artifact I picked up on one of my transports.  You remember when I had to transport to dhow the board it was safe and bring back something of historic interest.” Said Director Meacham.  “Well, that caught my eye when I was in a physical place that disturbed inventory to people.  It was moved about and people flocked to it to retrieve inventory. It captivated me.  So, I went back later and got one.”

“So, why is the blue light going around in a circle and making that noise?” Asked Senior Technician Stills.

“Oh, I had the fashioners make it work as a way of notifying me when an automatic return sequence has brought an agent to his or her transport base” Said Director Meacham.

“Special Agent Fleishman” both Senior Technician Stills and Director Meacham said at the same time.

Director Meacham turned to his console to read the report on it streaming from the medical unit that met Special Agent Fleishman when he appeared in his transport base a bit battered for the wear.  Senior Technician Stills, breaking proto call, moved to stand behind Director Meacham to better read the medial information for herself.   When the image of the welt, bump and bruise on Special Agent Fleishman’s forehead appeared on the console, both simultaneously said “That must have hurt.”

Realizing the Senior Technician was standing behind him, Director Meacham cleared his throat “Ah hem” and nodded to the space in front of his desk where the Senior Technician was supposed to be.

Looking sheepish and hanging her head Senior Technician Stills muttered “Sorry.”

Director Meacham ignored her violation of his private space and her muttered apology and said “All the numbers are good, so when they fill him full of nanobots he will heal quickly.  I wonder if he wants to keep the scar he will have.”

Senior Technician Stills looked perplexed “Why would he want to keep a scar.”

“I’m told in the old days, men used to do that sort of thing to look more dangerous, attractive, mysterious or some such rot.” Replied Director Meacham. “It would certainly not hinder his work.”  Looking at his console, Director Meacham said “Memory tap on Special Agent Fleishman as soon as he is conscious and had a cup of the brown stuff he seems to like, what the hell was it?”

“Hot chocolate with marshmallows, Sir.”  Replied Senior Technician Stills with a grin. “Rather tasty stuff, Sir.”




 One could say that the Agency for Timeline Integrity , ATI, or The Agency as those who knew about it were want to refer to it, was nestled in a wooded Valley in a region known as Vermont.  One could say that and be correct, technically.   However, one could say that the ATI was spread over several decades.  One could say that and be correct, technically.   One could also say that the ATI was the tallest building in the world if one counted subterranean floors.  One could say that and be correct, technically.  However, those are four dimensional descriptions.  In fact the ATI was housed in a tree whose inside dimensions in a four dimensional space, were larger than its exterior dimensions.  All these descriptions of the ‘structure’ housing The Agency are accurate, given the limits of human perception in four dimensions.  However, humans often think only in three dimensions for often they do not think in terms of time when they think location. 

In a three-dimensional context, the vast majority of trees are nestled in one woodland or another.  So picking out the one the housed The Agency could be a problem even if one knew which woodland it was part of beforehand.   Even then the tree, not being fitted with doors or windows or particularly large, would not stand out.  There not being a well-trod path to it or other signs of humans about it would further obscure its presence.  For entrance to The Agency housed in that tree is by making an 11-dimensional pivot from anywhere and from any time.  With that broad of an entrance it is difficult to leave a well beaten path.  However, as history has shown technology often uncovers entrances where none are thought to exist. So, it is only a matter of technology over time until the tree that houses The Agency will stand out with the equivalent of a neon sign pointing to it.  However, there is also the possibility someone could cut it down without knowing what it houses (squirrels and birds often have this problem after establishing residence in a tree).



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11 Responses to Government by Tweet, A Petition to Impeach & 48th in the Amanda Saga: Meanwhile at the Agency for Timeline Integrity*, ATI, in the Year 2717

  1. VayneLine says:

    I am a new writer as well, we should be friends and support each other.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. beetleypete says:

    I was wondering when we were going to get a peek at the future. Now we have…

    The division in your country caused by Trump’s election is like nothing I can recall for a very long time. We have a similar polarisation of views here, on the Brexit issue. Perhaps many countries are just too large, and should be divided into smaller ones? Those of each opinion could then move to areas inhabited by like-minded individuals. Something like Scotland.

    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Pete:
      I rather suspect a lot of the division is by closed minds and Ostriches who have their heads in a peculiar place.
      I had to chuckle about a “peek” at the future. I am brining a whole new meaning to “we make our own future” 🙂
      Warmest regards, Theo


    • I missed your suggestion to Balkanize the world. Sorry. What then happens when we are reduced to one country per person? An international war would then be a, fistfight? Maybe an improvement.
      Warmest regards, Theo


  3. Eddy Winko says:

    That’s some footnote, I may have to read this again tomorrow in the morning.
    There is a lot to be said for anarchy, but it’s best said in songs not on twitter. I wonder if can sign the petition?
    I did like the suggestion about tweeting that I read here:

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you. Yes, that fellow on dispersertracks makes a great deal of sense and makes good recommendations. I like his interpretation of his images as well. Thank you for bringing him to my attention.
    You can try to sign the petition. Let me know what happens.
    So, should I do more or fewer footnotes”
    Warmest regards, Ed


  5. Eddy Winko says:

    I quite liked his final suggestion about tweeting.
    Not only can I sign it, it looks like I’m already registered with, what a rebel I am!
    Oh I enjoyed the footnote, but I needed a fresher head to try and understand it all, time travel can be hard to grasp as a bystander, never mind trees without doors. Can time travelers go forward or only backwards?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank You. Yes, I am pushing dispersertacks’ sound thinking among the rebels I know who are still above ground. they are a hard headed lot; and, he is right about their “sticktoitiveness.”

      I still think the petition’s goal should be 150,000 signatures in each Member of Congress’ district. But, what do I know? Delighted you were able to sign and have joined the Force 🙂 for Good and Everything Nicer than Pestilence.

      Time travelers go both ways! However, forward is like someone going to a candy store and not wanting to comeback except for a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows now and again.

      Warmest Regards, Ed


  6. Well I haven’t signed the petition, I visit a friend in the US and want to do so again at some point, and am pretty paranoid that if I sign the petition my name will be on a Trumped up blacklist and I will be sent straight home. I do agree with the post that Eddy linked to, a much better way to go about protesting in the long term. Exciting to read about the ATI tree and people 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Thank you.
    I completely understand your paranoid. Just think how bad your paranoia would be if you lived here, signed the petition and then had to worry about waves of brown shirts or the like coming to take you off to a “camp” (I have a friend who thinks this may be the fascist takeover. He has dug a hole to live in until it is all over or he uses the hole for more permanent purposes). I personally think the petition should be organized by Congressional District and the goal there should be 150,000 signatures of voters in each district (the average district has over 700,000 residents. Only those 18 years old and older vote, so 150,000 would be a very impressive number for a Member of Congress not to consider seriously). Otherwise, one is “playing” at petitions.
    I do think the post that Eddy Wilco referred me to does have a lot to offer people who want to make a sustained effort to do something about the pestilence. That all needs to be done domestically. (My giving the web address again is intentional for anyone else reading this comment. It is an impressive strategy, albeit buried in a bunch of verbiage and lovely flowers.) 🙂
    Good name “ATI Tree.” 🙂 Thanks.
    Warmest regards, Ed


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